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Moderate 2020 Dems booed by progressive California Democrats

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Moderate 2020 Dems booed by progressive California Democrats

Moderate 2020 Dems booed by progressive California Democrats
June 06
14:27 2019

If there was ever any doubt for mainstream Democratic voters that their party no longer values their principles simply witness what occurred over the weekend as both 2020 Presidential contenders former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper and former Maryland congressman John Delaney, were individually booed off stage, as they addressed the California Democratic Convention.

Hickenlooper was the first to feel the wrath of the San Francisco mob after initially receiving a warm greeting, which quickly turned to boos and catcalls when he rejected the concept of socialism as a winning strategy for Democrats heading into the 2020 Presidential season.

“If we want to beat Donald Trump and achieve big progressive goals, socialism is not the answer,” Hickenlooper said to a crowd of more than 4,500 delegates and observers on Saturday.

At first all one could hear was a low inaudible tone, as Hickenlooper attempted to continue speaking over the growing murmur of obvious dissatisfaction, which grew into a sustained 30 second chorus of boos along with Sanders supporters in the crowd suddenly waving a sea of blue “Bernie,” signs.

Eventually the unruly crowd settled down as a bemused Hickenlooper attempted a faint smile lamenting, “You know, if we’re not careful, we’re going to end up helping to re-elect the worst President in history.”

The Former Colorado governor was one of 15 Democratic slated to speak at the far left San Francisco Convention  which boasts perhaps the most radical group within the entire Democratic Party.

However the 67-year old Pennsylvania native attempted once again to lay out his moderate vision for America.

“We shouldn’t try to achieve universal coverage by removing private insurance from over 150 million Americans,” as once again boos echoed throughout the convention floor.  “We should not try to tackle climate change by guaranteeing every American a government job.”

“Hold on, hold on,” Hickenlooper pleaded with the crowd in an attempt to finish his speech. “I want to give Americans a reason to look forward tomorrow. As president, I will make healthcare a right, not a privilege with a real public option.”

Hickenlooper concluded his 7-minute speech on Saturday afternoon with Bernie supporters once again holding up signs and waving him goodbye as he exited the stage, with about a 1% approval rating.

On Sunday another moderate Democrat John Delaney bravely faced the hostile audience stating, “Medicare for All” may sound good, but it’s actually not good policy, nor is it good politics,” a wave of boos immediately echoed throughout the convention, as Delaney continued “We should have universal health care.”

After Delaney’s speech, a woman approached CNN and said the crowd was giving him the Apollo Theater “Sandman” treatment, in reference to getting off the stage.

Later on Sunday Delaney released a statement regarding his treatment by fellow Democrats, and knocking those extremists within the party who pursue “purity” over a big tent party.

Saying, “A few boos aren’t a big deal, making a really bad mistake on health care is. We can’t be dedicated to slogans and must ensure that a real debate happens. Most of the Democrats in this field either don’t want to take this on or are trying to play it both ways, but I don’t think that’s responsible.”

Apparently Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), also has an issue with Delaney’s stand on key issue tweeting.

“John Delaney, thank you but please sashay away ????”

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) June 2, 2019

According to AOC, Medicare for All is “good politics” because “it polls VERY well in swing states.”

? Medicare for All IS sound policy – one may disagree w/ it, but plenty of other countries have single payer + better outcomes than the US
? M4A IS good politics – it polls VERY well in swing states
? “Third-Way” (aka lobbyist-backed Dems) WILL lose the presidency to Trump

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) June 2, 2019


However one thing is certain Democratic voters are divided, and regardless of who gets the nomination, a sizable number may sit out the election.


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