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Activists Sue Federal Government Over The Environment

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Activists Sue Federal Government Over The Environment

Activists Sue Federal Government Over The Environment
June 07
16:34 2019

Teens in this country have a lot of clout. From the victims of the Parkland shooting in Florida to the hippies of the 60’s young people have always demanded their voices be heard.

Recently, teen environmentalists have even decided to sue the US government for violating their “constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property” – aka maintaining energy policies harmful to the environment.

The plaintiffs view such policies as “unconstitutional” and seek to implement a plan that would dramatically reduce CO2 emissions by 2100.

In a letter to the 9th Circuit Court, nearly 80 scientists and physicians supported the plaintiffs’ argument that young Americans are expected to have poorer health as they age due to the effects of climate change.

The lawsuit began in Oregon in 2015 and has endured despite multiple attempts to dismiss it by the Obama and Trump Administrations. The activists have used social media to attract thousands of supporters.

Last summer, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously against the Trump Administration’s efforts to dismiss the case.

“It’s really just disappointing to see the lengths that they go to – to not only not let us get the remedy that we’re seeking, but not even let us have the chance to prove our facts or present our case at trial,” says Nathan Baring, a 19-year-old plaintiff from Alaska.

This Tuesday, the 9th Circuit heard arguments from Trump Administration lawyers who want to dismiss the case. Trump’s lawyers insist the plaintiffs cannot legally attempt to alter federal policies through the courts.

“No federal court has ever permitted an action that seeks to review decades of agency policy by a dozen federal agencies and executive offices – all in pursuit of a policy goal,” said the lawyers.

Courts are still deciding on the fate of the case and it is obvious the judges feel the weigh and importance of such a decision.

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  1. Max
    Max June 09, 18:41

    The way to preservation of the environment and advancements thereof are not in socialistic government policies but in unbounded prosperity so that technologies can evolve. If anything, federal and state policies keep out competition to the current energy sector. Smaller, more efficient and far less expensive solar technology, for instance, has been abated and hundred by current onerous regulations. Only when new technologies are created and made viable—a massive, expensive undertaking- will those technologies see the light of day. The kids in this suit are correct that it is the politicians causing the current monopolies to keep their grip on energy and technology. But they are incorrect in assuming that we need more regulation. We need far less regulation in that area and need a level playing field in all areas of advancement. In medicine, where the barbaric practices of allopathy are deeply I’m enshrined, in education where the anti-human development teachers unions and USDOE have their death grip keeping out innovation and progress, in energy, where advancements in energy efficiency are bottled up and kept from the light of day. Too much government, controlled by special interests, is the harbinger of progress at a time we need smaller government and more individual liberty to solve the problems of our day.

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  2. JoeyP
    JoeyP June 09, 18:46

    I see stupidity knows no bounds. Wait until these little “Know-It-Alls” find out that they’ll literally starve to death when plants don’t have their own food (CO2) to produce the food these “Know-It-Alls” eat. All this “Science” is based on computer models, some proven to be faulty.

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  3. SGW-SXP
    SGW-SXP June 09, 19:02

    It’s really alarming to see how many people, including judges, don’t know the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. One is basically a letter to King George III informing him we no longer belong to him, and the other is the law of the land. They are poorly educated but very well indoctrinated. I’m beginning to think people should pass a basic civics test before they can vote.

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  4. Doug Corrigan
    Doug Corrigan June 09, 20:19

    Somebody better hustle and fire up the judiciary.
    As everyone knows, we have less than 12 years to save the planet — indeed, to save the universe from the lethal effects of global warming.
    At the 12-year point, just as Cinderella’s carriage turned into a pumpkin, all life in the universe will perish, never to reappear again.
    Otherwise, it’s a slow news day.

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  5. NavyJR
    NavyJR June 09, 21:38

    SO it won’t matter to them they no longer have jobs to earn money on which to provide for themselves, homes to live in, or adequate oxygen to breathe because they STARVED the very plants that provide oxygen replenishment in our atmosphere? These kids, like most leftists, NEVER THINK THINGS THROUGH!

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