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Joe Biden Claims There Are ‘At Least 3’ Genders

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Joe Biden Claims There Are ‘At Least 3’ Genders

Joe Biden Claims There Are ‘At Least 3’ Genders
August 15
15:47 2019

At a recent campaign stop, Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden claimed there are more than two genders. But then he seemed to go into “grumpy old man” mode, when he blew up at a young woman at the event who pressed him on the question.

“There are at least three,” Biden told the Iowa college student at the Iowa State Fair, after she asked him how many genders he believes exist. Then after the young woman continued and asked the gaffe-prone candidate to explain what those three were, Biden grew heated. The former Veep could be seen on a video of the interaction posted to Twitter last week, harshly saying, “Don’t play games with me, kid…”

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Moments later, he grabbed the questioner’s arm and pulled her toward him to emphasize his history of support for same-sex marriage, saying to her, “By the way, first one to come out for marriage was me!”

The student was a field organizer for Turning Point USA, a group for right-wing college students.

Biden obviously lost his cool, and it probably was not such a good idea for him to grab the young woman to make his point. The former Vice President has been criticized for multiple incidents of inappropriately touching girls and women.

And, this incident comes on the heels of multiple verbal stumbles and gaffes on the campaign trail recently, including his statement last week that “poor kids are just as bright, just as talented, as white kids.”

Yet, Biden continues to be the front runner in polls of Democrats, especially those that ask: “who do you think is the 2020 candidate who has the best shot at defeating Trump.”

Maybe they had better start to rethink that – or maybe they shouldn’t. I seem to remember the Democrats talking about another “high-profile” candidate, who would have no trouble whatsoever destroying Trump in a general election!

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  1. Star
    Star August 17, 18:20

    Maybe Biden think that gays are a gender

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  2. Amy
    Amy August 17, 19:07

    There is nothing worse than an old demented man like Joe Biden continuing to make a fool of himself! He will NEVER be president…unless it’s president of the nursing home ward he belongs in.

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  3. Wisewolf
    Wisewolf August 17, 20:49

    Gaffing Joe will always find a way to shoot himself in the rear, or shove his foot in his mouth time after time.

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  4. Sue
    Sue August 17, 22:57

    I find it totally laughable that this piece about Biden appeared in this conservative online news outlet called Dim Wit Politics! If their objective is to showcase all dimwitted politicians, then they are doing a fabulous job! Keep it up so that we deplorables get updated on how stupid these 2020 dummies are!

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  5. John Abbott
    John Abbott August 18, 00:02

    Joe Biden should explain the ‘Surgender’ in the long list of over 132 genders they have identified (they – the loony left, ‘Surgender’ is tyhe gender that has 100% of one thing and a little left over for something else??? Huh?? A little left over from 100%? Wheres the maths?

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  6. Nick
    Nick August 18, 02:18

    I am so excited for CUJ to be the Dems candidate. Can you imagine all the ammunition that Trump is stocking up on right now for their debates. This is one giant round. 3 or more genders. Ha!

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