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Warren’s $52 Trillion Medicare-for-All Boondoggle

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Warren’s $52 Trillion Medicare-for-All Boondoggle

Warren’s $52 Trillion Medicare-for-All Boondoggle
November 08
17:20 2019

There are few things in life as blatantly false as Elizabeth Warren’s preposterous “Medicare-for-All proposal, that I’m left to wonder, is she really running for the presidency or perhaps scheming to become vice president, or maybe a cabinet position, if the unthinkable should happen in 2020.

Certainly no rational level headed individual regardless of ideology believes for a moment that America’s economy would not be irreversibility transformed by Warren’s healthcare proposal.

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A price tag of over $52 TRILLION DOLLARS just for healthcare would no doubt reverse the Trump economic doctrine of limited government regulations and mandates, huge tax breaks for both businesses and individuals, and equitable international trade deals, would indeed spiral the middle class back into debt, while throwing an estimated 2-million healthcare professionals almost over-night, out of work, along with destroying a booming economy.

Perhaps even more egregious is Warren’s dishonesty, insisting the middle class would be spared from the “tax-man,” claiming in a recent interview not “one penny will be paid for by the middle class” instead billionaires will face huge new tax bills, no one including 2020 Democratic hopefuls believes that.

Warren argues her plan would incorporate existing federal and state spending on Medicare and Medicaid, and that “only” $20.5 trillion would be needed to fund her proposal, claiming that the dollars would come from taxing businesses, financial institutions, along with super-rich individuals and large corporations.

Perhaps the biggest immediate change for most working Americans would be Warren’s plan to wipe out employer-sponsored PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE, which more then 60% of individuals like, and replace it with a government plan similar to what is currently available across the pond in the UK, in which many of the services in recent years, have had to be rationed, because of a lack of accommodations, along with a healthcare shortage of skilled nurses, leaving the healthcare industry.

A recent report by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), in England urged the government to “stop the rot and put an end to the workforce crisis in nursing”.

Currently, the report claims there is a shortage of around 40,000 nurses, a gap which experts have warned could grow to 70,000 within five years.

Professor Donna Kinnair, who heads up the RCN spoke at a recent nursing convention in front of 3,000 delegates in Liverpool, England, and warned those in attendance “We will not stop until people are held to account for the desperate shortages each and every one of us has witnessed. Politicians must stop short-changing the public. Rather than only looking at the cost of educating and employing nurses, the Government must think about the true cost financial and human of not doing it.”

Warren hesitates using the UK as a viable model of government-run healthcare within her propaganda campaign because to do so would educate her followers, on the realities of a government-run healthcare system run by government bureaucrats, rather than healthcare professionals.

Moreover back in the U.S., according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services doctors are dropping out of the federal health program in record numbers. Since 2009 the number of doctors no longer accepting Medicare has more than doubled, with over 9,539 doctors dropping out of the Medicare system since 2012.

While Warren is pushing “Medicare-for-All” the stark reality is the number of doctors accepting Medicare is shrinking. Since 2010 almost 3% of family physicians have dropped out of the federal program, with more physicians practicing on a “concierge” or cash basis, which now accounts for 4% of family practitioners who now work within that model.

That’s a 7% reduction of doctors who no longer accept government-funded healthcare because of the prohibitions imposed on them by government bureaucrats. While that number may seem small, consider the growing population of seniors, living longer and requiring additional healthcare, and the projected shortage of doctors unwilling to be government employees.

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  1. baggriff
    baggriff November 10, 17:02

    If Bill Gates Paid $100,000,000,000 it would only be .0000192309% of the $52,000,000,000.000 she proposes and based on that each person would have to pay $80,000 per year for 10 years to pay for it. She dose not understand numbers at all. Which leads me to ask is she stupid or so out of touch with the use of money?!!! Who pays her pills? Just how much money dose she have? This would leave me no money to pay my bills at all!!!!

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