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Megan Rapinoe hurts women’s soccer

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Megan Rapinoe hurts women’s soccer

Megan Rapinoe hurts women’s soccer
June 28
19:11 2019

Most people would agree that women’s sports do not get the same attention from the sports media as do men’s teams.  There are a few debatable reasons for that.  Perhaps it is because sports generally have been considered a man’s subject.  Newspapers – by virtue of their coverage and reporting – have always leaned to men’s sports and male readers.  Traditionally, the ladies had what was known as the “women’s page.”

Maybe it is because yelling, grunting and knocking each other around was never considered very “lady like.”  The only exception may have been “bikini mud wrestling,”  but then that is not exactly a sport.

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In recent weeks, an American women’s soccer team has broken through the media barrier.  They have produced new viewing excitement based on the performance on the field.  They’re doing America proud.  One would expect that big “hometown welcome” should be come out on top.  Such championships often result with a ceremonial celebration at the White House.  That is how we generally have expressed a nation’s appreciation for a job well done.

For the most part, such events were never measured in political terms – unless you consider how President Franklin Roosevelt refused to include the black athletes, including track superstar Jesse Owens to the White House after Team America had embarrassed Adolph Hitler’s Arian athletes in the 1936 Olympics.  When Owens was asked about being snubbed by Hitler, the gold medal runner’s response that it was not Hitler who snubbed him, but his own President Roosevelt.

But for the most part such events were nonpartisan, nonpolitical – that was until Trump got in office.  Suddenly EVERYTHING is seen through the partisan political lens.

One of the stars of women’s soccer is Megan Rapinoe.  When approached about the possibility of participating in a White House celebration should here team take the top prize, Rapinoe crudely said that she was not going to any “f***ing White House” – at least proving that women can match men in vulgarity.

While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, some consideration should be given to when and how one’s opinion is expressed.  In voicing her obvious disdain for Trump, Rapinoe did great damage to the sport she claims to love.  She hurt the sport in general and her teammates specifically.

With her needlessly crude statement, Rapinoe precluded a unifying celebration of the teams’ outstanding performance.  She not only expressed disdain for Trump, the person, she showed disrespect for the office.  No matter who may reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, it is not the “f***ing White House.”  By dragging even a prospective White House visit into the gutter of contemporary politics, Rapinoe turned off millions of Americans – to her, and by extension, to the sport.

She diverted their attention from the potential of a positive celebration of the teams’ accomplishments to a selfish focus on her personal views.  In a very real sense, she sucked the oxygen out of the team’s deserved  media coverage.  She caused the national spotlight of sports reporting to shift from the team to her petty political opinions.  She took advantage of a platform that her team provided and abused it for narrow political activism.

We saw this politicization of sports with the NFL, and the league has not yet fully recovered from the damage done by  Olin Kaepernick.  We see the same abuse-of-fame in Hollywood, where actors became strident political activists – and respect for the industry declined.

Rapinoe, alone, has cast the pall of controversy over any speculative event that should have been uncontroversial.  Yes, she has provided red meat for the gullet of the #NeverTrump Resistance Movement,  but at the cost of diminishing any recognition of her team’s accomplishment — and that is the very reason why Rapinoe’s response is not only meaningless  conjecture, it is also condemnable.

So, there ‘tis.

About Author

Larry Horist

Larry Horist

Larry Horist is a conservative activist with an extensive background in economics, public policy and politics. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman, as well as the White House. He has testified as an expert witness before legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress, and lectured at major colleges and universities. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He can be reached at lph@thomasandjoyce.com.

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  1. NavyJR
    NavyJR June 29, 18:27

    As an USA women’s teams athlete, she’s supposed to be representing ALL American women, but she’s only representing that segment of women who HATE America.

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    • Earl
      Earl June 29, 19:30

      Agree 100%
      I am learning to dislike sports more and more.
      Thank GOD people like her were not the norm during WW-2.

