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Anti-Semitic Duo Barred From Entering Israel

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Anti-Semitic Duo Barred From Entering Israel

Anti-Semitic Duo Barred From Entering Israel
August 16
18:12 2019

The two most vocal anti-Semitic Democratic legislators within congress have been denied entrance to the Jewish State, according to an official government source.

At first it was assumed that U.S. Reps. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., and Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., would be allowed entry into the country as scheduled for this upcoming weekend.

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The news denying the duo entry came just before noon on Thursday from Israel’s deputy foreign minister Tzipi Hotovely, despite prior assurances that the congresswomen would be allowed in.

However upon deliberation regarding the pair’s anti-Semitic rants, combined with the Presidents steadfast support of Israel’s new law denying entry to anyone who supports the pro-Palestinian boycott dubbed “Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Movement” which would in effect target U.S. companies doing business with Israel for the sole purpose of economically destabilizing the country for the purpose of eventually delegitimizing the Jewish State as an economic force.

Hotovely’s official statement in denying both Omar and Tlaib read, “Israel has decided we won’t enable the members of Congress to enter the country. We won’t allow those who deny our right to exist in this world to enter Israel. In principle, this is a very justified decision.”

The conclusion confirms earlier reports that Israeli officials were leaning in that direction. Earlier Thursday, President Trump even publicly prodded Israel to stand firm in blocking Omar and Tlaib.

Trump had tweeted out early Thursday morning, hours before Israel’s official announcement.

“It would show great weakness if Israel allowed Rep. Omar and Rep. Tlaib to visit. They hate Israel and all Jewish people, and there is nothing that can be said or done to change their minds. Minnesota and Michigan will have a hard time putting them back in office. They are a disgrace!”

The repercussion from 2020 Democrats following Israel’s decision to ban the anti-Semitic duo was swift and predictable

First up was Socialist Bernie Sanders perhaps hoping to revitalize is faltering campaign, “Banning Congresswomen Omar and Tlaib from entering Israel and Palestine is a sign of enormous disrespect to these elected leaders, to the United States Congress, and to the principles of democracy.”

Adding, “The Israeli government should reverse this decision and allow them in.”

Next came presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren, “Israel doesn’t advance its case as a tolerant democracy or unwavering US ally by barring elected members of Congress from visiting because of their political views,” Warren tweeted, saying it would be “shameful” and “unprecedented.

However, Israel’s newly crafted legislation barring individuals supporting the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement is clear.

Moreover, someone like Rep. Omar should especially not be admitted into the country, because she not only supports the pro-Palestinian boycott, she actually took the unprecedented step of crafting a resolution in Congress supporting the right to boycott Israel.

She then doubled-down supporting her measure for boycotting Israel by stating that the Jewish State is like Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

According to the Washington Post, the Israeli Prime Minister faced considerable pressure from House Democrats along with several U.S.-based Israel advocacy groups to allow the two Muslim congresswomen into the country despite their obvious disdain for Jews.

The private non-government trip was scheduled to run from  Aug. 18th thru the 22.  The two lawmakers were planning to travel to the Palestinian cities of Bethlehem, Hebron and Ramallah and spend time in Jerusalem and meet with both Israeli and Palestinian civil society groups, humanitarian workers and young people and see one of the East Jerusalem hospitals affected by recent cuts in U.S. aid to the Palestinians.

Which no doubt would have been a public-relations bonanza for the two anti-semites once they returned back to the U.S., in condeming  the Trump adminstration,

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  1. Faye
    Faye August 19, 18:13

    Very intelligent decision!!!

    Reply to this comment
  2. JoeyP
    JoeyP August 19, 19:03

    They got exactly what they deserved . . . except they needed a jail sentence as soon as they landed in Israel. They don’t want their hate and vitriol in Israel, either . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    Reply to this comment
  3. Wisewolf
    Wisewolf August 19, 19:47

    I am glad that Israel didn’t allow them in, come to find out they were being funded by a terrorist organization and intended to meet with them in Gaza, that was the icing on the cake.

    Reply to this comment
  4. Jimboy
    Jimboy August 19, 20:19

    Shows you how messed up Cities are, now they are voting for these people who are trouble makers and allowing them to go to Congress and work for you. People have to smarten up and not vote for these type people, in Michigan, Mn, and other muslim states.

    Reply to this comment
  5. baggriff
    baggriff August 20, 15:50

    For the 2 of them, U.S. Reps. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., and Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich. need to understand you get more done with honey than you do with vinegar! The words you say need to be sweet because you might have to eat all of them!

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