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Virginians Trounce Dem Gun Law

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Virginians Trounce Dem Gun Law

Virginians Trounce Dem Gun Law
February 19
16:29 2020

– Phil Van Cleave of the Virginia Citizens Defense League Tweet, February 17, 2020

In breaking news, the Virginia Senate Judiciary Committee has just voted a resounding 10-5 to just say no to House Bill 961.

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Having purchased the November 5, 2019, Virginia elections, billionaire media mogul and Democratic presidential contender Michael Bloomberg must have felt confident that his new Leftist regime would be able to waltz in and start grabbing guns, beginning with semi-automatics.

HB 961 spelled out a new Class 6 felony crime, the lowest of six felony classes on the Virginia law books. The sweeping legislation would have banned an enormous number of semi-automatic firearms, suppressors, and standard capacity magazines, already in the hands of and commonly used by non-criminal residents.

At the time, ABC News reported on the historic occasion, as this writer covered previously:

“Bloomberg chose to begin his campaign in Virginia because he backed 15 Democratic candidates who championed climate change and gun violence prevention, and helped Virginia Democrats win full control of the Virginia state government for the first time in 25 years.”

Law-abiding citizens turned out by the hundreds at their local courthouses to protest newly-crafted laws presented by the new liberal leadership in the Old Dominion state late last year.

As of December 18, 2019, 83 out of 95 Virginia counties, 9 out of 38 independent cities, and 19 towns had adopted Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions. These jurisdictions voted not to expend resources to enforce certain alleged anti-Second Amendment gun control measures. The pro-gun constituents oppose using taxpayer resources to pay for enforcing universal gun background checks, red flag laws, and prohibitions on assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

So today’s legislative defeat wasn’t that surprising. Van Cleave attributed the successful preservation of every American’s Constitutional right to bear arms to teamwork:

“The defeat of HB 961 was a group effort, uniting gun owners inside and outside Virginia. There are many, many people and organizations to thank for today’s victory and VCDL thanks all of them and all of you for doing your part.”

The summary for HB 961 stated that the bill would infringe on the following civil rights:

  • Prohibit the sale, transport, etc., of assault firearms, certain firearm magazines, silencers, and trigger activators and define penalties for infractions
  • Expand the definition of “assault firearm”
  • Prohibit any person from importing, selling, transferring, manufacturing, purchasing, or transporting an assault firearm

The failed HB 961 would have banned dealers from selling, renting, trading or transferring assault firearms from current inventory to any other person.

Any legal owner of a large-capacity firearm magazine, silencer, or trigger activator as of July 1, 2020, would be allowed to retain possession until January 1, 2021. In addition to the controversial grandfather clause, the outrageous Leftist gun-grabbing law made the following demands:

During that time, such person shall (i) render the large-capacity firearm magazine, silencer, or trigger activator inoperable; (ii) remove the large-capacity firearm magazine, silencer, or trigger activator from the Commonwealth; (iii) transfer the large-capacity firearm magazine, silencer, or trigger activator to a person outside the Commonwealth who is not prohibited from possessing it; or (iv) surrender the large-capacity firearm magazine, silencer, or trigger activator to a state or local law-enforcement agency.

When Democrats first proposed their anti-gun rights bill, they formulated a scheme to impose forced licensing and registration for anyone who wanted to keep targeted firearms owned lawfully before the ban – with felony penalties for noncompliance.

HB 961 also broadly banned any weapons part that could be used to alter a firearm into a newly-banned configuration. The House Public Safety Committee amended the bill to allow citizens to keep currently owned firearms and suppressors but included no provision for citizens to keep their lawfully-acquired cartridge magazines that hold more than twelve rounds. This gotcha would force millions of Virginians to either get rid of their property, become criminalized under the new law or surrender the now-offensive firearms to the state’s official overlords.

The gun-grabbers attempt in Virginia is not a permanent solution to the persistent problem of hypocritical anti-gun nuts who hire security staff armed with assault rifles or semi-automatic pistols to defend themselves at home and in public. Rather, the four Democrats on Virginia’s Senate Judiciary Committee who joined their political opponents by siding with the Republican minority to achieve this historic victory serves only to table (postpone) the bill for the rest of 2020.

An email from the National Rifle Association (NRA) crowed:

“Bloomberg’s House majority in the General Assembly is not going to deliver their most coveted agenda item to their billionaire master.”

That just goes to show what 22,000 demonstrators in the state capital on a federal holiday can do in a Commonwealth of some 8.5 million voters. Today, Virginians refused to create thousands of brand new felons.

Be like Virginia.


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