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The “Afghanistan Papers” Reveal America’s Longest Running War Is LIE!

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The “Afghanistan Papers” Reveal America’s Longest Running War Is LIE!

The “Afghanistan Papers” Reveal America’s Longest Running War Is LIE!
December 20
16:23 2019

The stunning so-called “Afghanistan Papers,” recently published by the Washington Post, details a true history of the nation’s longest official war – which was mismanaged and futile from the get-go.

The Post fought a legal battle for three years to obtain the documents from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), a federal government watchdog agency that interviewed hundreds of officials about their honest assessments of the war.

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What they reveal should shock every American. For nearly 20 years, under three presidential administrations, our military never had a clearly defined goal or endpoint to the war, and that our efforts have been futile at best and deeply destructive at worst.

But more importantly, the Afghanistan Papers confirm that government officials have been utterly dishonest with the public about U.S. achievements and progress in Afghanistan. John Sopko, the Special Inspector General at SIGAR, admitted to the Post, that the documents prove that “the American people have constantly been lied to.”

One economics expert interviewed by SIGAR for his evaluation of our failures in Afghanistan said that he, “blamed an array of mistakes committed again and again over 18 years — haphazard planning, misguided policies, bureaucratic feuding. Many said the overall nation-building strategy was further undermined by hubris, impatience, ignorance and a belief that money can fix anything.”

The Afghanistan Papers further reveal that officials privately knew they were fueling corruption, and that “Much of the money … ended up in the pockets of overpriced contractors or corrupt Afghan officials, while U.S.-financed schools, clinics, and roads fell into disrepair if they were built at all.”

The U.S. has also been lining the pockets of Afghanistan’s most notorious warlords, who have a long and bloody history going back to the era of Soviet occupation when the CIA doled out cash to fight its Cold War enemy.

One senior government official told SIGAR, “We were giving out contracts to pretty nasty people, empowering people we shouldn’t have empowered, in order to achieve our own goals.”

Lies, Spin, and Trillions of Dollars Wasted

What American officials and the mainstream media have consistently failed to do in Afghanistan is actually pay attention to what ordinary Afghans say and want. The biggest toll of the failed American war has been the death and destruction of lives in a country that was already torn apart by years of war in 2001.

We may never get a full accounting of how many Afghans have died or been maimed for life as a direct result of a war that we now know that everyone who started it, and perpetrated it — knew was a huge mistake.

The Afghanistan Papers should be seen by all Americans as an indictment, not only of one aspect of American foreign policy but also of the U.S.’s entire policymaking apparatus. They reveal a bipartisan consensus to lie about what was actually happening in Afghanistan: chronic waste and chronic corruption, one ill-conceived development scheme after another, resulting in a near-unmitigated failure to bring peace and prosperity to the country.

These papers show a clear attempt to mislead and deceive the American people about the extent of the administrative and bureaucratic waste and incompetence that was occurring. What these interviews reveal is mind-blowing; that no one has been held accountable is criminal.


How do you feel about the revelations in the Afghanistan Papers?

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