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2020 Candidate Yang Unveils “Universal Income” For All

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2020 Candidate Yang Unveils “Universal Income” For All

2020 Candidate Yang Unveils “Universal Income” For All
September 06
19:11 2019

Democratic hopeful Andrew Yang has devised a scheme or more likely a scam to openly buy votes, under the guise of creating a public policy that would eventually put cash into the hands of every citizen.

However before Yang’s zany Ponzi scam can be actually implemented as a workable policy, he’s first trying it out in the land of OZ, sunny California where harebrained ideas thrive.

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The 44-year old Democratic presidential candidate, entrepreneur, lawyer, and philanthropist has been giving out free money since February from a nonprofit organization located in Stockton, California, as part of some yet to be defined policy.

Recipients receive upwards of $500 a month to spend as they like. One such individual is Susie Garza who uses the extra cash to pay for her cell-phone and to also pay off her veterinarian bills. She also spends the rest of the money on her two grandsons buying them birthday presents online and get other goodies at the neighborhood 7-Eleven.

“I’ve never been able to do that. I thought it was just the coolest thing,” said Garza, who is unemployed and previously was addicted to drugs, though she said she has been sober for 18 years following a stint in prison. “I like it because I feel more independent like I’m in charge. I really have something that’s my own.”

Garza is part of an experiment testing the impact of “universal basic income,” an old idea getting new life thanks to the 2020 presidential race. However, Stockton’s project is billed as an independent one with no connection to any presidential race.

Yet for some unexplained reason, 2020 hopeful Andrew Yang has attached his named to the project.

This apparently differs from the sponsor’s obvious deception, in that Yang has personally proposed a giveaway of $1,000 in cash to every American, saying the payments will shield workers from the pain of certain job losses caused by automation.

The giveaway money scam has obviously gained Yang much needed support among those destitute individuals being used as props, to further his Presidential ambitions. Much like another scammer Sen. Kamala Harris, who also has a money scheme in the works, buying votes, at $500 a month for working families.

In February, the city of Stockton launched the Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration, a pilot program spearheaded by the new 29-year old mayor Michael Tubbs along with Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes.

The program chose 125 people who live in or below the city’s median household income of $46,033. They get the money on a debit card on the 15th of each month.

“I think poverty is immoral, I think it is antiquated and I think it shouldn’t exist,” said Democratic Mayor Michael Tubbs.

Stockton officials do not release the names of the program participants. They arrange interviews with journalists only for those who volunteer to discuss their experiences.

The Stockton experiment runs through July 2020. Researchers expect to release their first round of data this fall, when the presidential campaigns are preparing for the Iowa caucuses and state primaries.

The idea of a guaranteed income dates back to at least the 18th century and has crossed ideological and cultural lines.

Thus far this experiment is from a non-profit entity using private donations, which is entirely up to those individuals and organizations as to who gets the money, and as long as it doesn’t involve taxpayer money there’s no dispute.

Back in the 60’s and 70’s this Ponzi scheme was tried by both Republicans and Democrats attempting to gauge the success of guaranteed government income.

The program failed according to a 1970 New York Times article detailing how some individuals used the money to buy alcohol and expensive gifts, and also going to debt.

Moreover, one needs to ask how is this program any different from our own welfare system where the government subsidizes individuals and families in need?

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  1. CK
    CK September 08, 18:30

    A government income for all citizens? That’s how the Nazi Party came to power. They too bought the election promising cars, vacations and free government benefits to Aryans.
    The Bolsheviks only took power by promising the same things. They just never had anyone to steal the money from. Once voters rely on government, governments can, have, and will do ANYTHING with impunity.

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  2. ME
    ME September 08, 18:47

    Perfect for losers that don’t want to work. Millennial’s are such a bunch of lazy scum bags that need a good bitch slapping!

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  3. Bill P.
    Bill P. September 08, 19:06

    Bah! Who can live on $500 or even $1,000 a month? Chicken-feed!

    Go big – $10,000 a month – or go the **** home!

    Reply to this comment
  4. Pappasiera
    Pappasiera September 08, 19:24

    Uh,,uh,what? Really? No way! Come on your pulling my leg! Before any of you libtards, sheep and follow the leader zombies fall for this remember
    “The Government can not give anyone anything that they have first taken from someone else!”

    Reply to this comment
  5. Amy
    Amy September 08, 20:43

    DemocRATS will say absolutely ANYTHING to win back power. It is all lies…they will deliver on none of it. Unfortunately, their voters are so GULLIBLE and actually believe their garbage. DemocRATS are a bunch of communists.

    Reply to this comment
    • High Treason
      High Treason September 10, 22:30

      At the end of the day you can only consume what you produce. Short term you can live on borrowed money, but eventually it must be repaid – usually under very unfavourable circumstances, like becoming enslaved and losing everything.
      What happens when those still working ever harder- almost slavishly, find themselves worse off than those not contributing? We all know what will happen, don’t we. Just the slightest suspicion that any of the parasites is ungrateful or wants more and it will be tools down in a massive , violent rebellion. Such a collapsed society is brutal in the extreme- not a good time to be alive.

      Reply to this comment
  6. Chastran
    Chastran September 08, 21:09

    Yang’s a lying Dumbascrap. Dumbascrap’s lie. That’s all they do. That’s all they know how to do…

    Reply to this comment
  7. jhowsley
    jhowsley September 08, 22:13

    I am just waiting for some actor or actress to say, “Well if Trump is elected for a second term, I am moving to…uh, uh Hawaii. I will show them.”

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  8. CelticNana
    CelticNana September 09, 17:44

    People need to know that what the Government gives you, it can take away. Do not become dependent on the Government to give money to you because you can’t depend on the Government to keep sending it. Once the Government runs out of the money it gets from other people, those monthly checks will stop. How difficult is it to understand this?

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  9. Roger
    Roger September 10, 03:01

    Nixon (a Republican, remember him?) proposed a negative income tax which would have provided unearned income (sort of like what wealthy Republican trust-fund kids get). Actually the negative income tax was a good idea. A trial was conducted with several different groups of recipients with different progressivity to their negative tax. One group at the end of the year had bettered their living conditions significantly, becoming better off financially and receiving less assistance as a result. It was reported in the Scientific American magazine.

    Reply to this comment
  10. Gerry
    Gerry September 10, 19:48

    It’s the dog eating its own tail. Everyone has more money by their plan and goods and services increase in cost by a commensurate amount….so NO NET GAIN…

    Reply to this comment

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