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Maine Sheriff Says No To Nazi-esque Lockdown Arrests

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Maine Sheriff Says No To Nazi-esque Lockdown Arrests

Maine Sheriff Says No To Nazi-esque Lockdown Arrests
April 08
19:01 2020

“This is not Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia where you are asked for your papers!”
– Scott Nichol, Sheriff of Franklin County, Maine

A sheriff in Maine has spoken the words on many Patriots’ minds as recent mandatory stay at home orders in the U.S. are being enforced by the threat of force – or actual force.

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The governor of Maine, Janet Mills, issued her State’s solution to stop the spread of COVID-19, a stay at home directive that took effect April 2 until it is lifted (or extended) on April 30.

Typical of most such government orders, residents are prohibited from gathering in large groups (more than 10), must maintain social distancing of at least six feet (two shopping cart lengths), and may only leave home for essential activities such as work, grocery shopping or medical appointments.

Mills said the official decree was enforceable under Maine’s Title 37-B statute that covers defense, veterans, and emergency management. The governor and all state law enforcement agencies have full authority to enforce the provisions of any and all of the governor’s executive orders.

Anyone in the Pine Tree State caught violating the stay at home order can be charged with a Class E crime carrying penalties of up to 6 months in jail and a $1,000 fine. Rules and procedures for arresting COVID-19 isolation scofflaws were not included in the gubernatorial order.

Enter Constitutionalist Sheriff Nichols who posted on Franklin County’s Facebook page his jurisdiction’s “just say no” policy:

“We will not be setting up a Police State. PERIOD. The Sheriff’s Office will not purposefully go out and stop vehicles because they are on the road or stop and ask why people are out and about. To do so puts our officers at risk. This is not Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia where you are asked for your papers!”

Sheriff Nichols said that his staff will focus on “rare situations where there are a lot of people overtly hanging out in public – obviously in defiance of the Governor’s order.”

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Department will try to educate people first and “will avoid arrests unless absolutely necessary.” Maine law enforcement personnel are “more interested in the safety and well-being of the public as well as our officers at this time. With that being said, we are sworn to uphold the Constitution and laws of the State – for any unlawful act/situation, arrestees will be taken into custody and transported for fingerprinting and bail.”

In Michigan, Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued a mandatory 3-week stay at home order with the usual exceptions for essential business. Deemed nonessential, barbershops, tattoo parlors, and hair and nail salons were forced to close. Violators face a possible $500 fine and up to 90 days in jail.

Whitmer reassured her constituents that she had no plans to lock down nonessential activities:

“I am not calling for martial law. That is rumor, and that is false. And it is dangerous for people to foment fear and put [out] bad information.”

On April 2, Robert Gordon, Director of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) doubled down and issued an Emergency Order setting a civil penalty of up to $1,000 for violations of the governor’s stay at home order.

Bob Stevenson retired as Livonia’s police chief and now heads the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police. Regarding arresting people caught in the act of engaging in nonessential business away from their homes, he said state law enforcement personnel have no dog in the hunt:

“I know there’s a lot of confusion out there, but as far as I know, the local chiefs are not going to be getting involved in determining who is and who is not essential personnel. I mean, it’s not our order.”

In New York City, among the hardest-hit areas in the nation for COVID infections, Mayor Bill de Blasio warned that anyone gathering in groups of any size or failing to social distance at 6 feet away from each other could receive police warnings. Refusing to disperse or returning after police order them to leave is punishable by a fine of $250-$500.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said he was considering upgrading social distancing guidelines to “a law” and called on the New York Police Department to step up enforcement:

“The NYPD has to get more aggressive. Period.”

Meanwhile, many Americans are sitting idly by, unable to go to work with kids unable to go to school. The federal government just increased its “15 days to slow the spread” to 6-10 weeks.

Military coups have occurred in that much time – or less. Is that where the U.S. is headed?

Or will your local sheriff’s department stand up for your constitutional rights and just say no to cooperation by force rather than education and collaboration?

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