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AOC supports Wayfair walkout denying migrant children of essential beds and furnishings

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AOC supports Wayfair walkout denying migrant children of essential beds and furnishings

AOC supports Wayfair walkout denying migrant children of essential beds and furnishings
June 28
20:55 2019

First it was House Democrats denying their was a crisis at the border tagging it “manufactured” then just recently admitting there is a “humanitarian crises” however refusing to fund essential human needs like toothpaste and beds for migrant children.

Now we have New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez voicing her support, to continue denying basic “humanitarian” essentials to migrant children by supporting brain-dead employees at  Wayfair, who walked out on Wednesday, after learning “their employer” was about to fulfill an order to furnish migrant camps with much needed furnishings, including beds.

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Now let that sink in for a moment, Wayfair employees including AOC are protesting giving children beds to sleep on, obviously their convoluted and bizarre walkout is actually designed to achieve just the opposite reaction.

And that’s perhaps where dysfunctional progressives go wrong, ignoring visually what’s before them, preferring instead to continue their warped progressive dogma, while denying logic and common sense.

The misplaced protest began last week when Wayfair employees learned that the online furniture giant was about to sell $200,000 dollars worth of beds and other furniture to a Texas detention center housing migrant children, desperately in need of bedding, which regardless of your political point of view is a “humanitarian necessity,” unless of course you’re brain-dead employees of Wayfair, attempting to politicize the immigration crisis.

Once these geniuses learned of the potential sale they sent a letter to management on June 20th dictating to the company who they should sell too, the letter was signed by about 550 employees, which should give Wayfair customers pause regarding the type of individuals the company hires, that they would actually publicly sabotage the company’s reputation by their misdirected grievances.

The company responded on Monday and announced that they would indeed fulfill the order for beds and other items for a detention center in Carrizo Springs, Texas, and on Wednesday at around 1:30 p.m. Wayfair employees made good on their threat and walked out in protest.

According to two Wayfair employees who spoke on the condition of anonymity, the order was placed by BCFS, a government contractor that manages the facility.

This brings us back to the wider issue of what’s taking place in America today, in that no one doubts there’s a crisis on our southern border which needs to be quickly remedied, however the power to fix the crisis lies with congress and congress alone.

Moreover lawmakers like AOC who use inflammatory hyperbole in describing overcrowded detention facilities as “concentration camps,” and then refuses to be educated on exactly what that term means by a holocaust survivor, does a disservice to those impressionable ill-informed individuals like those employees at Wayfair who parrot the same nonsense as AOC.

However don’t take my word simply listen to this Wayfair employee being interviewed said; “We’re walking out in protest of our leadership’s decision to sell to reprehensible CONCENTRATION CAMPS. We had hoped that raising awareness would be enough for them to do the right thing, but it wasn’t. We want to make it clear that this is not a political issue, it’s a humanitarian issue, and we will not back down.”

Get the picture?

The protesters are now demanding that the profit made from selling the beds estimated at around $86,000, go to social justice lawyers who provide legal services to illegal aliens.

“At the very least, we do not want to profit off these sales,” the employee said. “Additionally, we want to make sure that we have a system in place to prevent anything like this happening again.”

Adding, “Supporting racist policy for the right reasons still means you’re supporting racist policy,” the employee said. “Our attention and energy should be devoted to shutting camps down, not towards making them better.”

It would appear that Wayfair has a rebellion on their hands; they can either capitulate to the demands of their employees regarding who they should do business with, where their profits should go, and perhaps some day down the line, who they should hire in the future, or they can clean house and get rid of those individuals undermining their company.

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  1. Shoshi
    Shoshi June 29, 20:19

    Every last employee should be fired. How is shutting the so called camps down going to help the children? Beds would absolutely help them be more comfortable. It is truly shocking and amazing to me how stupid and gullible some people are.

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    • Gourdhead
      Gourdhead June 30, 18:43

      Agreed. This would be my top priority. Find some red-blooded Americans that know the score and replace everyone of these left-wing aholes.

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    • NJ Gal
      NJ Gal July 01, 01:00

      What are these left morons walking out for? All I ever hear is there is no crisis at the border and now they have to admit there really is a crisis. Dems claim children are being treated like caged animals ( started under Obama), but when beds are ordered to help the kids receive some comfort, they are protesting the order of beds!!! Which way is it people???? Guess what? I am a highly educated right voter deplorable- a rarity according to the polls and the left. Believe me, non of this would be happening if the left didn’t encourage illegal immigrants to come to the USA to bump up their future voting block, in addition to providing left lawyers to come up with reasons to show they are all being persecuted in their home countries. It’s all just a pathetic joke, but the Dems are slowly destroying our country. So obvious with the flip flopping and pandering and protesting for stupid things like this.

      Reply to this comment
    • CrustyOldGeezer
      CrustyOldGeezer July 01, 12:57

      You can’t fire somebody that QUIT THEIR JOB!

      And…. when they QUIT they give up Unemployment benefits, seniority, accrued benefits, vacations, etc.
      ANY ‘re-hires’ would be MINIMUM WAGE and 2 year Probationary Period” where they can be terminated for any, or NO REASON.

      Reply to this comment
  2. Janelle
    Janelle June 30, 18:11

    These are EMPLOYEES, NOT the owner of the Company, that make furniture. If he wants to sell beds to these camps, so the children are more comfortable, that is HIS choice ! In MY opinion, these disruptive, ignorant employees, should all be fired !

    Reply to this comment
  3. PJ
    PJ June 30, 18:21

    I’d say these protesting employees need to go back to school and actually learn some history and find new employment.

    Reply to this comment
  4. NavyJR
    NavyJR June 30, 18:29

    The problem here is that some people don’t understand the part about CRIMINAL invasion and separating them from the law-abiding population of the US to whom they are an existential THREAT, by virtue of violence and/or diseases they bring with them! Denying the needs is their stupid response to not just letting them in and turning them loose on the US citizens! Such lack of compassion for their own families and fellow citizens is something we should have come to expect, given that leftist seldom if ever actually think through their emotional and childish responses to things.

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  5. William Harkleroad
    William Harkleroad June 30, 19:02

    These idiot think the detention center are concentration camps, so providing bed and other things to make less a concentration camp is horrible in their minds. So I guess these employees think it is better for the detainees to sleep in the dirt or on a concrete floor, rather than a mattress. While we know that all these detainees do not belong here, I think it is safe to say that they should be treated like a door mat, especially the children who didn’t actually make the decision to come in the first place. These people make no sense at all. I guess it is typical dimwit thinking, everything is upside down and backwards.

    Reply to this comment
  6. Ron
    Ron July 01, 00:17

    Just figured out what “AOC” means……”Always OFF Course”….geesh, she needs to back to bar tending….at least she’d stay in one place out of sight

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  7. Michael Grace
    Michael Grace July 01, 07:38

    Fire them all!

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  8. Defiant One
    Defiant One July 01, 12:12

    WTFU, REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION; the communists have succeeded and now they must defeated by whatever needs required – it will contnue to get much worse in this now third world banana Republic – guaranteed!

    Reply to this comment
  9. turbo
    turbo July 01, 17:26

    Wayfair should fire all of them…Apparently they are incompetent. they lack critical thinking nor do they understand why they are protesting, how can Wayfair count on their utter incompetence to do the job they get paid to do?…it’s bogus…they should donate their own money for their cause not Wayfair. Wayfair pays these idiots in order to pay rent/mortgage, buy food, and all other needs that peoplehave to sustain themselves and their families.

    Reply to this comment
  10. william
    william July 01, 17:40

    If you do not support these children receiving beds; GIVE THEM YOURS!!

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