      Reply to this comment
    • kdmiller3
      kdmiller3 June 29, 21:06

      Larry, you’re a myopic moron. drumpf has reduced the “people’s house” to an f’ing disaster. Maybe if the women were paid more than the men, seeing how the women have 3 WC championships to the men’s ZERO, the need for women like Rapinoe to make grandiose stands would not be necessary. Maybe if POTUS accepted all athletes, and not just the white males, the need to claim ‘we’re not going” wouldn’t have to be a choral refrain from every winning team. Maybe if everyone viewed and treated everyone equally, there wouldn’t be a racist, elitist, misogynist, white supremacist in the executive office

      Reply to this comment
    • old ble
      old ble June 30, 01:01

      Hating Trump is not the same as hating America.

      Reply to this comment
  2. hugo
    hugo June 29, 18:41

    get her off the team–send her to the Russians,see how long she runs her mouth.

    Reply to this comment
  3. RGL
    RGL June 29, 18:56

    I agree 110% with Larry Horist. He is spot on. She is a Bully and her words are meaningless to true patriots. It is ashamed she is ruining it for her team mates. I hope they go without her. I doubt our president would want her to anyhow.

    Reply to this comment
  4. Turbo
    Turbo June 29, 19:02

    Don’t care about women’;s sports to begin with and this parasite of communistic hate for a person she does not even know and her hatred for America and our President prove that women’s sports are nothing but stupid and wasteful. stupid and indoctrinated females ruin every thing for women everywhere. ]

    Reply to this comment
  5. Earl
    Earl June 29, 19:26

    Since hearing about her kneeling for the National Anthem I decided to root for whoever her team plays. Why? Because I expect her teammates to tell her to stand or get off the pitch. Their collective silence is deafening.

    As for her comments about President Trump and the White House? I would expect something like this from a person who acts and speaks like her.

    Reply to this comment
  6. Earl
    Earl June 29, 19:40

    Athletes are turning me off sports.
    What a disrespectful thing to say and do.
    I’m pulling for whoever they play. I hold her teammates responsible too.

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  7. Earl
    Earl June 29, 20:16

    What a disgrace.
    She is another reason to find something better to do with my time besides watching sports.

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  8. Barbara
    Barbara June 29, 23:05

    I completely lost interest in even keeping up with what our women’s soccer team is doing after hearing that foul mouthed woman and the hate she spewed. The media seems to love her and it is focusing on her rather than the rest of the players on the team. To be expected, I guess, since it is the liberal media. I don’t think I could care less whether they win or lose.

    Reply to this comment
    • Old Blue
      Old Blue June 30, 01:07

      What do you think it is about Trump and his group that inspires such dislike. Could it be dishonesty? cruelty to children? lying? trashing friendly countries? cozying up to lawless dictators?

      Reply to this comment
      • radman414
        radman414 June 30, 13:41

        We have a troll on the field, just here to make trouble and emphasize their ignorance in public. Such pure BS! Dishonesty? The president is fulfilling campaign promises (lower taxes, a great economy, jobs, jobs, jobs and justices who believe in the rule of law and the primacy of our Constitution’s original intent) on almost a daily basis.

        Cruelty to children? Hardly! It is the parents, the coyotes and the cartels who have put children’s lives at risk during their dangerous journey north and illegal border crossings.

        Dealing with our allies by laying a little guilt on them to get a fair deal on mutual defense does NOT constitute “trashing;” and attempting to negotiate “peace” with those whose ideologies conflict with ours and those of our allies does NOT constitute “cozying up” to lawless dictators!
        You’ve been overserved the “Hate Trump Kool-Aid, “Old Blue;” so it’s time for you to head on back to the echo chamber at HuffPo or MediaMatters, etc., where you can amaze your ilk with your inane “insights.”

        Reply to this comment
        • Erinzgg
          Erinzgg July 01, 03:35

          I totally agree with radman414!!!! Thank you. I do not believe any player should play on a USA team and not honor our National Anthem and President. Rapinoe does not realize that young soccer girls are looking up to the USA Women and Rapinoe is the worst example ever. The team does not need her period.

          Reply to this comment
      • Fed up
        Fed up July 04, 12:57

        I totally agree with you. I think she doesn’t want to even appear to approve of the job that this narcissistic, moronic, uncaring, probable rapist president is doing! I know I wouldn’t set foot in the White House as long as he’s our president.

        Reply to this comment
    • MO
      MO July 01, 03:00

      I feel the same way. I would like to know what the other player have to say about (the HE/SHE) COMMENT.

