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Historians Slam NYT’s skewed “1619 Project”

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Historians Slam NYT’s skewed “1619 Project”

Historians Slam NYT’s skewed “1619 Project”
December 05
16:11 2019

Rewriting or obliterating history for the benefit of creating a political narrative has become an alarming and disturbing trend regardless if it’s tearing down historical monuments depicting a pivotal moment within our past or attempting to rewrite our history to comport with one’s contemporary views, negates the very essence of history.

The New York Times, a once proud newspaper, who’s only task was to investigate and report the news accurately regardless of ideology, is now, like many within the Trump era, a propaganda mill churning out false news based on nothing more than a prevailing and pervasive bias. This once acclaimed profession, dubbed by our Founders as our “fourth-estate” and enshrined within our First Amendment to the Constitution, has abdicated its role as the people’s watchdog.

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This latest folly by the TIMES is to once again rewrite history with their “1619 Project” regarding America’s role within the slave trade.

For those not familiar with the TIMES latest attempt to skew history based on today’s politically correct principles, the “paper-of-record” reexamines our checkered past through a series of multiple stories and poems about an issue which has preoccupied the progressive establishment every election cycle for well over 50-years, the issue of “racism” and “slavery.”

This time the “gray old lady” is attempting to project America during colonial times, as a racist country suggesting within the papers exposé America’s “true founding” regarding the slave trade, and the first arrivals of slaves to our shore’s around 1619, hence the title.

However, a number of acclaimed historians have publicly slammed the opinion piece, as being void of historical facts regarding the true organs of the slave trade in America.

In that much of the so-called research for this so-called “project” is written by progressive journalists and opinion writers, and not by bona fide historians.

Historian Professor Gordon Wood, from Brown University in a recent interview with the World Socialist Website, called the TIMES piece “wrong in so many ways.”

“I had no warning about this. … I was surprised, as many other people were, by the scope of this thing, especially since it’s going to become the basis for high school education and has the authority of the New York Times behind it, and yet it is so wrong in so many ways.”

Even more troubling then the lack of leading historian’s contacted regarding the widely publicized “1619 Project,” is the misinformation within it’s pages, and the number of public schools ready to sign on to its misleading  history of slavery, like the School Board in Chicago.

The Pulitzer Center Education Resources and Programs, who provides lesson plans for the “1619 Project,” did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Professor Wood said that no one approached him about the project and that “none of the leading scholars of the whole period from the Revolution to the Civil War” appeared to have been consulted either. Wood continues on to provide factual evidence that negates multiple points made in the NYT’s project.

American Civil War historian and Pulitzer Prize winner James M. McPherson was also interviewed regarding the Times project. He too was never made aware of the “1619 Project.”

“Because this is a subject I’ve long been interested in I sat down and started to read some of the essays,” McPherson said. “I’d say that, almost from the outset, I was disturbed by what seemed like a very unbalanced, one-sided account, which lacked context and perspective on the complexity of slavery, which was clearly, obviously, not an exclusively American institution, but existed throughout history.”

Adding, “And I was a little bit unhappy with the idea that people who did not have a good knowledge of the subject would be influenced by this and would then have a biased or narrow view.”

Rich Lowry, writer and editor for National Review, recently penned an article titled “The Flagrant Distortions and Subtle Lies of the ‘1619 Project’

In the article Lowry dissects lead writer Hannah-Jones’s account of slavery in America, stating “Hannah-Jones’s account of American slavery is justly excoriating but is careful to leave out anything that might even slightly complicate her story or might prove discomfiting to the Left.”

Adding, “Hannah-Jones writes of the first slaves brought to colonial America, “among the 12.5 million Africans who would be kidnapped from their homes and brought in chains across the Atlantic Ocean.” She doesn’t say who kidnapped them. She refers later to “people stolen from western and central Africa.” Again, she doesn’t say who first stole these people so they could be sent across the Atlantic in chains.

“Why not? Like it or not, it was Africans who captured other Africans and marched them to the coast to be sold to European slavers. African slavery existed before Europeans showed up, and it persisted after they left. This, of course, doesn’t make the Middle Passage, so excruciatingly awful it’s difficult to even read about.”

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