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Transgender Athletes Are Dominating Female Sports

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Transgender Athletes Are Dominating Female Sports

Transgender Athletes Are Dominating Female Sports
October 24
16:25 2019

The pattern has become all too familiar, this time it’s cyclist Rachel McKinnon.

However before I begin please allow me to preface this article by reiterating no one should be discriminated based on race, gender, age, or sexual preference, and by that same rationale, no one should have an unfair advantage based on race, gender, age, or sexual preference.

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This brings us to the predicted demolition of yet another woman’s sport which is the result of that “catch-all” phrase coined by progressives referenced as “DIVERSITY” that now discriminates against natural human biology in favor of scientifically altered biological mutations, identified as transgender.

To fully understand how we got to this growing crisis concerning woman’s sports is to understand the politics that drive it, in that female athletes have unfortunately become “collateral damage” on the altar of diversity, much like those religious symbols and historical monuments that are now being obliterated in the name of political correctness, so too are female athletes.

Last weekend at the Masters Track Cycling World Championships in Manchester, England, transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon continued “her” dominance over the sport. The  37-year-old Canadian first set a world record in qualifying for the 35-39 age category 200-meter sprint, then went on to defend “her” title in the finals, by beating all the female competition.

In an interview with Sky News, former cycling champion Victoria Hood said, “It is not complicated. The science is there and it says that it is unfair. The male body, which has been through male puberty, still retains its advantage; that doesn’t go away. I have sympathy for them. They have the right to do sport but not a right to go into any category they want.”

McKinnon defended “her” position in a press release after hearing about Hood’s remarks, denouncing her of having “an irrational fear of trans women.”

“By preventing trans women from competing or requiring them to take medication, you’re denying their human rights,” McKinnon told Sky News before the event.

Adding, “All my medical records say, female. My doctor treats me as a female person, my racing license says female, but people who oppose my existence still want to think of me as male. … So, if we want to say, that I believe you’re a woman for all of society, except for this massive central part that is sport, then that’s not fair.”

However, as a simple point of fact, the one important piece of the medical record conveniently omitted was McKinnon’s birth certificate which identifies “her” as “male.”

In actuality McKinnon isn’t the issue, “She’s” simply the symptom of a society attempting to recreate the natural order of life within a test tube, hoping to rearrange chromosomes in order to comport with their idea of “DIVERSITY.”

As for that endangered species, the “female athlete” she’s almost gone, and on the brink of extinction.

As evidenced by the following; in 2004 transgender athletes were allowed to compete in the Olympics, only if they had confirmation surgery along with hormone therapy.

However 4-years ago the Olympic committee removed the need for surgery, allowing only testosterone level below 10nmol/L for at least a year before their first competition.

Complicating matters further testosterone levels were supposed to be cut in half prior to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, however because of politics the International Olympic Committee has yet to come to an agreement.

Perhaps the simplest way to publicly acknowledge the devastation concerning female athletes within this new world of “DIVERSITY” is to acknowledge the realities within woman’s sports.

Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard, who was born a man, won the Australian international women’s competition on March 19th.

Hubbard, 39, lifted 591 pounds, nearly 20 pounds more than the woman who won the silver medal by lifting 572 pounds.

Transgender cyclist Jillian Bearden, a 36-year-old biological, male and Colorado Springs native won the women’s division of the El Tour de Tucson in four hours and 26 minutes in November 2016

Transgender volleyball player Tia Thompson, born a male, played with the men’s division of USA Volleyball, or USAV until Thompson was given permission in January to play in the women’s division.

Transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox, born a man, gave his female opponent a concussion and broke her eye socket in 2015.

These are just a few examples of what “DIVERSITY” is doing to woman sports. Perhaps the most devastating has yet to be when young girls in grade school begin to realize their dream of achieving great things in sports has been taken away from them, in the name of “DIVERSITY.”

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  1. thinkr2
    thinkr2 October 28, 15:00

    Doctors can lie, records can lie, so on and so forth.

    Chromosomes don’t lie.

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  2. thinkr2
    thinkr2 October 28, 15:03

    Someone should start “XX Chromosome” Sports.

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