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Renegade Paul Ryan Slams Trump

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Renegade Paul Ryan Slams Trump

Renegade Paul Ryan Slams Trump
July 15
18:56 2019

There’s an old axiom that states: “Politics makes for strange bedfellows.”

Indeed there was nothing stranger than witnessing the interaction between President Trump and former Speaker Paul Ryan attempting to navigate gingerly around each other’s obvious dislike for the other.

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In an upcoming book the former RINO from Wisconsin, lets it all hang out — attacking the President’s character and giving a bizarre defense of porn star Stormy Daniels after the President nicknamed her “horse-face.”

The dust-up began when Daniels become embroiled in a legal dispute involving the President and his then former attorney Michael Cohen, and an alleged payment of $130,000 for Daniels sexual services in 2006, a decade before businessmen Trump, became President Trump, in which the alleged payment was now characterized as “hush money” to supposedly silence Daniels regarding their “one-night-stand,” which the President as steadfastly denied.

Daniels sued the President for defamation, however, in October of 2018 a federal judge dismissed Daniels defamation lawsuit against the President, thus ending the contrived circus atmosphere the brainchild of Daniels lawyer repugnant Michael Avenatti, along with their 15-minutes of fame within the national spotlight.

That incident has somehow made its way into Ryan’s upcoming book taking particular offense at Trump’s characterization of the porn star.

The overrated self-aggrandized Speaker also reveals his contempt for the President, moreover, Trump’s approach to governing stating “I told myself I gotta have a relationship with this guy to help him get his mind right,” the former speaker recounted. “Because I’m telling you, he didn’t know anything about government… I wanted to scold him all the time.”

Turncoat Ryan goes on to imply that he was the political svengali behind the President, stating, “Those of us around him really helped to stop him from making bad decisions. All the time,” he continued. “We helped him make much better decisions, which were contrary to the kind of what his knee-jerk reaction was. Now I think he’s making some of these knee-jerk reactions.”

According to the book, the President was largely dismissive of Ryan’s attacks, often calling him a “fucking Boy Scout.”

While Ryan positions himself as an astute political leader, one can’t help remembering that under his leadership Republicans lost the House majority in the 2018 midterm election, forcing the 49-year-old politician to “retire” from the House in January serving only 3-years within that leadership role.

The tenuous relationship between the two men according to the Daily Caller suffered even further when the Wisconsin lawmaker failed to secure funding from Congress to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The President recalled, “Well, I was going to veto the omnibus bill, and Paul told me in the strongest of language, ‘Please don’t do that, we’ll get you the wall.’ And I said, ‘I hope you mean that because I don’t like this bill.”

The President continued, “Paul told me in the strongest of terms that, ‘Please sign this and if you sign this we will get you that wall, which is desperately needed by our country. The humanitarian crisis, trafficking, drugs, you know, everything — people, criminals, gangs, so, you know, we need the wall,” he added. “And then he went lame duck.”

To truly get a sense of how disingenuous Ryan is, look no further than an audio of Ryan published by Breitbart News in 2016. The audio is of Ryan pledging not to defend then-Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump following the release of the Access Hollywood tape. “His comments are not anywhere in keeping with our party’s principles and values,” Ryan is heard telling Republican lawmakers during a conference call. “There are basically two things that I want to make really clear, as for myself as your Speaker. I am not going to defend Donald Trump—not now, not in the future. As you probably heard, I dis-invited him from my first congressional district GOP event this weekend—a thing I do every year.”

Today President Trump is being hailed by 90% of Republicans as being one of the most effective chief executives in the history of the Republican Party while Ryan attempts to peddle a book that no one is interested in reading.

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  1. TED
    TED July 16, 18:27

    How did one devoid of character become Speaker?

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    • Teri
      Teri July 16, 18:34


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    • gw
      gw July 16, 18:41

      The better question is how could such a slug like Trump become president? It is not about making America great again, but all about Trump and how to make him even richer and more self-important.

      Reply to this comment
  2. Gw
    Gw July 16, 18:38

    I am no fan of Ryan, especially for the terrible so-called tax reform act that pushed through. However, his descriptions of Trump are wholly accurate. Trump is rude, incompetent and a liar, and even if he is a Republican, that is not good for the US. Any Adult in 2020 is my new motto.

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  3. William Harkleroad
    William Harkleroad July 16, 19:45

    All that sounds about right. I am sooo glad Ryan is gone. He was a RINO and will lie just like the Dimwit Dems.

    Reply to this comment
  4. Jim Hall
    Jim Hall July 16, 20:55

    Ryan has not measured up to his delusions of mediocrity. It is really sad that the high point of his political career was to be the running mate of fellow loser RINO Mitt Romney.

    Reply to this comment
  5. Gourdhead
    Gourdhead July 17, 13:33

    Ryan is a total waste of human tissue. How in the world did he land the Speakers job? He is a closet Demonrat and showed it.

    Reply to this comment

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