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Blasio Blasted: to end 2020 campaign and resign as mayor

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Blasio Blasted: to end 2020 campaign and resign as mayor

Blasio Blasted: to end 2020 campaign and resign as mayor
September 06
19:16 2019

On September 11th 2001, one of the greatest cities on Earth, showed the world it’s incredible fortitude and resilience during the darkest period of its astounding history, has now become a source of embarrassment for a majority of New Yorkers, regardless of whether they’re Republican or Democrat.

The cause of this universal embarrassment is 2020 Presidential hopeful AWOL Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has the dubious distinction according to a recent Siena College poll, of being the single most unpopular political figure within the entire Empire State, perhaps even within the entire country.

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Which no doubt is the reason why Republican State Assemblyman Mike LiPetri is calling for the no-show mayor to end his failed 2020 Presidential bid along with resigning as mayor of New York City.

Appearing on Fox & Friends on Wednesday, Assemblyman LiPetri said, “We actually care about our dignity and it’s embarrassing right now for New York State and New York City,” adding, “de Blasio’s gone Homelessness is rampant. Criminals are emboldened. Police are disrespected.”

LiPetri referenced a recent New York Post article alleging that the absentee mayor spent a total of 7-hours at city hall for the entire month of May, during his dismal Presidential launch, which thus far has averaged between 0% to 1% approval.

“I’m shocked he even logged that many hours at city hall,” LiPetri said. “Not only should he withdraw from the presidential campaign… but on top of it, he should resign from being mayor because he doesn’t care about the people.”

Which is the one constant theme regardless if you’re progressive, middle-of-the road or conservative, almost every New Yorker believes that de Blasio doesn’t care about the people, only about his political ambitions.

The 29-year old up-state attorney accused de Blasio of running a scam bid for the Presidency to perhaps distract from his countless missteps, corruption and disastrous progressive policies that has rendered New York City as the East Coast version of San Francisco, where illegal aliens are given preferential treatment at the expense of hard working citizens.

“It’s frankly a smokescreen to distract from the poor job he’s doing as mayor,” LiPetri said. “You say he’s campaigning but, at the same time, he’s over in Nevada vacationing on the campaign donations he gets. So which one is it really?”

LiPetri added, “The only time he really unites New York City is for his presidential campaign where everybody agrees that — don’t run, please don’t do this.”

Moreover de Blasio’s biggest failure as mayor is his constant mistreatment of New York’s Finest, those men and woman in blue, who’ve taken an unprecedented pounding for nearly 5-years under his incompetent reign.

Former NYC cop Dan Bongino echoed LiPetri’s criticism of de Blasio’s job performance as mayor.

“These stories make me sick,” Bongino said. “This disgusting, gross, unforgivable anti-cop atmosphere permeating down from the top of New York City is a danger to every cop out there. And what’s even worse about it is the failed communist mayor of New York, de Blasio, he understands it. This is not a dumb guy.”

“He’s not stupid,” Bongino continued. “He understands that using the cops as a whipping boy is a political tactic for him to gain favor amongst his far-left base… With this de facto ‘screw the cops’ attitude… he’s doing it strictly for his own political career.”

“Since Mayor de Blasio has been in office, it’s affected the psychology of the workforce,” Bongino said. “Imagine where we work if every time you came on the air, every single day someone told you… you’re terrible… You’re awful at this. Eventually, you go to work, you’ll show up. You’ll do what you have to do — but you just can’t stand it.”

The constant dehumanization of police officers by de Blasio and his city hall cronies has taken a toll on the rank and file men and woman in blue forcing New York Police Benevolent Association (PBA) President Patrick Lynch to respond to the up-tick of police suicides.

Stating that New York’s Finest is “under siege from all directions,” and demanding that politicians “end the dehumanization and anti-cop rhetoric.”



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  1. CelticNana
    CelticNana September 09, 18:19

    After looking at and listening to the 20-odd Democrats vying against each other to win their party’s nomination, I can only think that there must be a LOT of money to be made by running for President. So many of these candidates are people only a few have heard about. Bernie Sanders must have made a bundle of cash when he opposed Hillary. He’s been able to buy more houses, etc. which he couldn’t afford to buy on his Senate paycheck.

    Reply to this comment
  2. Bill P.
    Bill P. September 09, 19:38

    Okay, this is what your headline says: ‘BLASIO BLASTED: TO END 2020 CAMPAIGN AND RESIGN AS MAYOR’

    This is what your story says: ‘Republican State Assemblyman Mike LiPetri is calling for the no-show mayor to end his failed 2020 Presidential bid along with resigning as mayor of New York City.’

    So our HEADLINE is the bombshell “DiBlasio ends his presidential run and resigns as mayor,” but your actual STORY is the ultra-quotidian “a Republican politician calls for a Democrat to resign.”

    This is – say it with me – FAKE NEWS!

    Just because you believe something really really really a lot does not mean it is news, okay? Cut it out.


    Reply to this comment
  3. Joseph
    Joseph September 09, 20:11

    Time for New York’s finest to come down with a case of the “Blue Flu”. Another tactic would be for the police to start a “ticket writing” campaign and target members of city hall for every little infraction the police can apply.

    Reply to this comment
  4. RandyH
    RandyH September 09, 20:53

    Isn’t this what Democrats tell all who vote for President Trump too “Imagine if every time you came on the air, every single day someone told you… you’re terrible… You’re awful” Vote these Socialist anti-American rich Elite jerks out of office in 2020!!!!!

    Reply to this comment

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