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Trey Gowdy: ‘Nobody cares what Congress does’

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Trey Gowdy: ‘Nobody cares what Congress does’

Trey Gowdy: ‘Nobody cares what Congress does’
July 19
18:43 2019

It was assuredly the most astute observation by former congressman Trey Gowdy regarding the growing dysfunction of House Democrats, who’ve abandoned any pretext of legislating in favor of investigating.

Gowdy’s assessment that House Democrats are “feckless and irrelevant” came in response on Wednesday, when disgruntled House lawmakers voted to hold Attorney General William Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in criminal contempt of Congress, for ignoring yet another self-serving subpoena concerning this time census issue.

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“Barr is ostensibly being held in contempt for not turning over documents he has no legal obligation to turn over. In fact, it would be against the law to do so,” Gowdy said on “The Story with Martha MacCallum.”

Ironically these are the same House Democrats who also subpoenaed the Attorney General because he refused to provide them classified materials, in regards to the Mueller probe that “under the law” he’s also prohibited to provide, which gives you an idea how deranged House Democrats have become since 2016.

This latest fiasco took place on Wednesday when House Democrats voted to hold Barr and Ross in criminal contempt, saying they were stonewalling congressional probes into the Trump administration’s efforts to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census.

Think about that for a moment, in that the issue regarding the citizenship question was actually the Obama Administration removing that particular question that had been in place since 1970. President Trump is simply restoring that question.

However the resentment regarding the census issue is simply another example of how desperate Democrats are in amplifying every issue with their real agenda of somehow impeaching the President.

Gowdy continued his analysis regarding House lawmakers who arbitrary hold certain individuals (because of their political ideology), in contempt of Congress no longer matters, especially when House leaders such as the Speaker willfully violate their own House Rules.

“Nobody cares what Congress does. What we saw yesterday — they can’t even enforce their own House rules against their own members. So, there used to be a stigma attached to being held in contempt of Congress. There ain’t no more,” Gowdy said. “So, I would tell Bill Barr, ‘Your reputation as an incredible lawyer is intact. Don’t give it another thought.”

The former South Carolina GOP congressman acknowledged that Ross could have given a better argument for reinstating the citizenship question.

“With respect to Wilbur Ross on the census, I think the administration mishandled it and they do have some explaining to do,” Gowdy said. “It’d be nice to explain it in front of a fair jury that has not already made up its mind, but when 60 Democrats vote to impeach you before Special Counsel Robert Mueller has issued a single consonant or vowel in his report, that ain’t a fair jury.”

Moreover a prime example of how rabid House Democrats have become is to simply witness what has transpired within the last 78-hours, regarding dysfunctional, ant-American House members, called out publicly by the President for their shameful comments.

The response by the House leadership was predictable at first; however within a few hours it began to take on a life of its own with Speaker Pelosi conflating the Presidents tweet by purposely miscategorizing what he said.

Turning his remarks into a racial slur and forcing congress to officially rebuke the Presidents statement, and into another “made-for-TV” floor fight, in which the Speaker was reprimanded for violating her own rules.

This fiasco once again lit a fuse under Rep. Al Green’s derrière, who has been calling for impeachment the moment the last ballot was counted in 2016, giving Trump the Presidency.

Green wasted little time on Wednesday, setting aside a resolution to introduce articles of impeachment against the President, which once again was defeated by a vote of 332-95.

However don’t look for House Democrats to actually begin doing the people’s business, they’re to busy devising ways to undermine the President.

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  1. KEITH B
    KEITH B July 22, 18:23

    Why comment, Trey was absolutely correct. The Democrats have had only 1 agenda – Impeach.

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  2. Rick
    Rick July 22, 18:25

    Congress is a sham. They are legit only by the votes that got them elected, otherwise, they are a group of idiots with an agenda. That is, to try and destroy Trump so they can get back to destroying America.

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    • TED
      TED July 22, 18:38


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      • Nrll
        Nrll July 22, 19:19

        Gowdy, the Republican Party became totally “feckless and irrelevant” when they allowed McConnell to flex his racist comments that his only job was to see that President Obama be a one term president. From that moment there has been nothing done in DC to support the citizens that put them in office. It is amazing how they can bellow about others actions but never address their own actions during the eight years of nothingness and obstruction during the prior administration. Now they let the devil himself destroy this country and its citizen as they coward in the corner only to show their face to kiss the devils rear-end in fear of losing a paycheck/position. Whats a paycheck/position if you lose your dignity and morality (soul) trying to get/keep if.

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      • GilaCamper
        GilaCamper July 22, 19:52

        Agreed, there are any number that are totally incompetent serving at this time. Elected by totally incompetent voters.

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    • GilaCamper
      GilaCamper July 22, 19:49

      Agreed !!

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  3. Bill P.
    Bill P. July 22, 19:38

    ‘…the growing dysfunction of House Democrats…’

    That’s not what Gowdy was saying. He said “no one cares what CONGRESS does,” period. The party in charge is not really a factor.

    When the GOP was in charge they were equally dysfunctional, and really for the same reason: Congress is not going to do anything “radical” that might endanger incumbent reelection. Getting re-elected is the main object – actually governing is a distant second as far as priority.

    And you can scream about this handful of radical freshmen Dems with no actual power all you like, they have very little to do with public perception except in the kinds of Trump partisans.

    If you pay attention to the MSM, “the Squad” is rarely actually mentioned except in the context of some Trump tweet.

    Trump partisans being maybe 40% of voters, this isn’t the primary concern of the majority, and they pay little attention to them.

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    • GilaCamper
      GilaCamper July 22, 19:57

      This government is a complete circus. A real bunch of clowns. No common sense. Some very wild ideas.

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    • Doc
      Doc July 22, 22:38

      No, I think he said Congressional Democrats are “…feckless and irrelevant” (meaning no one cares as they have no care to what the populace is thinking who are disregarding them). I think you are correct though about priorities.

      But I think you’re wrong about the Squad’s impact. They are attempting radicalization of the conversation regardless if what you say, in that they are introducing legislation along socialist lines, to the point that prospective candidates have mostly endorsed their views, instilling those views into national correspondence–hardly having “no actual power.”

      As for the 40%, I don’t know from where you derived that number, probably from aged minimalist polls, balanced against a nonexistent “majority” that you say does not pay attention to “this 40%” (again, without facts to back it up, making you a parrot).

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  4. Defiant One
    Defiant One July 22, 19:57

    WTFU, REVOLUTION will be the only SOLUTION – guaranteed!

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