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What does Pelosi have against Nadler?

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What does Pelosi have against Nadler?

What does Pelosi have against Nadler?
January 22
17:40 2020

The United States Constitution gives the power of impeachment to the House of Representatives.  It is the charge of the House Judiciary Committee to conduct the impeachment hearings, draft and pass the Article of Impeachment and present them to the full House for a vote.  If approved by a majority of the House, the Articles are then to be passed on to the Senate expeditiously.

In Rather than a traditional “hearing” conducted by the Judiciary Committee, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi created a new procedure.  She arbitrarily made it the responsibility of the House Intelligence Committee to hold something she called an impeachment “inquiry” – essentially cutting the Judiciary Committee out of the investigatory process.

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So, there was no hearing to be held by the Judiciary Committee in accordance with the Constitution and past history.  In a very real sense, Pelosi’s action took the responsibility to carry out the formal impeachment investigation away from the Judiciary Committee and gave it to the House Intelligence Committee.

In terms of personal leadership over the impeachment investigation, this shifted the prima donna role away from Judiciary Chairman and New York Congressman Jerry Nadler and gave the spotlight to Intelligence Committee Chairman and California Congressman Adam Schiff.

Early on, it was anticipated that Nadler would be the natural leader of the impeachment effort.  After all, that was tradition.  But noooo.  Pelosi re-orchestrated the entire impeachment process to kick Nadler aside in favor of Schiff.

This must have come as an enormous blow to the pint-sized legislator with the over-sized ego.  He is not only among the most partisan junkyard dogs in the House, but he is also a man who loves the spotlight.

Nadler did get a few moments of camera facetime during the impeachment process, but only because the Constitution requires that Articles of Impeachment be drafted, approved and sent on to the House floor from the Judiciary Committee.  That was all accomplished in a political nanosecond – two days, to be precise — by the Judiciary Committee without, itself, calling a single witness.  Nadler was only called upon to rubber-stamp the work of Schiff’s Intelligence Committee.

This is not what Nadler had anticipated.  In fact, he repeatedly talked about how HE would handle the impeachment.  He even said that his initial investigation was, in fact, the beginning of the impeachment hearing.  That – of course – was before the rug was pulled out from under him.

In addition, Nadler had no say in the delivery of the Articles to the Senate.  The strategy to delay the delivery for 33 days – over the holidays – belonged to only one person – Pelosi.  When they were finally delivered with a parade of hyped pageantry, it was not Nadler at the front of the procession, solemnly carrying the Articles to the Senate.  It was a junior black Florida congresswoman.

In the first twelve hours of the Impeachment trial – as the two sides debated the rules and the number of doomed-to-failure amendments introduced by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer – the center stage was held by Schiff and a few of the other House Managers – but not Nadler.

Schiff opened the House arguments and he followed up on every other presentation by House Managers as Nadler sat silently at the prosecution table.  Nadler finally got his chance to speak to one of Schumer’s amendments—but it was just shortly after midnight when most Americans were in bed.

In his presentation, Nadler may well have revealed why Pelosi kept the New York Democrat splashing in the kiddie pool.  He was at his acerbic best – accusing Senators of abetting a coverup. This brought a sharp rebuke from Trump attorneys – and led to Chief Justice John Robert’s first comments apart from the perfunctory ritualistic language of calling recesses and announcing the results of votes.  Roberts admonished both sides to use more dignified and civil language.  While he reprimanded both sides, it was clear that Nadler was the first to cross the line.

It appears that the traditionally central figure in any impeachment – the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee – will, in this case, be relegated to a role that is usually carried out by the least important players.  Nadler has accepted his humiliating assignment with obedience, but he must be ravaged by frustration over his highly public reduction in rank by Speaker Pelosi.

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

Larry Horist is a conservative activist with an extensive background in economics, public policy and politics. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman, as well as the White House. He has testified as an expert witness before legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress, and lectured at major colleges and universities. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He can be reached at lph@thomasandjoyce.com.

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