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Judicial Watch sues California over law mandating release of tax returns

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Judicial Watch sues California over law mandating release of tax returns

Judicial Watch sues California over law mandating release of tax returns
August 09
19:26 2019

Even the then Governor of California Jerry Brown aka “Moonbeam” realized through his Legislative Counsel that the law he was purposing during the 2017-18 legislative session “would be unconstitutional if enacted.”

In fact just before leaving office Brown noted, the unconstitutional law sets a “slippery slope” precedent. However that didn’t stop his predecessor Governor Newsom from ignoring fellow progressive Brown’s warning, by knowingly signing into law an unconstitutional provision requiring Presidential candidates on primary ballots to release their tax returns or be denied placing their name on the ballot in the Golden State.

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However as quickly as Newsom authored his version of Brown’s law, Judicial Watch was there on Monday filing a federal lawsuit against the state on behalf of four California voters to block the law’s implementation.

At the time this egregious plan by former Governor Brown was purposed, his legal counsel advised him that if the law were actually implemented it could forcibly pave the way for other types of documents from presidential candidates

“Today we require tax returns, but what would be next?” Brown asked at the time. “Five years of health records, a certified birth certificate? High school report cards, and will these requirements vary depending on which political party is in power?”

Brown apparently realizing the political risks involved, and perhaps more importantly the unconstitutionality of the law quickly dropped the matter before bowing out.

In stepped Newsom, a more radical and vindictive politician attempting to willfully obstruct the election process by creating much like his counterpart in New York City, a piece of fraudulent legislation designed only to harass one individual President Trump.

The bogus law if left unchallenged would force those who wish to appear on California’s March 3, 2020 presidential primary ballot to publicly disclose their tax returns for the last 5-years, turning them over to California’s secretary of state by November 26th.

The lawsuit filed by Tom Fitton President of Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group which has filed countless federal lawsuits against government agencies, forcing them through the “Freedom of Information Act,” to be more transparent, in releasing documents on behalf of the American people.

Fitton in filing the lawsuit noted the plaintiffs were ideologically diverse; two Republicans, one Democrat and one Independent.

The federal complaint states; “No state or federal law has ever mandated that presidential candidates disclose their tax returns to qualify or appear on a ballot. The voluntary release of presidential candidate’s tax returns is a recent, and partial, phenomenon, not-withstanding a current media narrative suggesting otherwise.”

Fitton also contends the “nonpartisan concern” is “about the state running roughshod and attempting to amend the Constitution on its own.”

Adding, “California politicians, in their zeal to attack President Trump, passed a law that also unconstitutionally victimizes California voters. It is an obvious legal issue that a state can’t amend the U.S. Constitution by adding qualifications in order to run for president.”

Newsom facing the realization that he will be challenged in the courts attempted to spin the facts arguing that California is “well within its constitutional right” to require the tax returns, issuing statements from three attorneys arguing the same.

“SB 27, which requires that presidential candidates disclose tax returns, is constitutional. It does not keep any candidate from being on the ballot so long as he or she complies with a simple requirement that is meant to provide California voters crucial information,” wrote University of California, Berkeley law school dean Erwin Chemerinsky. “This is the state acting to make sure that its voters have information that might be very important to them when they cast their ballots as to who they want to be President of the United States.”

However Judicial Watch clearly disagrees, with Fitton noting “the courts can’t stop this abusive law fast enough.”

For those individuals still in doubt, the U.S. Constitution, under Article II, Section 1 imposes only three eligibility requirements on persons seeking the Presidency. Age limitation of 35 or older, residency requirement of 14-years living in the United States, and citizenship, the individual must either have been born on U.S. soil or (if born overseas) to at least one parent who is a citizen.

There is noting within the Founding Documents that requires an individual to disclose his tax returns, regardless what bogus law Newsom comes up with, even “Moonbeam” realized the “slippery slope,” regarding that law.

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  1. JoeyP
    JoeyP August 13, 02:33

    What did you expect from the “Left” coast of California?!? . . . Sanity? Anything making sense? Uh . . . NO, not from Left Wing Liberals. You can’t play a winning hand in “Political” poker when you’re not playing with a full deck. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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  2. baggriff
    baggriff August 13, 15:09

    How much more money will this cost the tax payers of California? These People do not see the money wasted as money out of the tax payer’s pocket and not theirs.

    They just keep skinning the cat!!!
    As I and others are the cat we just do not care for it!!!!

    Reply to this comment
  3. JA
    JA August 15, 17:12

    It would seem if a law like this goes through by some miracle..what stops the federal government from having an electronic vote..set something up to bypass the state and do the voting online…have the voting areas in federal establishments…so people dont have to go to a local site.

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