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Columnist accuses President of sexual assault over two decades ago

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Columnist accuses President of sexual assault over two decades ago

Columnist accuses President of sexual assault over two decades ago
June 26
18:44 2019

No doubt we’ve seen this movie script before, a middle aged or elderly woman coming forward claiming she was assaulted by a prominent male figure, 20, 30 or perhaps 40-years ago, however not exactly sure of the exact year, there were no witnesses to the alleged assault she never confided to anyone at the time, and of course never filed a police report, and is only coming forward now, because she feels it’s time…sound familiar?

This latest sexual assault accusation against President Trump comes from longtime advice columnist E. Jean Carroll, claiming she was assaulted in a dressing room in New York City some 23-years ago by the President.

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For those not familiar with the 75-year old “Elle” advice columnist and romance author, she was once a well-known fixture among the well-heeled and “beautiful people” of her era, a frequent and featured writer for such avant-garde publications as Hugh Hefner’s Playbook and Esquire Magazines.

Her allegations that she was sexually assaulted in Bergdorf Goodman a well-known high-end department store within a dressing room either in “the fall of 1995 or the spring of 1996” by then real estate mogul Donald Trump reads like one of Carroll’s many steamy writings and spicy romance novels.

Which as-luck-would-have-it, her newest novel will be published in just a few weeks, advanced orders are currently available on line and within bookstores, “coincidently” the title of her new book is “What Do We Need Men For?”

A catchy title given that Carroll after revealing her ordeal to the public, decided to pen and an op-ed article within a matter of days of reliving her traumatic experience in a cover story for New York Magazine.

Here is just a brief excerpt from her article “The episode is one of six incidents Carroll details in the article of attacks on her by men over the course of her life. Another episode involves the disgraced former CEO of CBS, Les Moonves. The cover story is an excerpt from her newest book, “What Do We Need Men For? A Modest Propsal” which will be published on July 2nd by St. Martin’s Press.

In another the excerpt, Carroll said Trump asked for her help in choosing a gift in the department store, because he recognized her as the host of her own daytime show. She said they eventually made their way into the lingerie section, and then a dressing room.

“The moment the dressing-room door is closed, he lunges at me, pushes me against the wall, hitting my head quite badly and puts his mouth against my lips,” Carroll wrote.

What seems apparent is that whether this incdent actually took place or not, one thing is certain columnist E. Jean Carroll is exploiting it, for all it’s worth, which is perhaps why even the anti-Trump mainstream media was reluctant to run this story, given the circumstances.

At issue is exactly the same obliteration of facts that torpedoed another accuser Christine Blasey Ford, who also came forward over three decades later accusing at the time Judge Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her, although she couldn’t remember where the alleged assault took place, couldn’t remember the date of the alleged assault, and like Carroll “never” contacted the police.

On Friday the President released a lengthy statement denying all the allegations, even telling the media he never met this person, adding that Carroll is attempting to sell a new book. “I’ve never met this person in my life. She is trying to sell a new book that should indicate her motivation. It should be sold in the fiction section.”

The President then took a more serious tone saying, “False accusations diminish the severity of real assault. All should condemn false accusations and any actual assault in the strongest possible terms.”

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  1. marie
    marie June 27, 18:43


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  2. Donald Mccormick
    Donald Mccormick June 27, 18:54

    For this females to come forward NOW it is just her word against Trumps word and Trump is our president and he carries a a HUGELY more weight than she carry.
    Her word is almost as BAD as trying to say the sun did not shine that day and nobody could say that the sun did or did not shine that day.
    She has NO PROOF of the RAPE that day or even that Trump was there that day and Trump denies the Rape so there is NO rape according to the LAW, because she has NO PROOF anything even happened to her that day, other than simply her word.

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    • booker
      booker June 27, 21:50

      Unless I am mistaken, she detailed the attack to 2 friends at the time it happened, both of which have corroborated her story. She also says she still has the dress she was wearing at the time. I would be curious to know if it has ever been cleaned. If not, it could become as famous as Lewinsky’s blue dress…

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      • Doug Corrigan
        Doug Corrigan June 27, 23:40


        Carroll admits still having the dress. But she refuses to make it available to investigators.

        She further refuses to assist police or to file a police report on the idjut grounds that doing so would be disrespectful to women who get raped in Mexico, LMAO.

        She’s associated with attorney-publicist Lisa Bloom, who in the past has offered vast amounts of money to any women who would claim being assaulted by Trump or SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

        Which makes clear the two “friends,” whom Carroll did not remember when first asked for corroboration, suddenly popped up days later.

        Carroll’s wildly inane remarks make clear she’s a loco. She admits not being traumatized by the alleged rape, yet did not come forth when Trump was running or after he was elected? No believes this garbage?

        Of course “booker” knows all this; it’s just that leftnik nut-zees are pathological liars.

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  3. pundit
    pundit June 27, 19:08

    her motives are obvious. as is her timing. write and release a”tell all” book, during the first dem candidates debate, as an over the hill columnist etc. she is not believable unless you are a Dem on the Judiciary Committee

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  4. Bill P.
    Bill P. June 27, 19:14

    UPDATE: Not true she didn’t “confide in anyone at the time.” In fact two witnesses have come forward saying she told them about it minutes after it happened, dnd there’s documentary evidence to the fact. It’s also true that she didn’t want to do anything about it at the time.

    This sounds plausible. The issue, though, is that it’s not relevant to anything. I didn’t vote for Trump and don’t next time, but stuff like this is too irrelevant to even comment on.

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  5. BJ
    BJ June 27, 19:45

    This woMAN must eat at Burger King frequently and I can guess which hamburger she prefers.

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