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Stacey Abrams Still Hasn’t Gotten Over Her Loss in Georgia

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Stacey Abrams Still Hasn’t Gotten Over Her Loss in Georgia

Stacey Abrams Still Hasn’t Gotten Over Her Loss in Georgia
August 20
14:55 2019

Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams is whining again. The governor’s race she lost by two points in 2018 was “stolen” from her, she claims.

Thousands of Black voters were denied ready access to the ballot box.  If they’d been allowed to vote, she would have won… or so she insists.

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“Voter suppression” is one the Democratic Party’s biggest rallying cries these days.  It’s not quite a hoax but it’s pretty close.

Black Democrats like Abrams love to conjure up images from the pre-Civil Rights era when African-Americans were intimidated from voting by violence and intimidation.

Nothing like that is happening today.  African-Americans have ample opportunity to vote just like everyone else.

And their election turn-out rates are at a high point, easily on par with those of Whites.

But Democrats still aren’t winning some big races  – and some like Abrams think it’s good politics to blame “Whitey.”

Sure Blacks could vote in even higher numbers.  So could Whites.  So could seniors, youth, Hispanics, the disabled and other demographics – but you won’t hear Abrams screaming about them.

In fact, the Black voting rate in Georgia is among the highest on the country – 59%.  And it surpasses the White voting rate, which is three percentage points lower.  (Who knows, maybe the White vote is being “suppressed”?)

And consider this inconvenient fact:  While Black women voted overwhelming for Abrams, Black men did not.  A good 11% voted for her White opponent, current governor, Brian Kemp, the very man she’s accused of suppressing the Black vote.

In fact, had Black men voted for her in the same numbers Black women did, she would have won.

Abrams is not the only one whining.  Andrew Gillum, the Black candidate for governor in Florida also lost by a small margin.  Predictably, his supporters have also cried “voter suppression.”

But charges of corruption dogged Gillum, and he failed to win Hispanic support.

Those are the real reasons he lost.  It wasn’t “Whitey.”  It was him.

What do these disingenuous claims of “voter suppression” really amount to?

Black Democrats think it’s unfair for states to eliminate people from the voter rolls if they haven’t voted in three consecutive elections.

But that’s largely an anti-voter fraud measure. In some jurisdictions, it may mean that more Black voters than White voters are removed from the rolls; in others, it may disadvantage  Whites (or Hispanics) primarily.

The bottom line:  Blacks should vote regularly– and if necessary, they should re-register to vote. That’s hardly an undue burden.   It applies to everyone.

Critics also complain about long lines at the voting booths in Black dominated districts, which they say also discourages voting.

But Black dominated districts are largely dense urban areas, where everyone also waits longer to vote.  (In fact, early voters may be the most disadvantaged of all).

The real issue plaguing our democracy isn’t voter suppression – it’s voter cynicism and apathy.

A woefully high percentage of people eligible to vote don’t register to do so – at least 40% — and a high percentage of registered voters don’t actually vote, especially in “off-year” elections.

In fact, if any one group is missing from today’s voter rolls, it’s young voters, 18-25.  Their registration and turn-out rates are by far the lowest of any demographic.

Judging from the 2016 election, voter turnout rates for all groups, including youth, are beginning to inch up.  That’s good news.    However, more can be done.

Getting more local DMVs and other government offices to encourage voter registration is one good step.   Permitting automatic voter registration online is another.  And if more voting centers are needed, by all means provide them.

But ultimately it is up to both parties – and society as a whole — to offer more compelling reasons for voters to think that their vote actually matters.

This is a universal issue and should concern us all.  Democrats like Abrams that continue to spread “fake news” about Black voter suppression are distorting the issue for partisan gain – and it’s clearly not working.

Rather than broadening their appeal, it will continue to polarize the electorate and consign Democrats to one high-profile defeat after another.

About Author

Stewart L

Stewart L

Stewart Lawrence is a trained sociologist and political scientist and a regular columnist for the Washington Times and the Federalist. He is also a former feature contributor to Inside Philanthropy, Counterpunch and the Huffington Post. In 2012 and 2016, he covered the US presidential election campaign for the conservative news magazine Daily Caller. His work has also appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Christian Science Monitor and Washington Post. He is currently working on a book about the politics of US immigration policy.

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  1. Gerry
    Gerry August 22, 18:15

    Automatic voter registration by the state DMV can cause a lot of problem. Here in Oregon, since the legislature allowed illegal aliens to get drivers licenses…more than a few illegal aliens have been registered to vote…state assisted voter fraud.

    Reply to this comment
  2. Wisewolf
    Wisewolf August 22, 19:16

    Stacy it seems you and Hillary have a common thread, no one wanted you to win. Her first thing was to was to whip out the old, tired, beat up “Race Card” and whine about voter suppression. Face it lady, you lost, so just slither back into your hole and suck it up.

    Reply to this comment
    • Defiant One
      Defiant One August 23, 15:03

      … they have this in common also: they are both ole, ugly, commie political whores! The salt and pepper of deceit, lies, thirst for power! FUK them both!

      Reply to this comment
  3. Manyo
    Manyo August 22, 20:13

    This woman is one of the ugliest females both in person and her character that I have ever seen. Kamilla Harris has named her as a possible running mate. Two donkeys from the same stable. Would love to see it.

    Reply to this comment
    • Gentlemaniac
      Gentlemaniac August 23, 00:16

      What is scary is that there are people who think if Joe Biden gets the Dem nomination, HE should choose Stacey Abrams as his VP. That would certainly guarantee a Trump reelection.

      Reply to this comment

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