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Joe Scarborough Attacks The President… Again

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Joe Scarborough Attacks The President… Again

Joe Scarborough Attacks The President… Again
May 20
17:32 2020

Once again, the left is creating falsehoods to try to take down Trump.  This time it has to do with the drug Hydroxychloroquine.  There is a lot of controversy over the use of the drug as a benefit to COVID-10 patients.  And with all the medical information that has been politicized … weaponized … the claims stand in stark relief depending upon who is reporting on them.  As is most often the case, the least objective and most outrageous claims are coming from the far left.

Let’s try to put things in perspective.

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Hydroxychloroquine is a Federal Drug Administration (FDA)-approved treatment for a number of maladies – such as lupus syndrome.  It is considered to be an extremely safe drug with very limited side-effects – and almost none in lower dosages.  In the past, no less an expert then “Dr.” Anthony Fauci said that it is among the safest drugs – and he confirmed that there is some evidence that it may help reduce symptoms and speed the recovery of Covid-19 patients.  Fauci also confirmed that the side-effects of Hydroxychloroquine are relatively minimal.

The reports from doctors in the field are anecdotal.  So, it is correct to note that any benefit the drug may have for Covid-19 patients has not been empirically established.  But there is enough anecdotal experience to conduct more rigorous research and tests – and that is exactly what is going on now.

Just as the left attempts to destroy the reputation of any person cooperating with the Trump administration, they have now attacked a medicine solely on the basis that Trump takes it – and believes – based on anecdotal reports from doctors – that there may be some benefit in using Covid-19.

It is not an unreasonable consideration.  Many, many practicing doctors have prescribed Hydroxychloroquine to Covid-19 patients and have found improvement in their patients’ conditions.  Some doctors have called it a “life-saver.”

In order to push back on Trump, the Democrats and the left-wing media have created two false narratives – that ALL medical authorities agree that Hydroxychloroquine provides no benefits for Covid-19 patients and that it is a dangerous and potentially deadly drug.

In the first instance, they are presenting one side of the medical controversy as the ONLY side.  If it were to have been PROVEN to be ineffective against Covid-19 – and so dangerous — why are the medical institutions even bothering to test it for use with Covid-19?

In the world of drugs, Hydroxychloroquine is NOT among the dangerous medications with draconian side-effects.  But you would not know that from listening to folks on the left-wing political shows.  MSNBC reported that President Trump is taking Hydroxychloroquine only because he browbeat the White House medical into giving him a prescription. What the media leaves out of their report is the actual statement issued by the White House physician.  He said that after consultation, we (Trump AND the doctors} decided that the “benefits outweighed the risks.”  Note the word “benefits.”  Obviously, the White House doctors see some evidence of potential benefits.

While the FDA cannot yet endorse Hydroxychloroquine as a drug with benefits for Covid-19 patients, it has given doctors’ authority to prescribe it even as more research is being conducted.  They did that because if it is not yet proven to be beneficial, it is not particularly dangerous.  They gave such authority as a means of learning more.

In the extreme, you have snake oil salesmen like “Dr.” Joe Scarborough.  He uses his “Morning Joe” show to warn folks – especially older folks – to not take Hydroxychloroquine because – as he yells into the camera – “IT WILL KILL YOU.”  Not even a “may kill you” or “could kill you,” but “will kill you.”

Of course, that is extremely, extremely, extremely unlikely.  Patients consume a lot of medicines and treatments with much more dire side-effects.  And Hydroxychloroquine, itself, is in widespread use.  How do you think current users will feel if they hear Scarborough proclaiming that the drug “WILL KILL YOU?’

Anyone who has ever read a prescription label warning – or listened to the warnings on television commercials – knows that virtually every drug has side-effects in rare instances – and one of those side-effects is almost always possible death.  Anti-smoking products can kill in some cases.  Anti-depression medications may increase suicidal tendencies.  My own blood thinner medication could kill me from internal bleeding.  I also could get hit by a meteor.

Among the family of drugs, Hydroxychloroquine is one of the safest.  That is a fact, no matter what Scarborough says.  The question – and it is a question – is its potential benefits to Coivid-19 patients.  Of course, Scarborough’s motivation is not to provide sound medical advice –for which he is utterly incompetent to do – but to scare older voters away from Trump.  It is a political strategy masquerading as health advice.

If I were to come down with Covid-19, I would not be opposed to taking Hydroxychloroquine as a potentially beneficial treatment.  I do not think the risk is sufficient to not give it a try – not because Trump takes it, but because I think the anecdotal benefits reported far outweigh any of the risks.  I base that on my own research – not claims by Trump or some ranting talk-show personality.  Of course, I would only do so in consultation with my doctor.

We can say one thing for sure – based on facts.  While Trump tends to be overly optimistic and hyperbolic in his claims, he is far more correct about Hydroxychloroquine than “Dr.” Scarborough.

So, there ‘tis.


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Larry Horist

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