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Professor Dershowitz: Shame on Mueller

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Professor Dershowitz: Shame on Mueller

Professor Dershowitz: Shame on Mueller
May 31
16:05 2019

Alan Dershowitz, Professor of Law, at Harvard Law School tore into former special counsel Robert Mueller on Wednesday; moments after the partisan prosecutor concluded his 9 plus minutes of political posturing.

The highly regarded liberal attorney and Constitutional scholar wrote a lengthy op-ed for the Hill condemning Mueller for abusing the office of the special counsel, by turning it into a biased fishing expedition with one primary goal, to get the President at all cost.

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However when the Mueller probe failed the legal threshold of proving either conspiracy or collusion, Mueller perhaps pushed by his rabid staff of angry Democratic attorneys to do something, decided to hold a press conference and smear the President with allegations and innuendo, hoping perhaps to ignite fanatical and obsessed Democrats to begin an impeachment enquiry.

Dershowitz’s op-ed piece accurately tagged Mueller writing, “Until today, I have defended Mueller against the accusations that he is a partisan. I did not believe that he personally favored either the Democrats or the Republicans, or had a point of view on whether President Trump should be impeached. But I have now changed my mind. By putting his thumb, indeed his elbow, on the scale of justice in favor of impeachment based on obstruction of justice, Mueller has revealed his partisan bias. He also has distorted the critical role of a prosecutor in our justice system.”

The esteemed professor continues; “No responsible prosecutor should ever suggest that the subject of his investigation might indeed be guilty even if there was insufficient evidence or other reasons not to indict. Supporters of Mueller will argue that this is not an ordinary case that he is not an ordinary prosecutor and that President Trump is not an ordinary subject of an investigation. They are wrong. The rules should not be any different.”

Dershowitz appearing on Fox News after the Mueller press conference also reminded viewers that Attorney General Barr initially quoted Mueller directly from his report stating, “This report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”   

This prompted Dershowitz to conclude that Mueller preferred sitting on the fence, rather then make a definitive finding.  

“I thought it was a cop-out. For him to say that there was not enough evidence to indict, but it’s not an exoneration (on obstruction)…it sounds like a law school exam.

Adding, “That’s not the job of the prosecutor. The job of the prosecutor is to decide ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Make a decision. And then if you say ‘yes,’ you indict, if you say ‘no,’ you shut up.”

“You don’t go on and say, ‘no we’re not going to indict, but let tell me you all the evidence that might have led us to indict.’ That’s exactly what prosecutors shouldn’t do,’” Dershowitz concluded.

Dershowitz of course views the special counsel probe as an academic, citing legal issues and established guidelines and traditional legal principles. However even those of us without the benefit of a law degree can easily see the injustice of what has taken place.

Mueller within his 9-minute diatribe pointed out that under the rules of the Justice Department, he could not indict a sitting President. If that is indeed the case, then why did he agree to become the special counsel knowing that there was no endgame in sight?

Moreover why spend almost 40 million dollars, over two years of investigations, interviewing over 500 witnesses, demanding almost 2-million documents from the White House issuing over 500 search warrants and 2,800 subpoenas?

And remarkably ignoring the organ of the Russian collusion hoax and who actually paid for the discredited dossier to begin this probe, namely Hillary Clinton, Fusion GPS along with the Democratic National Committee.

Any reasonable individual witnessing this three-ring circus, can only conclude that the “deep-state” is in panic mode, doing everything possible to distract from what’s about to happen before the 2020 Presidential election, namely the IG report uncovering the potential abuses regarding the FISA warrants coupled with the AG investigation revealing how this mess got started. 

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  1. Letterman008
    Letterman008 June 05, 22:50

    Must commend Mr. Dershowitz on his forthright comments and it’s surprising t find a liberal who speaks the truth. Mueller has shown the true side of most liberals and that’s to lie, cheat and otherwise disrespect this country! Mueller is no more than a liberal WORM!!

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