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De Blasio’s ‘No Bail’ Policy for Teens

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De Blasio’s ‘No Bail’ Policy for Teens

De Blasio’s ‘No Bail’ Policy for Teens
June 03
17:09 2019

It would appear that New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio’s new policy of emptying the city’s jails in favor of dumping teenage criminals onto the city streets will begin in earnest on Saturday.

According to the New York Post the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice will also “significantly” expand the number of adults eligible for the Mayor’s “no-bail” Supervised Release Program.

The Mayor’s desire to “more than triple” the current “no-bail” program of teens charged with serious crimes like armed robbery, assault and burglary, has drawn a firestorm of criticism from top prosecutors all over the city.

Nevertheless de Blasio’s policy changes which take effect this coming weekend allowing defendants between the ages of 16 and 19 to qualify for the program’s Youth Engagement Track, which is now capped at age 17, except in Brooklyn.

The program currently covers “high-risk” teens charged with misdemeanors or nonviolent felonies, however on Saturday all that changes to include first- and second-degree robbery, assault and burglary. Those offenses usually involve using deadly force upon a victim by brandishing a weapon, for the sole purpose of inflicting bodily injury.

Miriam Popper, executive director of diversion initiatives for the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice acknowledged “Based on 2017 bail numbers for the affected ages and charges, these changes should more than triple the number of defendants eligible for the Youth Engagement Track.”

De Blasio’s policy raises the guidelines for a defendant to officially be labeled a “high risk” for getting rearrested, by nearly doubling the number of “risk points” needed for that designation, from at least 5 to at least 9, which means that a young thug can virtually go on a mini crime spree, without going to jail, if he stays within those guidelines.

Also a defendant no longer needs to prove any “community ties” before arraignment to qualify for supervised release.

The expansion of the city’s Supervised Release Program is part of de Blasio’s controversial plan in shutting down Rikers Island jail complex, along with his long-shot presidential bid.

However, on Wednesday city prosecutors warned the City Council that de Blasio’s “get-out-of-jail” free card would endanger the entire criminal justice system, beginning with witnesses reluctantly coming forward to report crimes, or identify assailants, for fear of reprisals.

Bridget Brennan, the special narcotics prosecutor in New York City also warned that de Blasio has failed to allocate enough funding in his 2020 budget, concerning ­foreign cartels smuggling drugs into the city.

“New Yorkers will be shocked and dismayed come Jan. 1, 2020, when they wake up and discover that bail reform is not limited to low-level, nonviolent offenders,” Brennan said.

“State legislators have mandated the release of thousands of defendants charged with a multitude of serious crimes, including top narcotics crimes, with no possibility of a jail bail setting.”

Adding, “Those who stand to benefit . . . include members of ­foreign cartels sent to oversee million-dollar narcotics transactions, operators of large-scale drug packing mills that churn out tens of thousands of doses of heroin and fentanyl . . . and doctors who fuel addiction by illegally exchanging prescriptions for cash.”

Staten Island DA Michael McMahon also weighted in on de Blasio’s policy changes stating the new law shows a “serious lack of compassion for victims” since their names and contact information will now be disclosed to defense teams.

“Not only do these provisions threaten the safety of victims and witnesses, significantly more time, resources, and — most importantly,  funding will be required to ensure their safety throughout the criminal-justice process,” said McMahon.

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  1. Joe
    Joe June 04, 18:24

    Shoot to kill! See, “No arrest, no bail involved”.

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  2. Joanna
    Joanna June 04, 18:45

    This makes no sense at all! What is the deterrent to these kids if the only consequence is a slap on the wrist, “Just don’t do it again”?DeBlasio is nuts, but he knows he’s protected well, no doubt by armed security. Sick.

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  3. Billy Williams
    Billy Williams June 04, 19:03

    sure don’t need him in the White House

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  4. thinkr2
    thinkr2 June 04, 19:18

    When you push something underground, into a black market, you lose control.
    All drugs should be legalized and then controlled. That would take most of the money out of it and the cartels would collapse.
    Then access could be controlled as well as potency and quality.

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  5. Defiant One
    Defiant One June 04, 19:32

    Hey all of you dumb-ass, suicidal, useful idiots that keep voting these Godless, Satan worshiping, power-mad NWO-elitist ghouls such as this one in power just keep it up and you’ll get your death wish! Your aiding and abetting in your own demise but are too stupid to comprehend this reality !All of you have been given over to minds of reprobates that think EVIL is GOOD and GOOD is EVIL! You sheeple on the right, too: REVOLUTION will be the only SOLUTION against Them; keep deluding yourselves that it isn’t, fools, soon to be enslaved fools at that!

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