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DOJ Report: 64% of all federal arrests are non-citizens

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DOJ Report: 64% of all federal arrests are non-citizens

DOJ Report: 64% of all federal arrests are non-citizens
August 26
16:27 2019

It wasn’t all that long ago when then-candidate Donald Trump was vilified, criticized and dehumanized by Democrats, the mainstream media and even by Republicans for stating in 2015, on the campaign trail “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

Those insightful remarks echoed by the future President better then 4-years ago has finally proven to be accurate, despite creating a huge backlash from the political establishment, which to this day still reverberates with bitter condemnation towards the President, for merely speaking the truth.

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Data just released by the Justice Department confirms that non-citizens make up the bulk of the crime within the United States; almost 65% of all federal arrests in 2018 are non-citizens. Even more astounding this group makes up only 7% of the U.S. population, according to the data released on Thursday.

Moreover, between 1998 and 2018, federal arrests of non-citizens grew by 234%, while federal arrests of U.S. citizens only climbed 10%.

Those staggering statistics proves that the President is correct regarding illegal immigration results in increased crime, immigration experts also point out that migrant apprehensions make up a significant portion of current federal arrests.

Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies explained to the  Washington Examiner, “Experience has taught the immigration agencies and DOJ that this works to reduce recidivism, in other words, when illegal crossers face some more severe consequence than just being sent back home, they don’t keep doing it.”

Despite bitter opposition from the rabid left, including the mainstream media and activist judges attempting to obstruct the President’s constitutional powers. The President is determined to overhaul America’s broken Immigration laws, a hallmark of his administration.

His efforts at beefing up border security and providing additional funding to the Customs and Border Protection have yielded satisfactory results. Federal immigration apprehension climbed more than 50,000 from 2017 to 2018, according to the Justice Department data.

Over the last 20 years over 95% of “increased federal arrests were due to immigration offenses, and more importantly, the data confirms that non-citizens do commit crimes in greater proportions to that of U.S. citizens.

Although non-citizens make up only 7% of the U.S. population, however, are responsible for 64% of all federal arrests, the Justice Department needed a more definitive break down as to the types of arrests being made.

The DOJ compiled a list of the federal infractions and found that 28% of arrests were for fraud, 25% for property arrests, and 24% of all federal arrests for drugs.

The DOJ also identified the top 5-crimes non-citizens were most likely be prosecuted for Illegal re-entry, drugs, fraud, alien smuggling and misuse of visas.

Vaughan continued in her assessment regarding the political climate in Washington, and the reluctance of legislators to actually legislate, choosing instead partisan politics.

“Opponents of immigration enforcement are obsessed with trying to establish that illegal aliens and legal immigrants commit fewer crimes than Americans, and so, as their narrative goes, local law enforcement agencies should not cooperate with ICE and should adopt sanctuary policies.”

Adding, “This is first of all not true, but is off-point and a dangerous conclusion. What these numbers show is that there are certain types of crime that are disproportionately associated with illegal aliens: drug trafficking, certain gang crimes, and identity theft and document fraud.”

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  1. TED
    TED August 27, 18:51

    The punishment should be so severe,that it discourages, and the expense should be paid by the person or country–NOT U.S. CITIZENS.

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  2. Bill P.
    Bill P. August 27, 19:27

    ‘…almost 65% of all federal arrests in 2018 are non-citizens…’

    Unless you’re willing to break this down and show WHAT they’re arrested for, this is a potentially misleading statistic.

    Entering this country without a visa is effectively a misdemeanor (and it’s not always, which makes it that much more complicated). Therefore, if you find out that the vast majority are arrested on suspicion of being here illegally, that’s no proof that they’re all drug-mules and rapists.

    Trump has the tendency to pander – like most politicians do. And he has such an avid fan-base, they spend a lot of their time and effort propping up the things he says, whether they’re valid or not.

    Maybe the majority are felons, real or alleged. But none of these comments one way or the other are very useful and solve no problems. And they definitely don’t serve the truth. Pandering usually doesn’t..

    To me, Trump’s comments are just as spurious as Pelosi trying to say MS-13 members “have a spark of divinity.” No one’s interested in solving the problem, just scoring political points.

    So nothing gets done.

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    • baggriff
      baggriff August 29, 16:03

      The DOJ compiled a list of the federal infractions and found that 28% of arrests were for fraud, 25% for property arrests, and 24% of all federal arrests for drugs.
      So there it is.

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  3. JoeyP
    JoeyP August 27, 23:25

    Thank you Trump for shipping these ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS back where they belong. It should be PERMANENT – they are illegal – they BROKE THE LAW

    Reply to this comment

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