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Unhappy Mexican Voters Drag Mayor Behind Truck

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Unhappy Mexican Voters Drag Mayor Behind Truck

Unhappy Mexican Voters Drag Mayor Behind Truck
October 18
17:31 2019

In the southern Mexican state of Chiapas, political violence is on the rise. A video that  surfaced recently shows residents of the small farming community near Las Margaritas storm into the mayor’s office, bind his hands, hustle him out, tie him to a truck, and drag him through the local streets behind a van.

On the morning of October 9, 2019, residents of Santa Rita Invernadero, armed with sticks and stones, were fed up with broken campaign promises so they acted out their hostility against Mayor Jorge Luis Escandón Hernández. They visited his office in the center of town to demand satisfaction. Evidently, the mayor’s answer was not satisfactory.

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As this video shared on Twitter shows, a group of more than a dozen men forcibly removed the mayor from his office in broad daylight for a good old public shaming with a strong dose of physical punishment. Bystanders shouted and filmed the goings-on as they retreated to a safer distance from the scuffle.

In a second video posted in a Twitter message, the mayor, who had been beaten, can be seen being dragged by his tied hands through the paved streets of Santa Rita, part of Las Margaritas. The caption reads:

“Habitantes de la comunidad Santa Rita Invernadero amarran y arrastran con una camioneta al alcalde de Las Margaritas, Chiapas, Jorge Luis Escandón, a quien exigen proyectos productivos y rehabilitación de un camino.”

In English:

“Inhabitants of the Santa Rita Greenhouse community tie up and drag the mayor of Las Margaritas, Chiapas, Jorge Luis Escandón, with a van, who demand productive projects and rehabilitation of a road.”

Dozens of police officers pursued the black pickup truck with camper cab on the back. Eleven people were arrested in the southern Mexican town with several injured in clashes with officers of the law and are slated to appear before the Prosecutor of the Public Ministry.

Members of several agencies – the State Attorney General’s Office, Secretary of Security, Citizen Protection (SSyPC), and National Guard – are patrolling the streets of Las Margaritas to keep an eye on the explosive situation.

The Mexican mayor reportedly escaped with minor injuries, is safe and sound, and recovering from the ordeal. More law enforcement officers have been dispatched to the troubled area.

Last week’s protest was the second attack made by disgruntled farmers who are tired of waiting for their political leader to act upon his campaign promises.

Four months ago, a group of local men entered the mayor’s office in the town hall when he was absent and trashed it.

Six months ago, Mayor Escandón Hernández had pledged to repair roads and bring drinking water and electricity to his rural community of some 500 people. The place is only accessible by foot, a hike that more than five hours, made worse by the deteriorating roads.

Eight hours after the dust settled, Escandón Hernández made a statement from the central plaza in Las Margaritas:

“The impunity that is part of the corruption that, for many years, allowed leaders and communities to do what they have always wanted to do, is over.”

Agents of the Public Ministry, the Specialized Police, and criminal experts are conducting a thorough investigation to clarify the facts in this case and assign legal responsibility to the perpetrators.

Municipal authorities have charged attempted kidnapping of the politician and reported that at least 30 people have been detained with 20 injured. They claimed that the protestors had damaged the town hall.

The State Prosecutor’s Office, led by Jorge Luis Llaven Abarca, has officially condemned the recent violence in Las Margaritas and reaffirmed his strong commitment to Chiapas to guarantee the rule of law and security throughout the state territory.

About one in 10 people who live in Santa Rita Invernadero is illiterate. Most of the houses there have dirt floors.

Escandón Hernández has said he will press charges of abduction and attempted murder against his assailants.

Ironically, Escandón Hernández was arrested before the mayoral election in Las Margaritas on suspicion of brawling with supporters of the opposition candidate. The future mayor was released for lack of evidence.

Violence against elected representatives comes more often from drug gang members who exert pressure through physical force and threats to ensure cooperation with their criminal activities. As of early October 2019, 23,063 people have been murdered, a number that already surpasses last year’s total of 22,316 homicides.

Mutilated bodies are found routinely on roadsides or in open fields.

With 13 journalists among the slain, the Mexico “surpassed Syria this year to become the deadliest country for journalists, according to the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists – a remarkable figure, since Mexico is not at war.”

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