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President hits Mexico with escalating tariffs

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President hits Mexico with escalating tariffs

President hits Mexico with escalating tariffs
June 04
15:14 2019

The black and white granny surveillance video that we’ve become accustomed to seeing at the border captured a sight that not even the most seasoned Border Agents had ever witnessed before, over 1,000 illegal aliens amassed at the El Paso sector of the boarder early Wednesday morning overrunning our border through a large gap within our security fence, patiently taking their turn walking over the border and being arrested by Border Agents waiting for them on the American side of the divide.

The dramatic moment captured on video as 1,036 illegal migrants being apprehended at a single time is the largest group ever recorded by Border Agents, the group included migrants from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

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The stunning visual flashed throughout homes all over America, and in one house in particular, located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, which no doubt disturbed the current resident along with millions of likeminded Americans.

However unlike those millions of Americans watching helplessly as our country’s immigration laws were being abused, this particular individual happens to be the President of the United States. On Thursday the Commander and Chief made himself heard loud and clear, announcing a new 5% tariff on Mexico beginning around June 10th and gradually increasing by 5% every additional month until October 1st 2019, with a maximum 25% tariff increase, hoping that Mexico finally gets the message, and begins helping out America in combating illegal immigration.

In a statement the President outlined his displeasure with Mexico  “On June 10th, the United States will impose a 5% Tariff on all goods coming into our Country from Mexico, until such time as illegal migrants coming through Mexico, and into our Country, STOP,” Trump wrote. “The Tariff will gradually increase until the Illegal Immigration problem is remedied, … ..at which time the Tariffs will be removed, details from the White House to follow.”

The President’s statement continued: “Thousands of innocent lives are taken every year as a result of this lawless chaos. It must end NOW! … Mexico’s passive cooperation in allowing this mass incursion constitutes an emergency and extraordinary threat to the national security and economy of the United States.”

Trumps blunt warning caught the entire political establishment by surprise, politicians on both sides of the aisle began immediately freaking out, many of whom have sat on their hands refusing to confront the immigration crisis, choosing instead to play politics while Americans are being assaulted and murdered daily by illegal aliens, usually deported, only to return again and again back into the country and creating havoc.

Fox News announced that the tariffs would be on all goods coming into the country by land, sea and air from Mexico.

In another statement released by the White House later in the day on Thursday, the President made clear his intentions, “Tariffs will permanently remain at the 25% level unless and until Mexico substantially stops the illegal inflow of aliens coming through its territory.”

Specifically, White House sources told Fox News that Mexico would need to step up security efforts on the border, target transnational smugglers, crack down on illicit bus lines and align with the U.S. on a workable asylum policy.

While members of congress debate regarding the President’s ability to impose such tariffs on Mexico, the President is relying on a seldom used prevision, “The International Emergency Economic Powers Act of 1977” which permits tariffs to be levied by the executive in the event of a national emergency originating from a foreign source.

The President believes that he is well within his authority and would use his “sole discretion” to determine whether Mexico had taken sufficient action.

“If Mexico does not take decisive measures, it will come at a significant price,” Trump concluded in his statement.

There’s little doubt that the President’s bold move may complicate the legislative passage of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), sent to Congress by the White House on Thursday, which has aimed broadly to limit tariffs among the three countries.

However there’s an equally important issue beside our economy and that’s our national security interests, you can’t promote one while ignoring the other.

The President is a risk taker; however, you don’t become a billionaire by avoiding pressing issues…we’ve already had that option with the previous administration.

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  1. Dancer
    Dancer June 05, 18:28

    Thank you Mr. Trump ! I have sadly watched as America has been invaded without any protection from our government. You are the first to stand up and actually do something. Many think the invasion is ok. It’s NOT. No country allows such. Many crimes are committed here that would normally not have occurred if the illegals were not allowed in without going through proper channels and having background checks. Nothing is failsafe, but many rapes, murders, child molestations, burglaries, robberies, etc. would not have occurred. I for one, have been burglarized by an illegal or son of an illegal alien. I will NOT vote for any politician allowing or supporting illegal immigration and/or not supporting a border wall. Why have they not been protecting America. I hope others see who is not and refuse to vote for them. Together, we can stop this absurdity.

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    • toddy
      toddy June 05, 20:37

      Congress has saat idly by for decades and watched this situation escalate to the point of no return and members of the Senate and the House sit on their butts and try to make Pres. Trump look like a lunatic. Wake up America; WE FINALLY HAVE A MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE WHO HAS THE BALLS TO CONFRONT THE ISSUE!!!

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      • Dancer
        Dancer June 06, 18:07

        That’s exactly right !!! We should be praising him, not condemning him. The condemnation is from those who are wanting personal gain – democratic victories, those wanting to come here, or those with family wanting to come here w/o going thru proper channels, those who have family. What part of “illegal” are people not understanding. What kind of country will this be when we do not enforce our laws ??

        Reply to this comment
    • CARLOS
      CARLOS June 11, 19:01


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