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Witness: State Rep. Erica Thomas lied

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Witness: State Rep. Erica Thomas lied

Witness: State Rep. Erica Thomas lied
July 26
18:07 2019

At first I was reluctant to revisit what appears to be an irrelevant story, in that these types of meaningless spats at supermarkets are commonplace, and if it wasn’t for the fact that an elected official decided to go public, not once, not twice but three times, with her assertions this nonsensical confrontation would have passed unnoticed.

However, this Georgia Democratic lawmaker decided to turn a meaningless spat into the political theater by latching on to the now-infamous “go back home” chant by Trump supporters at the President’s recent rally.

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Claiming that a shopper verbally accosted her, and telling her to “go back where you came from.”

However witnesses have just come forward rebuking Thomas’ assertions, and in fact claim, it was Thomas who told the male shopper to “go back where you came from.”

If indeed proven, that Thomas lied, recklessly setting into motion a national outcry by unhinged leftists as proof-positive that conservatives, Trump supporters are all closet “white supremacist,” when in fact State Rep. Erica Thomas abused her elected office by perpetrating a dangerous hoax, using social media, and the press to gin-up resentment toward white people.

However the double-edged sword of seeking publicity can cut both ways, and for Thomas it did, when she decided to continue her hoax by calling for a press conference in front of the supermarket days after the initial dust-up, however what lawmaker Thomas wasn’t prepared for was uninvited guest Eric Sparkes “crashing” her scheduled press conference, to tell his side of the story on national TV.

Once confronted on TV by Sparkes, the Georgia legislator was forced in walking back her most damaging claim regarding her “go back home” allegation, which then became a “he said, she said,” controversy until a witness came forward to debunk totally Thomas’ claim, and then dropped a bombshell claiming that it was Thomas not Sparkes who made the “go home” remark.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a police report documented a witness’s testimonial who claimed they watched the altercation between state Rep. Erica Thomas and Eric Sparkes.

The paper goes on to report that a Publix employee told a Cobb County deputy that she witnessed Thomas “continuously tell Eric Sparkes to ‘Go back where you came from,’ but not from Sparkes.

The employee also reportedly told the police, “Mr. Sparkes began to leave, but Ms. Thomas kept ‘running her mouth’ as she approached him.”

Thomas reportedly told police that Sparkes ran up to her “with clenched hands in such a manner that he made me fearful for the safety of myself and my daughter.”

However, the deputy indicated in his report that Sparkes, a Cuban Democrat, “did not appear to be irate, nor did I see him with clenched hands” in security camera footage he viewed.

The eye witness account of what actually transpired between Thomas and Sparkes is perhaps the only accurate account of what took place. This brings us back to the initial confrontation and Thomas’ continuous publicity campaign of race-baiting and smearing whites in general, by her continued referencing within her tweets and tearful video posts.

“I decided to go live because I’m very upset because people are getting really out of control with this, with this white-privilege stuff,” she said. “I’m at the grocery and I’m in … the aisle that says ’10 Items or Less.’ Yes, I have 15 items, but I’m nine months pregnant and I can’t stand up for long, and this white man comes up to me and says, ‘You lazy son of a b—h… You need to go back where you came from.'”

Thomas is a powerful elected official who attempted to create a hostile environment for political expediency against a segment of the population, for no other reason than to continue the Democratic agenda of racial division, an egregious act that might have had serious repercussions.

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  1. Glid51
    Glid51 July 28, 18:59

    What a bunch of dimwit stores by the republican dimwits. The name is fitting for the Republican Party.

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    • FedUp
      FedUp July 28, 21:28

      Go crawl back under your rock Troll!

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    • jcb
      jcb July 29, 22:39

      Glid51, you again add nothing to the discussion, don’t refute the facts or produce comments from others. The story is correct as is, and again we know who is dividing the country.

      Reply to this comment
  2. lexie
    lexie July 28, 19:27

    Obviously it doesn’t bother you at all that your president has rallies where he “gins up” the crowd with the racist rhetoric he spews daily. Doesn’t bother you that your president is backed by White Nationalist. Why would that be? Maybe because you all want what you consider a “white-only” country, or at the least to put those “other” people back where they were prior to the civil rights movement. Jesus Christ wouldn’t be allowed into this country if he showed up today. He isn’t white.

    Reply to this comment
  3. Defiant One
    Defiant One July 28, 22:52

    Leftist A$$-HOLES such as Glid51 have SH!T for brains; their ilk are suicidal, useful idiots aiding and abetting in their own demise but are too stupid to know this!

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