      Reply to this comment
  9. JJ
    JJ June 29, 23:15

    Since Trump moved in, more than one professional sports team has declined a visit to the white house after winning a national championship. Trump is the primary cause of the politicization of all aspects of society via his unrestrained tweeting about whatever happens to cross his tv screen on Fox news. And sports has been political for at least several decades: remember the Mexico City Olympics in 1968? How about when we boycotted the 1980 Olympics? How about when Russia and others boycotted the 84 Olympics?
    Additionally, what makes Rapinoe’s political opinions “petty”? Seems to me she has as much of a right to state her opinions and have them respected as much as any other persons opinion, even perhaps the opinions of an online blogger who has no outstanding athetic skills to provide him with a media platform? And further, on what factual basis can you say that by expressing her opinions she has “turned off millions of Americans” to the sport of soccer? I have not found any poll with any credible metrics that shows a decline of millions of soccer fans in the last week. I suspect that statement may true in your circle of friends, but really…if anything, tv viewer numbers would indicate that soccer fans have grown as the US team has played so incredibly well….Rapinoe included.

    Reply to this comment
  10. Homer
    Homer June 29, 23:52

    I was about to get interested in the women’s soccer team’s accomplishments when I saw the photo of the team with their heads over their hearts during the playing of the National Anthem. That is, the team except Rapinoe. That photo did it for me. I thought: oh no, not an NFL repeat!

    Reply to this comment
  11. Annette
    Annette June 30, 00:03

    Arrogance is never attractive. She could use some wisdom on expressing her views. She has a platform so maybe she can form a plan.

    Reply to this comment
  12. Ed
    Ed June 30, 00:15

    Why pay big money for tickets to watch professional women’s sports teams, when you can go and watch your local high school boy’s teams compete with the same level of ability for a lot less money.

    Reply to this comment
  13. Gale
    Gale June 30, 03:13

    Why would anyone want to meet a rapist of women Trump is a a criminal for a president and should be in prison

    Reply to this comment
  14. Gourdhead
    Gourdhead June 30, 03:14

    She’s just another anti-American rug muncher. This is the typical MO of these types.

    Reply to this comment
  15. Maggie
    Maggie June 30, 05:51

    After hearing her vulgar comment about the White House, I am now hoping the team will be defeated! No worries then about having to say no to a White House visit. This anti-american soccer player is an embarrassment and a disgrace.It’s a shame for her other team players.

    Reply to this comment
  16. Festus
    Festus June 30, 06:30

    Because of her foul-mouthed Kapernickian behavior, unfortunately I’m rooting for the other team. This freak’s teammates should sit this skank down and shove a sock down her big, fat mouth. Many Americans died so she can kick around a little white ball. Fuck her and the horse she rode in on!

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  17. dino
    dino June 30, 07:03

    The whole team should not be invited to the White House. This loud foul mouth nobody does not deserve a chance to go to the White House. This goes for the whole team You are American first. Women’s soccer doesn’t pull in the money of MLB,NFL, or NBA. We are not about behavior that does not represent the United States. You will wake up one day and see you just made a a** of yourself. But continue your hate your time on the team is probably short and you take your coaches down with you. Grow up !!!

    Reply to this comment
  18. JB
    JB July 01, 05:05

    Hoping England will hand the US women’s soccer team their asses to them on a silver platter. They don’t deserve to win anything. That loudmouthed, self centered narcissist showing such disrespect for this country and the office of the POTUS, deserves to be forgotten for being an exemplary athlete and only remembered as an obnoxious, self centered, anti-American bigot. Losers don’t deserve the opportunity to visit the White House. Her spineless teammates are just as bad as she is, SILENCE IS CONSENT.

    Reply to this comment
  19. scamp
    scamp July 09, 19:23

    Wander what her girlfriend thinks of her hateful speech, Sue Bird, is that partner and is a world champion basketball player and I know for a fact she was all excited to have Obama accept the woman as champions. I think by association that makes Sue Bird as guilty as her lover.

    Reply to this comment
  20. Vinny A.
    Vinny A. July 28, 17:23

    This fool homosexual has no,REAL, standing to be heard on the issue of politics than anyone else. I think she should select a nation outside of America and relocate to it. She is a two-face phony who sullies the good name of true sportsmenship! VOMIT!!!!!!!!!!!

    Reply to this comment

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