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Beto Goes British: Proposes ‘War Tax’ for Americans

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Beto Goes British: Proposes ‘War Tax’ for Americans

Beto Goes British: Proposes ‘War Tax’ for Americans
July 03
14:41 2019

From the onset, Americans have always despised taxes.

The very inception of the nation, after all, was predicated on unpopular ‘taxation without representation.’ When the British needed money to fund the Empire’s various wars – including the ‘French and Indian war’ fought across new world American and Canadian soil – they would implement ‘war taxes’ to recoup the expense.

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These war taxes, which would be levied against the American colonists just as they would British subjects at home and elsewhere, manifested themselves in various, now infamous forms such as the ‘Stamp Act’ and the ‘Townsend Act.’

The ‘Quartering Act’ of 1765 was even a form of war tax, alleviating the burden on the Empire of housing garrisons themselves; for even in the 1700s overhead was an apparent major pain…

Of course, the concept of ‘war taxes’ was nothing new – even in revolutionary times. In fact, war taxes have been present throughout the majority of history in one form or another, right alongside wars. While autocratic monarchists were certainly the main perpetrators over the years (they tend to fight a lot) even democracies have, in dire times, turned to their populaces for conflict funding.

Take the US during World War Two. FDR mired in a conflict the likes of which the world had never seen (and hasn’t seen since) would end up increasing the portion of Americans paying income tax from 7% of the population to 64% by 1994. These taxes could see rates as abusive as 94% for the higher brackets.

Yet while World War Two and the debts incurred fighting it are long paid off, the income tax used to do so stubbornly remains more robust than ever – now used to fund everything from defense to entitlements to foreign aid. After all, government revenue streams – whatever their origin – tend to stick around once they’re created thanks to the resulting dependencies for funding an increasingly bloated State.

But apparently, for Democrat presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke, the war taxes Americans have been paying since the 1940s in the form of chunks of their income just aren’t cutting it anymore.

Indeed Beto, like the British all those centuries ago, incredibly thinks Americans need to be forking over more every year to help fund the ‘good fight’; with this new drain on citizen’s incomes being directly used for war expenses. CNN covers the Texas democrat’s plan,

“Non-military households would pay a “war tax” to help cover the health care of veterans of newly-authorized wars under a plan Beto O’Rourke’s campaign unveiled Monday.

Money collected through the “war tax” — which he is proposing for future wars — would go into a new trust fund for veterans established at the outset of each war.

Households making less than $30,000 per year would pay $25; those making less than $40,000 would pay $57; those making less than $50,000 would pay $98; those making less than $75,000 would pay $164; those making less than $100,000 would pay $270; those making less than $200,000 would pay $485; and those making more than $200,000 would pay $1,000.

“This new tax would serve as a reminder of the incredible sacrifice made by those who serve and their families,” O’Rourke’s plan says.

O’Rourke had introduced legislation in 2016 and 2017, while he was in the US House of Representatives, to create the same “war tax” and trust funds for veterans of future wars.

The idea is not a new one: Prior to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the United States had historically levied additional taxes in times of war. Under former President Lyndon B. Johnson, Congress enacted an income tax surcharge that meant taxpayers eventually owed 10% more. A group of House Democrats sought a similar tax in the mid-2000s, but were unsuccessful.”

Of course, what Democrats might be forgetting about Johnson and his war taxes was just how utterly unpopular they both were to the point that Johnson dared not even attempt to run for a second term. And the last thing Americans needed on the precipice of the greatest global economic crisis since the Depression was *yet another* means for the government to siphon their income for the endless conflicts it so loves to wage.

Truly, that’s the crux of the issue, and perhaps a reason why Beto’s campaign is now floundering. Americans don’t want to pay even more to an inefficient government, so it can continue to wage nonsense conflicts across the globe for decades to come as the ‘world police,’ especially in the form of a new tax specifically for said conflicts.

Framing it as a veteran’s issue is undeniably the best way to go about it, and credit to Beto in that regard, but all the same Americans aren’t stupid. Veteran *care* not the funding for it is what’s in an atrocious state right now. The VA for a major example is almost as big a quagmire as Afghanistan and has arguably killed more American soldiers one way or another.

Better and smarter spending, not more spending is what is required. Better spending means ceasing to fund useless and expensive conflicts, not creating a slush fund for more of them. It means getting Veterans quality care away from the disaster that is the VA, not dumping even more money into it.

Beto’s proposed ‘war tax’ might not be abusively expensive, but its certainly more hard-earned American money being siphoned away in the form of yet another government fee that will be nigh impossible ever to get rid of once it begins.

After all, we’re still paying our World War II war taxes…

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  1. baggriff
    baggriff July 04, 16:30

    They keep coming up with new Taxes!! It’s Like skinning a cat there is more than one (1) way to do it, but I do not care which way you do it the Cat (Taxes Payer) will not appreciate it!! As the cat is partial to his hide I am partial to my pocket book!!

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  2. Defiant One
    Defiant One July 05, 19:16

    The Communist aka Democ-RAT way: tax the middle class out of existence! WTFU, REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – guaranteed. You want your freedom – what little of it is left because of the Left – your going to have to earn it the old fashioned way by putting your lives on the line or submit to being sheeple living in misery, squalor and servitude to little PUNK-A$$ES such as this one! WTFU already!

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  3. Old Wolf
    Old Wolf July 05, 19:22

    Years back we finally paid off the “Spanish-American War” also WWI, we do take care of our debts. The problem is People like him are too stupid to do any research. We need less tax’s and more money in out back pockets, especially for the elderly and disabled veterans.

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  4. Old Blue
    Old Blue July 06, 01:24

    Of course, Trump won’t need a war tax. He’ll just put all the expenses on his tab, which he never pays anyway.

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  5. Julies
    Julies July 06, 15:27

    The general size and unconstitutional functions of our government needs to be greatly reduced in size. Our tax rates are grossly in excess. With our current percentage of all our combined taxes (Federal, State, Local: income taxes, Social Security, Medicare payroll deductions, State, County, City, School:Property taxes, Sales Tax, Water, Sewer, Sanitation taxes, hidden Utilities taxes, State and local fees: driver licenses, motor vehicle registration, and sales tax). It seems like with all of the above taxes/fees we are not free, but actually working for the over-sized, bloated, and out of control government that refuses to have a balanced budget, and want more dollars from us each year. The government has become King an we are the tax paying surfs.

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