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Virginia Democrat Faces Hostile Constituents at Town Hall

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Virginia Democrat Faces Hostile Constituents at Town Hall

Virginia Democrat Faces Hostile Constituents at Town Hall
December 12
17:18 2019

Elections have consequences, moreover, when you attempt to subvert the will of the people by a Soviet-type inquisition reminiscent of a Joseph Stalin tribunal, for the sole purpose of undoing an election, the people get angry, and rightly so.

Especially if critical thinking constituents took a leap-of-faith in voting for you, despite being a Democrat under the guise of working with the President, only to find out that you’re as disingenuous as your party leaders.

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That seems to be the dilemma that Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA) is currently finding herself in, when she attempted to sell her Republican constituents, why she supported the impeachment inquisition of President Trump at a town hall meeting on Sunday.

The irate voters gave the embattled lawmaker an earful as she attempted to explain her decision.

“My opinion of our inquiry is mine and mine alone. No one has pressured me to vote in any particular way from within the party. And I will not be pressured to vote in any particular way,” she said. “The allegations against the President are incredibly, incredibly serious.”

 “Incredible bullsh*t,” one man said.

“It’s crap!” another said. “It’s a lie. It’s all a lie.”

Spanberger represents Virginia’s 7th congressional district and won against Republican Dave Brat during the 2018 midterms. Spanberger during the town hall attempted to placate her angry constituents by highlighting how she voted with House Republicans, attempting to change the subject of impeachment. However, those assembled continued pressuring the 40-year-old, New Jersey native, forcing her to finally address the subject

“Those witnesses have all affirmed and all agreed on what happened,” Spanberger said,  “That the President sought to use military assistance, as leverage to get a foreign government to do what he wanted.”

“Y’all been trying to impeach this man since he got elected,” an audience member said.

“Let our votes count. Don’t take them away,” another attendee said.

The freshmen congresswoman finds herself in an extremely vulnerable position after switching her vote earlier this year from “no” to “yes,” ultimately helping to move their party closer to launching the impeachment probe in September.

She also purposely seemed to rub her constituents the wrong way, alienating them further when she along with 7 other “at risk” Democrats co-authored a Washington Post article declaring that the President’s dealings with Ukraine posed a “national security threat.”

During the town hall meeting on Sunday, Spanberger further infuriated those in attendance by declaring “no one has dispelled or attempted to dispel or provide evidence that would exonerate the President,” prompting a number of audience members to harshly criticize her comments.

One exasperated individual lamented, “Did you really say that? You have to prove you’re innocent?”

Spanberger attempted to stay in control of the situation by using political talking points, hoping to circumvent the growing hostility.

“This isn’t about this election. This isn’t about this President. It is about the presidency,” she said. “It is about what behavior is deemed to be appropriate. It is about the security of our 2020 election.”

But at least one attendee didn’t buy her take, calling the impeachment proceedings “silly,” a remark that gained a few “thank yous” and an “amen” from attendees.

If it’s any consolation to those angry voters in Virginia betrayed by Rep. Spanberger, recent polls show President Trump leading all Democrats in 6 battleground states.

A New York Times/Siena College Poll just released last week shows voters within 6-key swing states oppose impeaching the President by a 52% to 44% margin.

Voters in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, by an average of over 10% oppose impeachment. Those numbers just a few short weeks ago were almost reversed, in that the more swing-state voters witness the contrived impeachment, the more voters return to Trump, and hopefully reclaim the House in 2020.

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  1. Norman Lackey
    Norman Lackey December 14, 14:09

    These liberals are always trying to assert their will which is manifested in a perversion of justice, in wronging someone, in turning a matter upside down and dealing deceitfully with the American people.

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