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Why Is Everyone Following Kanye West?

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Why Is Everyone Following Kanye West?

Why Is Everyone Following Kanye West?
January 31
18:33 2020

The time has come to acknowledge the huge elephant in the room that everyone seems to casually walk around. That elephant being a well-known celebrity named Kanye West who seemingly has the world wrapped around his finger. First, he was a famous rapper, then a designer, and now he’s a preacher that has hundreds of thousands of followers.

Oh, and did I mention the fact that he plans on running for the presidency in the year 2024? No one questions his motives, and no one seems to care that he bounces from one thing to another with ease, all of which he continues to capitalize on. Why won’t he just cut to the chase and get everyone to drink the poisoned Kool-Aid now!?

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First, there was song

It all began with Kanye rapping consciences lyrics that were grounded in his days of writing and reciting poetry on the streets of westside Chicago. He talked about overspending, the realities of insecurities, and about relationships. He did a great job of opening himself up to the world about both his true feelings and his fears. Then his mom died, and everything got shot to hell.

The nation was very familiar with his close relationship with his mom, so it came as no surprise that he’d nut up a bit moments after she passed. Suddenly, Kanye became an angry, loud-mouthed, inconsiderate bozo who said anything he wanted without any consideration of how it might impact others. He soon began to rap about being God, and then he wrote songs that pertained to “poop” and how it could be scooped.

It’s as if he made a bet with someone that he could rap about anything and still have people buy it. As a matter of fact, he took it further and created a clothing line that consisted of a torn t-shirt that cost upward of $1,500. It looked like something a homeless person would wear…and it sold like hotcakes.

Then there was Trump

During a time when anyone would be heavily scrutinized for being seen with President Trump, Kanye somehow eluded this scrutiny. He not only made it his mission to be seen with Trump, but he also sported the “MAGA” hat anytime he had an opportunity. Once again, it’s as if he works double overtime just to prove that he can do anything without repercussions and people will accept it. With all of this said, it should come as no surprise that he is now a minister who has partnered his efforts with the mega preacher, Joel Olsteen.

The two men came together and had a public conversation that brought in over 100,000 people who were excited to just sit in their midst inside of a stadium. Now, Kanye is leading thousands of followers to the Lord, let him tell it, and his followers are happy to go. He held an event at the Sun Devil Stadium, of all places, and called it the ‘Awaken 2020’ event. Needless to say, it brought in thousands of people from all over the United States. Now, he says he will run for the presidency in the year 2024…and more than likely, he just might win.

Kanye has proven that people are not only star-struck, but they love being associated with the popular folks! Even if they are being led astray. It’s like high school all over again. The popular jocks and cheerleaders get to have anyone and anything merely because they are considered beautiful people. It’s as if we have been trained to follow those who are popular simply because of their status, rather than their ability to really lead.

At some point, people will have to wake up and realize that they are being told who to follow, where to go, and who to trust. The idea that an entertainer can encourage others to follow them on something as sensitive as religion is not only crazy, but it’s also frightening.

Religion is something that taps into the core of a person’s spirit…something that should not be toyed with by an entertainer who just can’t seem to figure out what he wants to do for a living. We can only hope that there will be a true awakening that will force people to snap out of it!

If nothing else, remember to take a good look at who’s doing the leading so that you can make an informed and well thought out decision on whether you are willing to follow.

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  1. RandyH
    RandyH February 02, 20:21

    The Lord has used many unusual people to spread his word. The message hits each individual differently according to their need.

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