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Bernie Wants To Loot The “Super Rich”

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Bernie Wants To Loot The “Super Rich”

Bernie Wants To Loot The “Super Rich”
January 17
19:01 2020

On the campaign trail, Bernie Sanders – our friendly communist candidate for President – has proposed that we impose a 90% tax on the “super-rich.”

To Bernie, “the super-rich” are not paying their fair share of taxes.

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The idea of forcing someone to pay his “fair share” of taxes through steeply-progressive income taxes applies only to a society of cannibals. It applies to a society where an envious majority thinks it has the right to loot rich productive entrepreneurs who have the audacity to earn millions, or even billions of dollars a year.

Paying your “fair share” in taxes implies that all of us have a responsibility to support the rapacious welfare/entitlement State, but some of us have more responsibility than others. It implies that the more money you earn, the larger your “fair share” should be, simply because you have more to loot.

In other words, the “fair share” principle embedded in our progressive income-tax code brings to America, the “land of the free,” Karl Marx’s dictum from his Communist Manifesto, “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

This dictum is the philosophy of socialist looters who are consumed by envy. This policy simply justifies stealing from productive, hard-working people who earn more than others. And since there’s always someone richer or poorer than you, the progressive income tax leads to universal looting on a massive scale.

Through the progressive income-tax system, everyone steals from the next victim above him on the economic ladder. Paying your “fair share” of taxes appeals to looters or parasites who have no idea how wealth is created or why it’s wrong to steal.

To understand what “fair share” really means, imagine the following. You have $10,000 saved in your local bank. You worked for ten years to save this money. The bank then gets a new “progressive” bank manager. The manager finds that most of the bank’s customers have less than $500 in their accounts, which he thinks is grossly “unfair.”

So he makes new rules for the bank. He sends you a letter telling you that he is going to “redistribute” your $10,000 to all his poorer depositors so that everyone has their “fair share.”

Do you think the bank manager should be arrested or sent to the loony bin? What if the government passes a law that lets him get away with this theft? You know that the bank manager has no right to “redistribute” your money. Does the government? Yet steeply-progressive income taxes and entitlement programs do exactly the same thing the bank manager did.

In 2019, if you earned over $518,000, you paid a 37 percent income-tax rate. So, for example, if you earned $1 million in 2019, you would pay $370,000 in federal income taxes. A person who earned $40,000 in 2019 would pay a 20 percent income-tax rate, or $8000 in Federal income taxes. So the “rich” guy paid 46 times more than the middle-class guy in actual taxes.

If the government is just an organization we hire (elect) to provide certain services for us, like national defense and the court systems, did the rich guy get 46 times more in government services than the middle-class guy?

No, he did not. He got the same services — his life and property are defended by the same Army, Navy, Air force, and court systems as the middle-class guy. So why does he pay 46 times more in actual taxes than the middle-class guy for the same government services? If a rich guy and middle-class guy both bought the same loaf of bread in a supermarket, would the supermarket have the right to charge the poor guy $4 for the bread, and charge the rich guy $184 for the same loaf of bread?

The productive rich guy, who probably owns a big company that creates a lot of jobs for middle-class guys, pays so much more in taxes because our government is NOT just an organization that provides us certain services paid by taxes. Our welfare-state, quasi-socialist government’s primary function today is to “redistribute” income so there is a “fair” distribution of wealth in the country.

In effect, the “rich” are looted far more than lower-income earners to pay for welfare/entitlement programs that are now devouring our country.

What is the excuse that the left makes to justify this legalized looting of “the rich?” Simply this, that it is “unfair” that some people earn millions of dollars, while others struggle with much lower incomes. The liberal fascists claim that lower-income earners “need” more money for all the goods and services they are “entitled” to. Since the “wealthy” have more money, they claim, the wealthy have a moral “duty” to hand over their “excess” money to the “less fortunate.”

In other words, liberal looters say “you, the rich, have the money, we want it, so we’ll take it from you, and we’ll use the progressive income tax to do this ‘legally.’ In effect, the federal government becomes a fence for stolen property, based on the notion that “we are our brother’s keeper.” Or, as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and other radical-socialists or communists claim, “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need” — the classic communist doctrine.

Well, any mugger claims the same thing when he puts a gun to your head and says, “your money or your life.” The mugger sees that you have money, he wants it, so he has decided to take your money at the point of a gun. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and the rest of the radical-left crazoids in the Democrat party are simply rabidly-envious, legalized muggers who want to loot our hard-earned money through the progressive income tax.

About Author

Joel Turtel

Joel Turtel

Joel Turtel is the author of “Public Schools, Public Menace,” “The Welfare State: No Mercy For The Middle Class,” and “Patriot Stories.”

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  1. JRourke
    JRourke January 23, 12:05

    Great article. Especially liked the analogy about bread in the supermarket.

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