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Colorado State: Avoid Saying ‘America’ and ‘Americans’

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Colorado State: Avoid Saying ‘America’ and ‘Americans’

Colorado State: Avoid Saying ‘America’ and ‘Americans’
July 19
18:31 2019

The PC Police are at it again, regarding what to say, and how to say it. Aside from those “FREE SPEECH ZONES” on campuses where a student is limited to express himself within a designated area, and perhaps for a limited time during the day, we how have Colorado Statute University mandating though their “Inclusive Language Guide” what words are appropriate and what words are offensive.

And it appears that one of the leading words to avoid is “AMERICA” and or “American.” However there are other offensive words according to Colorado Statute University, such as “handicap parking,” “male,” and “female,” along with many other common words and phrases, that should also be.

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The university claims that “American” is a non-inclusive word that should be avoided.

The veiled censorship by the “Inclusive Language Guide” instituted by the schools “Inclusive Communications Task Force” lists certain words and phrases to avoid.

However, one word that seems to appear all over their “manifesto” at the politically correct Colorado Statute University is the word “inclusive” as if repeating the same word over and over again within their promotional literature would somehow convince anyone they’re actually “inclusive” after reading their lengthy list of innocuous words.

The so-called “Task Force” lists certain words and phrases to avoid while providing replacements in an effort to help “communicators practice inclusive (there’s that word again), language and help everyone on its campus feel welcomed, respected, and valued.”

However aside from trampling on the First Amendment, regarding an individual’s right to express themselves, Colorado Statute University has somehow decided that “American” and “America” are non-inclusive words to be “avoided,” due to the fact that America encompasses more than just the U.S.

The skewed claims that one “erases other cultures and depicts the United States as the dominant American country.” The school suggests using “U.S. citizen” or “person from the U.S.” as substitutes.

There’s no doubt someone within this university has been thinking long and hard in how to obliterate common speech in identifying the obvious, with some progressive conflation of those facts, in that America is the most “dominant” country on Earth, and no amount of PC word games will change that fact.

The other absurdity being put forth by the university is, of course, gendered words and phrases, such as “male, “female,” “ladies and gentlemen,” and “Mr./Mrs./Ms,” all of which must be avoided.

The “inclusive” guide says “Male and female refers to biological sex and not gender. In terms of communication methods (articles, social media, etc.), we very rarely need to identify or know a person’s biological sex and more often are referring to gender.”

Which leaves one to ponder how would you address someone within a formal letter or correspondent…perhaps “Hey you” would be an appropriate salutation?

The university also recommends that referencing a heterosexual as “straight” is another no, no. In that straight implies that anyone LGBT is ‘crooked’ or not normal,” and says to use the word “heterosexual” instead.

However one might argue that a recent Gallup poll estimates that on average 23% of Americans are either gay or lesbian, however, that estimates many times higher than the 3.8% of the adult population who identified themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender in Gallup’s daily tracking. Therefore the word “normal” may indeed be a relative term.

What’s actually taking place in “AMERICA’S” universities is a concerted effort by the progressive establishment to obliterate history, change traditional values, and precepts to comport with their vision of a homogenized society void of individualism and free thought.

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  1. Phil in TX
    Phil in TX July 20, 18:49

    This is messed up on so many levels. If anyone told me these kinds of things I would politely tell them to “buzz off”.

    Phil in TX

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    • Magic finger
      Magic finger July 20, 19:14

      I like Phil. I’m 71, have never given a shit about being politically correct and I don’t give a rats ass if my comments offend some tree huger, liberal, pinko, commie a-hole. They and those morons that have to take their “support” animal into businesses need to stay home. They are too fragile to be out among normal people (ooooh, he said normal).

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    • Phil Katy TX
      Phil Katy TX July 20, 23:09

      Agree totally, Phil! “buzz off” IS being very polite. My name is Phil, do I have to stop using that because it implies I am “male”? Oop, sorry, wrong word!! LOL

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  2. NoWeed4Me
    NoWeed4Me July 20, 18:53

    Perhaps a checker for the name of the university would’ve been a good thing. Lived in Colorado most of my life – don’t know of any Colorado Statute University. Perhaps you mean Colorado State?

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  3. kemosabi
    kemosabi July 20, 19:24

    just ignore these idiots and carry on as usual–if the majority did this this lead balloon would not get off the ground

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  4. Tom
    Tom July 20, 19:34

    Who in the heck is going to tell me how to speak. Theses stupid ass collages trying to change everything the can while teaching what writ is there to change the language. You people are the utmost stupid people I ever had of. This has to be a democratic thing. All this bs about racism’s and you wander were it start at. If you want a socialist country go to one then you can change the language. This is the dumbest thing. What the heck you think other countries think if America and Americans. Wake the hell up

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  5. Donald Beck
    Donald Beck July 20, 20:30

    I salute the flag, say the Pledge of Allegiance, believe in God, am a Veteran of Vietnam, love this country, am not politically correct, I say what I want, the Democrats and the left radicals are destroying this country.

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  6. sucesfuloser
    sucesfuloser July 20, 20:33

    They must ban these words or call them racist; it is the only way they can justify calling President Trump all the crap they do.

