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There’s No Such Thing As A Democratic Socialist

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There’s No Such Thing As A Democratic Socialist

There’s No Such Thing As A Democratic Socialist
March 02
18:11 2020

Bernie Sanders has now won Democratic primaries in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada. It is shocking that, in the land of the free, a radical-left communist might actually win the Democratic nomination for President.

Sanders is fooling a lot of people into believing that he is not a communist because if he admitted he was a rabid communist, he would alienate not only all Republicans but “moderate” Democratic voters.

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Bernie adds the tag, “democratic,” to persuade people that he’s a true-blue American who believes in democracy and the will of the people. He claims that he not an evil socialist dictator-in-waiting like the communist dictators of Cuba and Venezuela. No, No. He’s for traditional democratic American values. He only wants to add some “socialist” programs that help to reduce poverty and income inequality in America. He only wants to do “good.”

This is the same thing that all socialist dictators like Maduro in Venezuela promised to the people before he got elected. Before Chavez and then Maduro came to power, Venezuela, like too many South American countries, had an oppressive quasi-fascist government run by rich oligarchs. There was a wide economic divide between the rich rulers and the impoverished masses. So the Venezuelan people fell for Maduro’s promises of a better life through socialist “redistribution” (looting) of the rich, and nationalization of the “evil” big corporations’ businesses in Venezuela.

But after Maduro was elected in 2013, Venezuela went downhill fast. His socialist policies wrecked the Venezuelan economy and brought classic tyranny and starvation to the Venezuelan people, just as socialism did the same thing to the Russian, Chinese, Cambodian, and Cuban people.

It has become so bad in Venezuela today that instead of walking their dogs, many people have been reduced to eating their dogs. Store shelves are empty, and the Venezuela authorities have advised visitors to bring their own toilet paper, as toilet paper has become scarce in the country. I have read that Venezuelan hospitals do not have common drugs like antibiotics, so they are reduced to amputating peoples’ arms or legs if they get infected, to keep them from dying.

Bernie Sanders would say, “No, no. That would never happen in America if I was elected President. My socialism would bring “prosperity” and “social justice” to our country.” Every country that tried full-blown socialism ended in tyranny and starvation. That is because there is no such thing as full-blown socialism being “democratic” — Socialism requires tyranny to operate.

The only difference between Socialism and Communism is that in a Communist country, the government literally owns all the means of production. They own and operate all the industries, schools, farms, and factories. Every enterprise in a Communist country is like public schools or the U.S. Post office in America – they are owned by the government, and run by government employees.

In a free economy, the essence of “ownership” of any business is that an owner has complete control over all decisions regarding his business. He has this control because he created that business and his property rights are protected. In a Socialist economy, instead of owning all industries outright, the government totally controls all decisions by “private” business owners.

Under Socialism, the government does not literally own everything. Socialist rulers “allow”  businessmen to “own” their farms, factories, and industries, but government bureaucrats control every aspect of how those businesses operate. Business owners are strangled by government regulations that tell them what they can or can’t produce, the price they can sell their products for, how much they have to produce (remember the Soviet Union’s 5-year Plans?), who they can or can’t hire, what wages they can or can’t pay their workers, and hundreds of other regulations. A businessman may “own” his company on paper, but the government totally “controls” every aspect of his business.

So, in order to oversee every aspect of their economy, Socialist rulers must impose thousands of regulations on business owners. How do they impose such regulations? By force. Since any sane business owner wants to control his own business, the only reason he obeys the government’s regulations is that if he does not, he will be shot or jailed.

That is why every Socialist regime ends up being a vicious fascist regime. It must impose its strangling socialist regulations at the point of a government gun aimed at the heads of business owners.

Both Mussolini in Italy and Adolf Hitler in Germany, always labeled as “fascists,” were actually radical socialists. Their political agenda was socialist government control of the economy and “redistribution” of income from “the rich.” The word NAZI in German stood for the National Socialist Party. Both men are confirmed socialists who created brutal fascist dictators that enslaved their own people and murdered millions of people to enforce their “socialist” agenda.

Under socialist schemes, the rulers try to keep the masses quiet by giving them welfare handouts of food, shelter, and other basic necessities of life. Where do they get the money for these welfare programs? From income “redistribution” — by looting “the rich” and upper-middle-class, who are the country’s wealth creators. The rulers impose steep progressive income taxes on individuals or companies who are “rich.”

For example, Bernie Sanders said that he would impose a 90 percent income-tax rate on the “super-rich.” That is exactly what every socialist dictator does to try to prop up an economy that he has devasted with socialist controls.

The productive rich in any free economy are not lazy or stupid. When a socialist looter comes along and passes a progressive income tax or “wealth” tax that steals 90 percent of their earnings, they shut down their factories, flee the country, or move their businesses to Taiwan or some other country that won’t loot what they earn.

So the best and brightest typically flee from fascist/socialist regimes. That ends up destroying the economy. When the communists took over Cuba, tens of thousands of freedom-loving Cubans risked their lives in little boats on dangerous sea voyages to reach America. Today, tens of thousands of “rich” and middle-income Venezuelans have fled from their socialist “paradise” to nearby Columbia, leaving the Venezuelan economy in ruins.

So, there is no such thing as a “democratic” socialist, as Bernie Sanders claims to be. Radical socialism is always fascist and “undemocratic” in the extreme. Socialist rulers use and require brute government force to make its slave-citizens and business owners obey their strangling regulations. They use brute force through taxes to loot the hard-earned income of productive business owners. They use brute force to “nationalize” many of its industries like Venezuela nationalized its once-prosperous oil industry.

So, when Bernie Sanders claims that he is a “democratic” socialist, he is lying to you, or, even worse, he is so brainwashed that he really thinks socialism is “democratic.”

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Joel Turtel

Joel Turtel

Joel Turtel is the author of “Public Schools, Public Menace,” “The Welfare State: No Mercy For The Middle Class,” and “Patriot Stories.”

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