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Elizabeth Warren And Her Plans

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Elizabeth Warren And Her Plans

Elizabeth Warren And Her Plans
July 03
17:26 2019

The Democrats have all come to the yard this election season, but for many, It’s the senator from Massachusetts who is setting the bar… at least when it comes to whacky ideas.

For any of you who aren’t familiar Senator Elizabeth Warren is a Harvard professor and longtime academic who spent years teaching bankruptcy law before entering politics. She helped launch the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) in 2011 and served as its first Special Advisor.

Warren is a far-left progressive who is often seen as the major competition for Bernie Sanders. She opposes Trump’s immigration policies and plans to vote against the USMCA and she called for impeachment after the release of the Mueller report.

Warren announced her bid for the presidency in February and immediately distinguished her from the other candidates by presenting fully-fledged policy proposals on housing and anti-corruption.

Whereas most candidates attract votes by presenting broad ideas (and filling in the details later), Warren has released specific plans to:

  • Ban lobbying by former Congressmen
  • Overhaul campaign finance laws
  • Fund Medicare for All
  • Tighten regulations on tech companies
  • Decriminalize marijuana
  • Outlaw private prisons
  • Reduce student debt and make technical colleges tuition-free

Another key issue with Warren’s untraditional campaign is her reliance on academia.

Warren’s proposals, which are littered with references to obscure academic texts, read more like essays than legislation. Her policy team is comprised of intellectuals who all have degrees from Harvard or Yale.

Leading the team is Jon Donenberg, who served as Warren’s policy adviser during her senate campaign and was hired on as legislative director when she was elected in 2013. Before that, Donenberg worked for Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and for Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA).

“The job of the policy shop is to help [Warren] fill in the details around these proposals, to present data, and to talk through the costs and benefits of various approaches,” says Donenberg, who has degrees from the University of Illinois and from Yale.

Also advising Warren (but outside her paid staff) is Vanderbilt Professor Ganesh Sitaraman, who worked for Warren during her senate campaign and has degrees from Harvard and from Emmanuel college in Cambridge.

Handling national security for Warren is Sasha Baker, who worked in the Obama Administration as Deputy Chief of Staff at the Department of Defense. In this role, she helped open a Defense Innovation Unit in Massachusetts and created a special board dedicated to bringing tech from Silicon Valley and Cambridge into government. Baker has degrees from Harvard and Dartmouth.

Handling financial issues for Warren is Bharat Ramamurti, her longtime legislative aide who assisted the Senate investigation of Wells Fargo in 2016 and has worked on bipartisan efforts to broker a deal on housing reforms for mortgage lenders Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

In 2017, Warren encouraged Ramamurti to run for a vacant SEC position despite the fact that his wife is a defense lawyer practicing before the SEC and the CFPB. Ramamurti has degrees from Harvard and Yale.

Warren’s team has an impressive resume that lacks one key ingredient: business experience. Neither Warren nor any member of her team has experience running a business – and what is the US economy if not one giant business?

Some critics have compared Warren’s academic campaign to that of Hillary Clinton, whose thorough policy proposals failed to draw the support Trump attracted through sheer rhetoric.

“Democrats brought a stack of fact sheets to a gunfight,” says Austan Goolsbee, an economic adviser who worked for Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008. “It does give me a little heartburn when there’s so much policy detail this early in the campaign.”

Warren may have a lot to say when it comes to policies and plans but when push comes to shove, the senator is going to have quite the reality check when attempting to put them in place.

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  1. Morninglory
    Morninglory July 06, 18:44

    At least she has plans instead of plans that give money to the rich!

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  2. NavyJR
    NavyJR July 06, 18:51

    Truth be told, banning lobbying by former Congress critters isn’t a bad notion; they need to get out of politics and get real jobs. As for reforming campaign finance laws that also needs altered, but NOT in the way she wants: it should be limited to a cap of $20K per person for any single election cycle however he/she wishes to divide it up and NO PACs, no corporate or Union or other large non-individual person donations whatever. And if corporations, unions or other large groups are caught trying to funnel funds in as if from a single individual, criminal charges of election fraud need to be filed. The rest is just plain inane and insane both.

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    • Gourdhead
      Gourdhead July 06, 20:49

      Banning lobbying by former Congressmen is a great idea.

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    • wildwyotw
      wildwyotw July 06, 21:27

      Anything over that $20k cap, would result in high tax, and anything hidden should be confiscated and applied to the national debt,. In fact, a nonpartisan person shod be appointed to each candidates committee to keep track of this. Anyone found abusing the funding will be removed from the election, and slapped with a hefty fine.

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    • Dr.
      Dr. July 06, 23:33

      Subsidized college education only for poor and talented students.No racial preferences.
      No lobbying either by ex congressman or Defense dept.employees for 5 years after they leave jobs.
      Private health insurance , w.d ho want this insurance,Medicaid for indigent, subsidies for those families can not afford private care,medicare for over 65 yr,disabled persons.
      VA insurance for eligible veterans.
      Tax corporation 25%.
      Reduce tax rates for a family of four with income around $100’000.00

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  3. Ssspoon
    Ssspoon July 06, 23:52

    I would rather see someone who actually HAS plans, and therefore a better chance of getting something done, rather than somebody who makes great claims with NO plans, then after getting elected, never making good on the claims because they never get any planning done.

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