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Media Trashes AOC Over Immigration Theatrics

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Media Trashes AOC Over Immigration Theatrics

Media Trashes AOC Over Immigration Theatrics
July 04
15:33 2019

Just when you thought you had heard it all from the unhinged “drama-queen” from the Bronx, along comes the New York Post on Tuesday with a blistering editorial titled “Behind Ocasio-Cortez’s border-camp theater.”

The editorial board perhaps sensing the continued frustration by her constituents within AOC’s 14th Congressional District, recounted numerous rhetorical moments the freshmen legislator carried out within the last several weeks regarding the immigration crisis, totally ignoring local issues and the reason why voters within her district voted for her, in the first place.

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The charismatic former barmaid, according to the New York Post, really knows how to manipulate a news cycle, perhaps only equal to President Trump. However, unlike the President’s historic moments, AOC has learned that unbridled hysterics compensates for actual governance within a fawning progressive media, hanging on every antic and every word from the 29-year old self-avowed Socialist/Democratic.

In the searing editorial, the New York newspaper reminds it’s readers that it’s House Democrats like AOC that have refused to vote for emergency funding to improve conditions that she now references as “concentration camps,” think about that for a moment.

The Editorial Board goes on to say, “AOC has a great gift for theater, as in her claim that detained woman are forced to drink from toilets, which apparently refers to standard plumbing units for these facilities, which hold both a sink and toilet.”

Adding, “This was almost as inspired as her stunt last fall, getting photographed with tears while supposedly viewing kids held in cages, when a wider shot revealed that she was actually looking at an empty lot.”

Of course, without the mainstream media holding-water for AOC, the self-avowed spokesmen for open borders would have been unmasked as a uniformed, obnoxious and argent progressive ideologue, whose only purpose is self-recognition regardless of the facts.

Remarkably even after being called out by elderly holocaust survivors regarding her brazen comparisons to our maxed out detention facilities to Nazi concentration camps, AOC once again doubled-down in a tweet on Tuesday, the day after her profanity-laced tirade towards Border Security agents, repeating her claim that the United States is holding migrants in “concentration camps,” along the southern border.

“These are concentration camps,” AOC wrote in a tweet Tuesday afternoon, the post was accompanied by images of overcrowded facilities posted by an NBC News reporter. Ironically the “concentration camp” analogy, if taken seriously is the fault of AOC and other like-minded progressive loons for voting against the delayed 4.6 billion dollar emergency humanitarian bill, earmarked to alleviate the overcrowding conditions.

AOC continued her tweet, in what can only be described as an inexcusable display of sheer ignorance towards those elderly Holocaust survivors, by attempting to actually explain the meaning of “concentration camps.”

“According to concentration camp experts, people begin to die due to overcrowding, neglect, and shortage of resources,” she added. “We saw all three of those signs on our trip yesterday. Another person died yesterday. And those are the deaths we know about.” It’s hard to imagine anyone this emotionally dense, without purpose.

The Post Editorial Board concluded their searing expose acknowledging “AOC’s theatrics aim to play on American hearts, and distract American minds from her absurd prescriptions. At the bottom, she’s just exploiting the suffering she claims to deplore.”

This makes her a force to be reckoned with, especially within today’s Democratic Party, where style over substance is now the preferred ingredient among progressive lawmakers.

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  1. baggriff
    baggriff July 05, 17:31

    “The Humblest Citizen of all the Land when in the armor of of a righteous cause, is stronger than all the hosts of error!”
    William Jennings Bryan

    Using rhetoric of emotion to try and tip the opinion of the people to make decisions based on emotion rather than being pragmatic in their decision making process! This leads to a series of defective laws that can not be enforced.

    Last to compare a facility established to help People is not a death camp with an intent to exterminate people, there is no comparison of the two!!

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  2. Rick
    Rick July 08, 18:13

    “today’s Democratic Party, where style over substance is now the preferred ingredient among progressive lawmakers.”


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  3. Durpster
    Durpster July 08, 18:35

    She didn’t vote for the appropriation because it DID NOT guarantee funding to improve the camps. You very conveniently forgot that point. Also, the tear for the vacant lot thing has already been debunked, but you probably missed that because your head was up your butt. The only dim wits around here are you guys. Unsubscribe me starting yesterday.

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    • flaboy
      flaboy July 08, 19:11

      C’mon Dumpster, this woman lies about everything or at a minimum intentionally misleads. I’d have more respect for her if she would just make her case for what she wants; open borders.

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    • Pissed at progressive
      Pissed at progressive July 08, 20:53

      I have to say that I am glad she did not vote for the funding. I am very tired of footing the bill for illegal aliens taking advantage of the loopholes in our border. If you dont like the conditions go home.

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    • Lou
      Lou July 08, 21:47

      Please do not go!! Where will this site get unbiased info?? I know it must be hard but she gets death threats. Do you (yet)? Stay strong! TRUTH needs you.

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    • Ergo joe
      Ergo joe July 08, 22:09

      Typical liberal. Pathetic as they come. Will be nice knowing this moron is no longer a part of this site

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    • baggriff
      baggriff July 09, 16:30

      When you brake down into crude language you have lose the point of your argument!

      The facts of the matter are:
      1. the funding was for improvement of the facilities.
      2. 20% approximately where to add more wall to the existing wall.

      AOC voted against the bill saying that there was no crises on the boarder!

      The funds were needed so that bids could be made and contracts written and then work could be started. This all takes time to move forward and that is why the funds were needed then!

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  4. Dolores Herrmann
    Dolores Herrmann July 08, 19:48

    Think of the billions we could save without having to provide for the illegals. People complain it’s Trump’s fault the debt is going higher but look back and put the fault on those who won’t work to resolve the immigration issue.

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  5. billy
    billy July 08, 20:02

    durpster you are an idiot to speak in support of one of te most anti American so called people to ever hold an office they clearly need to disinvowe her district so she cant run again

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  6. Curious
    Curious July 08, 20:18

    All lawmakers are guilty of placing themselves first. Followed by caucus, party politics, re-election fund raising, key contributers probably 1-2 other priorities and then maybe their constituents they claim to represent. As for media U R all guilty of unadulterated BS slanted toward whatever position sells the most advertising.

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  7. Paul
    Paul July 08, 22:39

    What I would like to hear and see printed is that the USA is doing the best it can in the interim of processing the criminal element from the non-criminal and giving refuge to those who otherwise would be expose to the elements. We can thank Mexico for all the negative aspects.

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  8. Ruffplayor
    Ruffplayor July 09, 02:49

    Durpster, You misspelled your handle. It’s spelled Dumpster, AOC is Only out to promote herself, just like Almost every other Democratic in office. They never See any of the Good The Trump White House does, they only look for what they can twist and turn into what they can try to make wrong!

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  9. DrK
    DrK July 09, 14:00

    If our politicians would make it publicly clear that only people MUST come into this country legally will be allowed in and stop using the crisis for political gain will the crisis be stopped. Any glimmer of hope for illegal entry from politicos fuels the absurd illegal migration towRds the US that continues.

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