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Why this Antifa Thug will Spend 6 Years in Prison

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Why this Antifa Thug will Spend 6 Years in Prison

Why this Antifa Thug will Spend 6 Years in Prison
November 07
17:27 2019

Gage Halupowski, a 24-year old Antifa member recently plead guilty to second-degree assault in connection with the June 29th baton attack on Adam Kelly.

The brutal unprovoked assault came in the midst of dueling downtown demonstrations in Portland, outside The Nines Hotel along Southwest Morrison Street. There Kelly was suddenly pummeled by several black-clad and masked Antifa thugs.

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A graphic and disturbing video captures Halupowski (later identified as one of the assailants), beating and pepper-spraying Kelly after he appears to be coming to the aid of a fellow demonstrator, during the heated protest.

Aside from the incriminating video footage of the attack, the jury heard eye witness accounts by Portland police who were slow to respond to the mayhem, at the urging of progressive Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, ordering his department to “stand-down.”

The officers describe how several individuals dressed in black wearing masks chased Kelly down and began hitting him with batons as he fell to the ground. The officer then describes how a masked Halupowski runs up behind Kelly as he was attempting to aid a fallen comrade from being assaulted, and strikes him repeatedly on top of the head with an expandable baton, opening several deep bloody gashes.

Kelly described as a right-wing protestor by the mainstream media suffered a concussion and needed 25 staples to close the gaping wound.

Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney Melissa Marrero said Halupowski’s assault on Kelly using a weapon and cracking the back of his skull with a baton was “completely unexplainable, completely avoidable and didn’t need to happen,” adding that Kelly was lucky to have survived his injuries.

Edward Kroll, defense attorney for Halupowski admitted his client made “a really terrible decision” and that Kelly didn’t deserve what happened to him, but the attorney believed the agreed-upon 70-month prison sentence was “one of the harshest sentences I’ve seen for someone with no criminal background and young age.”

Kroll cited the 11 charges Halupowski faced and the attack being caught on video left the Antifa thug with few options, other than to take the nearly 6-year sentence, even though two individuals were seen hitting Kroll with batons.

However, Marrero disagreed with Kroll’s assertions, noting that the type of injuries Kelly suffered is considered a first-degree assault, which usually carries a 90-month mandatory sentence, suggesting that the 70-month sentence is actually lenient.

According to the prosecutor, another individual will soon face justice and be indicted for the attack, along with several others being investigated in the June beat-down.

“My office has individuals charged on both sides of the political spectrum,” Marrero said. “We are not picking sides based on political affiliation, political views or anything like that.”

During the same demonstration between the two extremist groups, only blocks away freelance journalist Andy Ngo was also brutally attacked by Antifa anarchists, savagely assaulting the 33-year old conservative reporter, as he attempted to chronicle the demonstrations.

The graphic attack captured on video shows a half-dozen black-clad, masked thugs surrounding the defenseless journalist, when suddenly one of them begins kicking Ngo, seconds later the others join in, punching him in the face, sending him reeling forward, as another thug hurls a “milkshake” laced with caustic quick-drying cement. The brutal attack quickly becomes national news, after reports service that Ngo suffered serious head injuries, requiring hospital care.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz blamed Portland Mayor Wheeler for allowing the domestic terrorist gang to run rampant within the streets of Portland, terrorizing citizens.

“To federal law enforcement: investigate & bring legal action against a mayor who has, for political reasons, ordered his police officers to let citizens be attacked by domestic terrorists,” Cruz tweeted.

Least we forget, prominent media figures and progressive politicians have praised and come to the defense of these terrorist thugs. CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon have defended Antifa on-air. Chuck Todd invited Antifa ideologue Mark Bray on “Meet the Press” to explain why Antifa’s political violence is “ethical.”

The back-story that at times gets lost among all the noise, is that “The Alliance for Global Justice” is funded by a Soros-backed charity called the Tides Foundation, back in 2017 the Foundation funneled over $50,000 to the radical-leftist group, later identified as “Antifa” which used the funds to organize violent demonstrations against conservative speakers appearing on college campuses, one of those was conservative speaker Milo Yiannopoulos, who was forced to cancel his presentation and exit a back staircase at the University of California-Berkeley, as violence broke out.

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