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Backlash Growing by the Hour Against the New York Times

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Backlash Growing by the Hour Against the New York Times

Backlash Growing by the Hour Against the New York Times
September 19
14:57 2019

The smear campaign waged once again against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh on Sunday, is generating a growing backlash surprisingly among committed progressives.

Take co-host of “The View” Abby Huntsman, explaining Monday why the American public views the media “so low.”

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Adding, “Now we’re in this place where there isn’t a difference, many times, between tabloid news and a “New York Times” article,” Huntsman shared. “And that to me is really sad and frankly, plays right into the President’s hands.”

“When he talks about the media it plays into his base,” she added. “So, New York Times, congratulations. If the President gets re-elected, you are helping him get there.”

Huntsman continued, “Because when you write pieces like this it’s sloppy and it’s lazy. And you have not one name in there that was actually directly involved in anything that happened. That was named in this piece. Not one.”

Then came Whoopi Goldberg’s public condemnation of the Times saying, “However, the article didn’t mention that the female student declined to be interviewed and that her — her friends say she doesn’t recall the incident,” she added. “Now the incident apparently is in the book, and the authors of the book will be here tomorrow, but I guess the question is, who edited the article to go into ‘The Times?’ You know what I mean.”

Goldberg continued while asking if the information was “left out intentionally?”

“It’s a huge fact to leave out if you’re writing a book about this,” replied Meghan McCain.

Goldberg responded that the piece of critical information was in the book, “but it wasn’t in ‘The Times’ article” and now it makes her “wonder.”

“It’s a big thing to leave out of your launching article on your book,” McCain answered.

Over at MSNBC the backlash continued with progressive host Joe Scarborough admitting on air that the Times blew it,  “was a stunning decision to leave that central fact out of an article filled with damning accusations” and pondered if the revision would have occurred if it were not for Fox News commentator and senior editor of The Federalist, Mollie Hemingway, who had an advanced copy of the book, and discovered the omission within the Times article.

NPR media correspondent David Folkenflik also tweeted out after the Times debacle, “One can argue that the failure to remember, given her intoxication, is not dispositive. One can’t argue, however, that that fact didn’t need to be in the Kavanaugh story from the outset.”

Perhaps even more telling regarding the Time’s fall from grace among some progressive news outlets is the stunning revelation that the Washington Post back in 2018 passed on the reconstituted Times article which is now generating the backlash.

A spokesman for the Washington Post acknowledged that the Times article “could not independently corroborate the allegation” and key figures didn’t cooperate.

“The Washington Post last year confirmed that two intermediaries had relayed such a claim to lawmakers and the FBI. The Post did not publish a story in part because the intermediaries declined to identify the alleged witness and because the woman who was said to be involved declined to comment,” the Post reported on Sunday night.

Conservative strategist Chris Barron told Fox News that The Times “has abandoned any pretext of journalistic integrity,” and the revised Kavanaugh story is the latest example.

“It is clear that The Times is indistinguishable from dozens of other left-wing blogs. The White House should treat them — The New York Times — the same way they would Vox or Slate,” Barron said.

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  1. JoeyP
    JoeyP September 20, 19:25

    How come these people haven’t been SUED into POVERTY yet? . . . It’s ABOUT time. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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  2. DrK
    DrK September 20, 21:28

    The press seems to be so committed to print only negative stories about conservatives that they fail to fact check their stories. It seems to be that the news media fails elementary math by believing that the country is predominately liberal. What ever happened to the bell curve? Lets publish the news as it happens not create it NY Times.

    Reply to this comment
  3. Juniper
    Juniper September 21, 01:35

    Talk about Holier than Thou!!!

    Reply to this comment

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