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The Truth About the Suffering Kids of Transgender Parents

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The Truth About the Suffering Kids of Transgender Parents

The Truth About the Suffering Kids of Transgender Parents
August 29
17:43 2019

When high profile transgender folks such as Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner publically espouse their decisions to become parents, most people call them courageous. That is most people except those who have had to suffer the nightmare of a gender transitioning parent.

Jenner, who has already fathered six biological children and has four stepkids, says he’s “never had the chance to bring a child up in the role of a mother, which [he’s] always dreamed of doing.”

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Another “celebrity” trans-couple, Precious and Myles Brady Davis, who announced in July 2019 that they will soon become parents, said, “We hope once again that through sharing our story individuals are inspired to see that all kinds of families exist in our world and should be celebrated.”

Media outlets, of course, praise these transgender pairs, touting their desires and experiences as vital steps toward normalizing the transgender lifestyle. But what about children who are raised in such environments? Are they celebrating these lifestyle choices?

That is the question asked by Denise Shick, author of “My Daddy’s Secret,” a book about what it was like for her to be a child in the home of a transgender father. Shick writes, “The children of transgender people will have to struggle with the knowledge that their mother is also their father or vice versa. It hurts them. I know, because I was that child, too.”

“Are You My Mother?”

“In 1960, when Random House Books first published P.D. Eastman’s classic children’s book Are You My Mother?, no one would have guessed that a generation later children might be asking that very question of their fathers,” says Shick.

Shick explains that the children of Jenner and the Davis’ and countless other trans-couples will have to struggle with the knowledge that their mother is also their father or vice versa. If the terminology alone is confusing for adults to pin down, imagine what day-to-day life is like for the kids.

What Is Best for The Children?

Shick believes that transgender parents are selfish, and not acting in the best interests of their children. She writes, “These children are often advised to affirm the parent’s new identity or stoically bear the uncomfortable circumstances wreaking havoc in their lives. One 16-year-old teen said he felt as if his dad ‘put him out with the trash’ and ‘rejected’ him because he didn’t agree with his dad’s choice to transition.” She says that this particular young man struggles to this day with self-worth and the rejection of his peers over his dad’s decision.

In seeking out others like herself in researching her book, a young daughter confessed to Shick her “discomfort when her dad wants to play tea party with her because he likes to dress up as a woman. She said, ‘I want my daddy to be my daddy, not a girlfriend.’

Some transitioning fathers send their teen and adult daughters letters, asking for affirmation of their chosen lifestyle. When the daughters express disapproval, the fathers push back with threats to sever contact.

“I know how these children feel,” says Shick, “I lost my dad the day he told me he wanted to become a woman. As I tried to process that revelation, he blindsided me with another. He told me he never wanted to have children.”

Describing her own experience, Shick says the truth is that many children feel shame and embarrassment about their family situation. The pressure to accept or protect the transitioning parent can generate anger, fear, and anxiety, as well as loneliness and feelings of abandonment.

“To my father, my siblings and I were mistakes because our existence did not align with his fantasies,” she explains. “His confessions confused me and hurt me. I wanted a dad who loved and cherished me, who would make me feel special as a daughter. Instead, I felt rejected and abandoned.”

She continues, “My dad created a home environment that made me feel as if I was walking on pins and needles. His resentment over my possession of what he so deeply desired for himself—a woman’s body—turned into anger and abuse.”

In a recent piece in The Federalist, Shick wrote, “Over the years, I’ve talked with many children and teens in counseling sessions. What they have expressed about their situations confirm that my childhood experiences were not unique. When adults pursue transgender fantasies, children suffer. The best interest of children should be placed above any adult’s self-gratifying desire to experiment with parenthood as the opposite sex.”



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  1. razier
    razier September 01, 16:51

    It all sounds very selfish on the parents part & selfish decisions can ruin your life & others. When you become a parent you become a person who must wear many hats & 1 being a teacher. You must decide how,what & why you want to teach that little one. People wonder why all the evil we have & see in this world. People need to stop trying to convince themselves they need to believe & accept lies as truth.

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  2. 개미
    개미 September 01, 20:25

    Call me old-fashioned or conservative, but if someone is born with a male body, he’s a male, and if someone is born with a female body, she’s a female – regardless of gender denial, feelings or confusion. Anything else is out-of-control liberalism.

    Reply to this comment
    • John Abbott
      John Abbott September 01, 23:19

      Well said. These misfits merely want self gratification and are prepared to sacrifice their own children to their fantasies. Shame on them and a pox on them. those who sacrifice their children for self gratification cannot do so in the name of love but lust.

      Reply to this comment
    • Sue
      Sue September 02, 00:43

      It makes me wonder how these trans adults were treated by their parents when they were kids? I noticed that when kids are young and are not raised by moms and days who affirm their true sexes (a father who behaves like a man and a mother who behaves like a woman), then these kids grow up confused and in need of a shrink.

      Reply to this comment
    • baggriff
      baggriff September 02, 16:24

      I can only say ditto in spades.

      Reply to this comment
    • The Burgie
      The Burgie September 03, 21:43

      Don’t make “liberalism”your scapegoat for individuals who want gender reassignment! If it wasn’t a source of profit, it wouldn’t be done! I think that the GREED of the Ultra Conservative Mega Rich is the enabling mechanism driving gender reassignment!

      Reply to this comment

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