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Is The Progressive Elite Too Wealthy To Understand America?

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Is The Progressive Elite Too Wealthy To Understand America?

Is The Progressive Elite Too Wealthy To Understand America?
April 06
17:18 2020

One of the underlying themes in our political life is the attack on the millionaires and billionaires.  Class warfare is a mainstay strategy of the contemporary Democratic Party.  It is not entirely new. There has been a heightened animosity against rich people since the days of President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal.

Like today’s Democrats, FDR railed against the rich – even though he was one of them.  His $4 million net worth in 1932 would be worth $70 million in today’s dollars.  That hypocritical inconsistency between having massive wealth, and demonizing others who do, has been a subtext of Democrat politics ever since.

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Money in politics is evil, they claim – even though Democrat donors are among the wealthiest of the super-rich.  We saw this with mega-billionaire Michael Bloomberg – who used personal wealth to become mayor of New York City and more recently tried to buy his way into the White House.  The richest governor in America is not a Republican.  It is billionaire Democrat J. B. Pritzker in Illinois ($3.2 billion).

Democrats pointed the accusatory finger at the libertarian Koch brothers – who were pikers compared to Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, and George Soros.  The top of Forbes Magazine’s billionaires list is dominated by Democrats – including Jeff Bezos (owner of Amazon AND the Washington Post), Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

While they are among the most notable examples of Democrat wealth, it is even more interesting – and telling – to see the net worth of the left-wingers in politics and the press – those who rail against capitalism while enjoying its benefits.  As a public service, I shall list a few for your consideration – ones that you may not know about.

Politicians and their Net Worth

Rumpled socialist Senator Bernie Sanders ($1 to 2 million) – and he never had a job outside the public payroll.

Former Vice President and President wannabe Joe Biden ($8 million) – also from a lifetime on the public dole.

The drop-out millionaires in the presidential sweepstakes include Elizabeth Warren ($12 million), Amy Klobuchar ($2 million), Cory Booker ($1 million) and Tom Steyer ($1.6 billion).

In the Senate, Democrats take three of the four top spots in terms of personal wealth.  They are Mark Warner ($90 million), Richard Blumenthal ($70 million) and Diane Feinstein ($58 million).  In the interest of fairness, Republican Kelly Loeffler gets the top spot at a whopping ($500 million).

Just to assuage curiosity, there is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ($16 million).

This is not to suggest that there are not a lot of millionaire Republicans in Congress.  But they do not rail against capitalism and personal wealth while criticizing their fellow one-percenters.

Hollywood and Net Worth

There is no use in listing Democrat money in Hollywood.  Movie folks are among the richest class in America – and they are overwhelmingly Democrat.  That is pretty much common knowledge.  The most interesting category is the members of the left-wing news media.

The Fourth Estate and Net Worth

Here is where you may get surprised.  Many of those left-wing Democrats you see on television or read in the major east coast newspapers and magazines – including online – are not sweating next month’s mortgage payment.  Some shown below list net worth of “up to …” which is the high side of a given range when a fixed number could not be found.


Starting with MSNBC, we have “Morning Joe’s” Joe Scarborough ($25 million) – and takes home $8 million in salary each year.  Joe’s wife and co-host Mika Brzezinski ($20 million) also takes home $8 million a year.  The show’s yes-man sidekick is Willie Geist ($12 million).

Regulars on the show’s panel of parroting pundits are Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson (up to $5 million), Democrat flak historian Jon Meacham ($4 million), 38-year-old guttersnipe Elise Jordan ($1.2 million), former Senator Claire McCaskill ($60 million), MSNBC gadfly John Heilemann ($4 million), Mike Barnicle (up to $5 million – not including his Wall Street wife’s $2-plus million), brand-master Donny Deutsch ($220 million), numbers cruncher Steve Rattner (up to $620 million), foreign policy guru Richard Haass (up to $5 million),  New York Times columnist Peter Baker (up to $5 million), former Democrat Congressman Harold Ford ($3 million), Time Magazine editor Nancy Gibbs ($9 million), Washington Post columnist David Ignatius (up to $5 million), race-baiter Al Sharpton (up to $5 million) … and the list goes on.  And those are just the ones who appear fairly regularly on “Morning Joe.”

Those with shows on MSNBC have also done well for themselves.  Rachel Maddow ($20 million), Lawrence O’Donnell ($16 million), discredited NBC anchor Brian Williams ($40 million), Chris Hayes ($5 million), Andrea Mitchell ($8 million), Stephanie Ruhle ($5 million), Nicole Wallace ($3 million), Ali Velshi (up to $5 million),  Katy Tur ($4 million), Craig Melvin ($6 million), Chris Jansing ($4 million) and again the list goes on.


Things are pretty much the same at CNN with Wolf Blitzer ($16 million), Anderson Cooper ($199 million), John King ($5 million), Don Lemon ($10 million), Chris Cuomo ($12 million), showboating White House reporter Jim Acosta ($4 million) John Berman ($5 million), Alisyn Camerota ($8 million), John Avlon ($6 million), Jim Sciutto ($5 million), Dana Bash ($3 million), Brooke Baldwin ($1.5 million), Erin Burnett ($6 million), Christiane Amanpour ($12 million),  Gloria Borger ($2.5 million), Poppy Harlow ($6 million), Ana Cabrera ($4 million), Brianna Keilar ($8 million), Fredricka Whitfield ($5 million), Erica Hill ($6 million), Victor Blackwell ($1 million), Michael Smerconish ($2 million), and this list goes on, too.

Former “Hardball” host Chris Matthews was relieved of his show, but his show but still has his $20 million.

False-Flag “Republicans”

In an attempt to appear balanced, CNN and MSNBC employ a number of former Republicans and former conservatives.  They have two things in common with their media compatriots – a visceral hatred for President Trump and membership in the big-bank-account media cabal.   They include Steve Schmidt (up to $5 million), columnist George Will ($3 million), rabid pit bull Rick Wilson (up to 5 million), former GOP Chairman Michael Steele (up to $5 million) and one-time conservative icon Bill Kristol ($5 million).


More and more politics is becoming a game for the rich – the very rich – thanks to the stupid federal elections laws that give a huge advantage to the millionaires and billionaires.

More disturbing is the fact that our news media has been taken over by an elite millionaire class.  A review of FOX News personalities is likely to reveal similar results.  I selected the liberal press because they are the folks who campaign against free-market capitalism and demonize wealth to the point of class warfare.  And yet, they are the very people who hypocritically take advantage of the benefits of a free-market society to enrich themselves.  They are the folks who comprise the east coast bubble-encased cabal that see themselves as an elite class that believes it is their right and obligation to rule over the rest of us less noble and less intelligent souls.  In their massive wealth, we can see their close-knit superior culture. And we can better understand why they are so hopelessly out of touch with the average citizen that lives in fly-over America.

So, there ‘tis.

About Author

Larry Horist

Larry Horist

Larry Horist is a conservative activist with an extensive background in economics, public policy and politics. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman, as well as the White House. He has testified as an expert witness before legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress, and lectured at major colleges and universities. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He can be reached at lph@thomasandjoyce.com.

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