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White House: Dems fundraising off mass shooting carnage

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White House: Dems fundraising off mass shooting carnage

White House: Dems fundraising off mass shooting carnage
August 07
16:59 2019

Once again unhinged Democrats have overplayed their hypocritical hand, first by a profanity laced tirade against the President moments after a deranged individual open fired in a Walmart parking lot then entering the store continuing his murderous rampage.

The pack of 2020 contenders immediately took to social media, and also appeared on various news broadcasts to vilify the President as a “white supremacist, a bigot, and a racist,” and then immediately began fundraising off of the duel tragedies, even before the dead were identified.

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Moreover true to form, the mainstream media purposely ignored the ghoulish practice by most all of the 2020 contenders, feeding off the dead bodies of those innocent victims massacred.

However White House advisor Kellyanne Conway, appearing early Tuesday morning on “Fox & Friends,” revealed just how 2020 Presidential Democrats are using the duel tragedies to actually fundraise off, sending out mailers to their supporters asking for donations, that took the life of 31 individuals and wounded scores of others.

Conway appearing outside the White House, lit into the pack of presidential hopefuls saying, “There is a huge difference … between running your mouth and running for President, and being the President and trying to bring together a nation.”

She continued, “The President did not respond in kind. They politicized this over the weekend. They all blamed him and I want to name and shame them now. … Do they want to be President? He is the President. And he is trying to bring the country together and have bipartisan, bicameral steps.”

The 52-year old White House advisor noted the double standard that exists, however never acknowledged by the mainstream media, one such glaring example is how Republicans’ handle gun violence versus Democrats’.

Conway specifically referenced the 2017 congressional baseball practice shooting, which left then-House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., near-death and fighting for his life.

The gunman was quickly taken down by security, and later upon investigation was found to be a supporter of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

“When Bernie Sanders’ supporter … shot up Steve Scalise who was within inches of his life, and others on that baseball field two years ago, we didn’t run out and say that he was hunting down Republicans and that he was a Bernie Sanders supporter,” Conway said. “We were worried about Steve Scalise’s life being saved. That was absolutely the darkest day in this White House in its first year in my opinion.”

Conway then cited a more recent example of the bias and double standard that exists stating when “some evil, twisted, depraved lunatic was trying” to attack an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention center in Washington state last month. Conway said the attacker was “quoting the exact language” that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., had been using.

Adding, “We didn’t blame her.”

She then referenced former President Barack Obama’s comments regarding the weekend tragedies, stating, “No one blamed him for Newtown, Conn., and he had his opportunity to go heal the nation.”

With all due respect to firebrand Kellyanne Conway, who always has the President’s back, her comments are intended for a reasonable, well adjusted individuals who believe in fair-play. Democrats are the complete opposite of that analogy, and I suspect Conway knows that.

Still, for the benefit of those few brain-dead individuals, it’s always worthwhile reminding them of how rabid and morally repulsive this new breed of Democrat has become.

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  1. baggriff
    baggriff August 08, 16:48

    This is a National Socialists plan!

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  2. A woman who cares!
    A woman who cares! August 09, 12:50

    Why talk about Ms Conways lies? She is not relevant. She is a waste of good constructive conversation. She says lots of words with no meaning

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  3. Defiant One
    Defiant One August 09, 18:41

    They know what they’re doing; unfortunately the sheeple of the Right refuse to acknowledge their evil plan that is working to a tee! WTFU!
    Don’t believe a word of this Leftist propaganda!! I’ll maybe, just maybe believe it if I heard it on tape! More gun-control ploy incorporated from the NWO-FBI/LAW(LESS) ENFORCEMENT! This will be the last we hear of this leftist killing stooge – bet on it!

    As I repeatedly said… there will be more, and more, and more of these NWO-FBI PERPETRATED GUN-CONTROL MASS SHOOTINGS! Right away we know that the most likely brain controlled lackey was a WHITE man with an AK-47 It couldn’t be more obvious to anyone with half a brain and an ounce of common sense! The NWO propagandist fake-news will carry out their marching orders and feature this orchestrated devilment for the next several days calling for the removal of guns from the dumb-(m)asses! They are going to continue until they have the sheeple terrorized into giving up their only defense against the Godless, Satan worshiping, power-mad NWO-elitist ghouls posing as DemocRATS/Progressives; the sad reality is that this devilish strategy is working! No my fellow “AMERIKANS”, your being played like fools as most of you brainwashed, PC bullied, dumb-downed, drugged-up, sheeple will go along with their program! I say BS – REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, Armr===========================? – – – – – – – – – , we’ll be needing them against Them! Sorry but the truth hurts and this is the truth, so help me God! There will be more.. and more… and more…

    Divide the races, the rich and poor, the religious and ungodly, blur the sexes so their aren’t any, my Lord when are the sheeple ever going to understand the perilous situation – NEVER, too busy and don’t want to be bothered – SICKENING!!

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  4. Joseph
    Joseph August 09, 18:54

    Don’t forget, the shooter in Dayton, Ohio was a registered Democrat. And the Steve Scalise shooter at the softball game was also a Democrat.

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