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E-Warrants & Drug Testing Are New Tools For Cops To Fight Crime

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E-Warrants & Drug Testing Are New Tools For Cops To Fight Crime

E-Warrants & Drug Testing Are New Tools For Cops To Fight Crime
June 21
18:56 2019

In Port St. Lucie, a vehicle burst into flames killing five people in it, and fortunately the 14 year old girl in the backseat was dragged out of the SUV by an onlooker who ran to help but could not save them all.

The driver who caused the accident was a 22-year old male who had been drinking. In his car were open and partially empty bottles of alcohol. He has drove through a traffic light as the SUV in front of him was slowly making a turn, and the impact created an explosive fire that engulfed its victims in seconds.

He caused the accident but was left with scrapes. This is just one sad story of an intoxicated driver who caused irreversible consequences due to impairment while behind the wheel.

Driving under the influence is a growing problem in America today.

With easy access to street drugs, alcohol, weed, not everyone thinks before they get behind the wheel. Most drivers who swerve while driving will lie about their impairment when asked by a police officer. It can take time for the legal system to get proof of impairment and the red tape is extensive. Meanwhile it sends a message that you can get away with committing a crime increasing the likelihood that a first time offender will repeat their actions with terrible outcomes in the end.

A new law in some states now allows officers to take action on the spot when they suspect a driver is under the influence by using an e-warrant, on-site blood draws, and fast lab results. In Arizona, it took one police officer 79-minutes to detain a driver for a DUI. In Illinois, law officers are also undergoing training on the use of e-warrants with drug testing.

Some naysayers claim this is an extensive abuse of police power, but the statistics reveal drug and drunk driving is a public safety threat. In 2016, more than 44 percent of individuals who were impaired while driving were under the influence of drugs.

More states are fighting the problem by equipping law enforcement officers who suspect an individual has done drugs but passes a breath test that is used to check for alcohol. Breathing tests do not require a search warrant but blood work does. Drunk driving claimed over 10 thousand lives in 2017.

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  1. NavyJR
    NavyJR June 23, 21:49

    When AZ was talking about legalizing “medical” marijuana, I sent in a comment to the state regarding allowing driving licenses to be retained by users, having had experience with “pot” DUIs as an EMT 1st responder years before; it was duly ignored of course; so now we have perpetually STONED drivers on our roads, endangering us all. In states where it’s recreational it’s even worse! It’s as if legislators WANT people to be dying in traffic events again, in high numbers. Once you take a drink or drug, your judgment is somewhat impaired, further use only increases that impairment, as does mixing intoxicants. Choices have consequences and choosing to use should preclude the privilege of driving for all users.

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  2. Defiant One
    Defiant One June 24, 02:06

    Dumb them down; drug them up; kill them off – The NWO-DemocRATS playbook! Those suicidal useful idiots that put them in power are aiding and abetting in their own demise – hardly wise, the stupid-A$$ES!

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