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Ross Perot Dead at 89, Forerunner of Populist Movement

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Ross Perot Dead at 89, Forerunner of Populist Movement

Ross Perot Dead at 89, Forerunner of Populist Movement
July 12
19:55 2019

Before there was billionaire businessman Donald Trump, there was billionaire businessman Ross Perot, credited with what we now call the “populist movement.”

The folksy pint-sized billionaire succumbed to leukemia late last week at the tender age of 89, leaving behind a legacy that shocked the political establishment to its core over 25-years ago, by almost single-handily creating a viable third-party challenge to the two-party system, and perhaps equally important a successful roadmap for another populist to follow years later, President Donald Trump.

Perot, who ran for President as a third-party candidate in 1992 and again in 1996 actually won 19% of the vote changing the course of modern American politics regarding the two-party system for all time.

Perot’s populist influence was also credited for ending President George H. W. Bush’s reelection. A confirmed Maverick, the down-home native-born Texan opposed NAFTA, memorably describing “the giant sucking sound” of American jobs moving to Mexico, sound familiar?

In one memorial debate concerning the economy, Perot faced off against career politicians, the outspoken businessman fixing his gaze on one retorted, “I don’t have any experience in running up a $4 trillion debt. I don’t have any experience in gridlock government, where nobody takes responsibility for anything, and everybody blames everybody else.”

In fact, if we take a closer look at the similarities between Perot and President Trump regarding their individual views concerning our economy and foreign policy initiatives, you’ll find little daylight between the two. Perot was against foreign military intervention unless it involved a direct threat to our national interests. He was against the lopsided political trade-deals, negotiated through the years by both inept political parties that continually put America at a disadvantage.

Like Trump, Perot ran as a billionaire populist against the Republican establishment. His focus on the North American Free Trade Agreement, rather than the national debt, and his use of cable news for laying out his agenda were both familiar elements of Trump’s campaign.

Perhaps the best description of the two came from an unlikely source Democratic strategist James Carville during a podcast segment in 2016, “If Donald Trump is the Jesus of the disenchanted, displaced non-college white voter, then Perot was the John the Baptist of that sort of movement.”

Carville is correct in that both Perot and Trump shared a vision that America was being usurped by a pervasive and unwelcome influence, primarily by European and UN leaders, followed later by the Democratic Party under former President Obama  promoting the concept of globalization and national collectivism, a political philosophy that all nations are dependent on each other, to the extreme extent of collectively sharing a countries internal  wealth at the expense of their citizenry, along with adopting and conforming collectively to a climate change agenda, regardless of the science at hand.

Perot’s historic third-party movement, actually inspired Trump in 2000 to briefly consider running for president in Perot’s Reform Party, however he scrapped that idea of a third party run, realizing that as successful as Perot was in winning 19% of the vote, in the long run, he needed the apparatus of a major political party to actually be successful, and decided that the Republican Party aligned roughly with most of his core principles, although not all.

According to family spokesman James Fuller Perot died early Tuesday morning at his Dallas home, surrounded by his family. It was also reported by the media that the self-made billionaire as a last political act wrote two separate checks in March to President Trump’s re-election campaign.

Although the exact figures as of this writing have yet to be officially revealed, rumors have persisted that the amounts of the checks are in the neighborhood of $100 to 150 million dollars.

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  1. 개미
    개미 July 15, 20:09

    Mr. Perot was a person of good will who, as POTUS, would have undoubtedly had a positive influence on his country and on the world at large. I believe that his biggest weakness was that he did not realize until too late how evil and degenerate some of his opponents were.

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  2. baggriff
    baggriff July 16, 14:57

    My hart go out to the Mr. Perot’s family!

    We almost had a correction in DC with him.

    His family as lost him and so have we all.

    My God receive him with open arms!

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  3. Doug Corrigan
    Doug Corrigan July 16, 15:05

    That 19-percent figure for Perot’s final vote tally is deceptive.
    For weeks Trump led both incumbent G.H.W. Bush and BIll Clinton in polls, and his lead looked solid as well as substantial. Plus, he had huge momentum.
    His support took a huge hit after Perot withdrew from the race and then re-entered it later. His popularity just plummeted.
    A member of my family volunteered to campaign for Trump. It was the first and last time she ever became involved in politics.
    But she abandoned the effort after Trump’s flip-flop on running.

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