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    BIGJOHNINNEVADA`` July 20, 20:42

    Then I guess they won’t mind if people quit donating AMERICAN DOLLARS

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  8. BigJohninNevada
    BigJohninNevada July 20, 20:52

    So THEY can’t be called HOMOSEXUAL,but we can be called heterosexual? How about we go back to they are queer and we are not ? After all, they now are listing themselves as LGBTQ . Don’t they say the Q stands for QUEER ? So let’s drop the Gay title ,let it revert to it’s REAL meaning and let them be called by their own title. Not to mention their main organization is called “QUEER NATION”

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  9. Rick
    Rick July 20, 21:03

    I refuse to participate in this deranged thinking. “They” want us to be “tolerant”. My definition of tolerance is “acceptance of that which you know is wrong”.

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  10. Defiant One
    Defiant One July 20, 23:03

    View Discussions

    Their must be a concerted effort made known to all that the red states WILL man state militias as our trampled on constitution permits “US” to do; why this strategy is not employed confounds me! We have been afraid of the lying-ass politicians for decades which = TYRANNY! They now must be made to start fearing “US” = FREEDOM! This message needs to be heard by the Godless, Satan worshiping, power-mad NWO-elitist ghouls that are posing as Democ-RATS and RINOS and their suicidal useful idiots that support them and their sycophants of their propagandist media! I value your work but it must become a national movement supported by the Right instead of just an Oathkeepers movement! The chicken-shit Right had better learn how to fight ASAP! I say Armr===============================? – – – – – – – – – – – – – those states that support freedom! This is the movement needed in these turbulent and treacherous times! STATE RUN MILITIAS is not an option but a modus operandi! The Right must convey to the Left that their TOALITARIAN WET-DREAM of making life a LIVING NIGHTMARE for everyone but them will face dire consequences in no uncertain terms! Cut the PC BS and install the fear of God in these demonic bastards – anything less than what I have suggested will result in the sheeple and dumb-(m)asses living a life of misery, squalor and servitude to Them while they go on living lavishly (as they are now) as queens and kings on the public’s dole!

    If you truly mean business than it is past time to be mean and not timid or apologetic! Politics as usual is passé! We need politicians, religious leaders, business representatives academia, law enforcement and groups such as Oathkeepers to work together towards establishing State Militias for the reasons that I have just given! The party is over, we have had a 200 plus year run of freedom, now it’s done and it is time to clean up the mess! Get serious!

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    • Shirley Becker
      Shirley Becker July 21, 07:00

      I like how you think! I’m so sick of this PC crap! As for me and mine, we will speak as we choose using the words were taught. This new language is offensive to every American in America. If anyone is offended by the word manpower, or any of our American words, he/she/it are not Americans and shouldn’t live here.
      Shirley (my pronouns are She,Her,Mrs) from Colorado

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  11. RON
    RON July 21, 10:06

    I am in agreement with much of the what the Defiant one wrote, most of our politicians are in the game for self enrichment and power. It is time for this nonsense to stop. Also if our so called leaders would stop funding those institutions that promote hate and disdain for out country and way of life, they may tone down their stupidity.

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  12. 개미
    개미 July 21, 11:51

    The guide recommends the use of ‘U.S. citizen’ instead of ‘American’ because “the Americas encompass a lot more than the United States. There is South America, Central America, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean just to name a few of 42 countries in total.”
    However, since U.S. citizens consider themselves to be the superior race of the Americas, perhaps they should continue to be referred to as ‘Americans’ to stress the inferiority and lower status of all the non-U.S. countries of the Americas … and while you’re at it, why not call the whole planet ‘America’ – not!

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    • PalomarJack
      PalomarJack July 21, 15:56

      Let’s continue this point you made. Islam wants the whole world muslim by force. The regressive left wing wants the whole world like them by law, then force, they also want the whole world to speak like them. The LGBTUVWXY “comunity” want everyone to agree with their lifestyle, by law. The regressive hacks want to make illegal aliens full citizens without even physical exams to keep deadly diseases out just so they vote Democrat. And you are worried about who calls themselves “Americans” or not? Really?

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    • Phil
      Phil July 22, 14:59

      “There is South America, Central America, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean just to name a few of 42 countries in total.”

      South America, Central America and the Caribbean are not countries. Perhaps you should take a geography class at CSU.

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  13. Rosie Osowski
    Rosie Osowski July 21, 15:12

    I understand and agree with the sentiment of this article, but could barely get through it due to all the grammatical errors and sentences with words missing. Spell check is not the only thing an editor should be concentrating on!

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  14. ShoshiB
    ShoshiB July 21, 17:12

    What are the consequences for using the words America or American? And how do they plan on enforcing these inclusive rules question work

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  15. Gimpy
    Gimpy July 22, 01:13

    Where is Colorado “Statute” University?

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  16. turbo
    turbo July 22, 13:57

    Stop all federal funding to communist indoctrinate schools

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  17. S
    S July 28, 04:38

    Colorado state is an ignorant College, teaching our kids to be ignorant. How very sad.

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