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Dr. Leana Wen … the new face of Planned Parenthood

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Dr. Leana Wen … the new face of Planned Parenthood

Dr. Leana Wen … the new face of Planned Parenthood
May 23
13:26 2019

Dr. Leana Wen is the new president of Planned Parenthood replacing the controversial Cecile Richards at the head of the organization founded by racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger. Richards presided over the organization during one of its most disgraceful scandals – the selling of fetal body parts for medical experimentation.  It is widely speculated that Richards is planning a run for office.

Wen has an interesting personal narrative, as they say.  She was born in China in 1983 – at a time when pro-life President Reagan was in his third year in office – and brought to America by her parents as asylum seekers when she was 8 years old.  She has a distinguished academic career, graduating Summa Cum Laude from California State University at that age of 18.  She received a Doctor of Medicine from the Washington School of Medicine and has two Master’s degrees, one in Modern Chinese studies and the other in economic and social history from Merton College in Oxford, England where she was a Rhodes Scholar. She also met her future husband, Sebastian Walker, during her time in England.

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No getting around, it, Wen is one smart lady.

Just as some lawyers focus on lawyering and others trend toward politics and public policy, the same can be said for medical doctors – such as the current Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson and a scattering of medical practitioners who have served in Congress.

When Wen was faced with that decision, she opted for the public policy/political path when Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake appointed Wen as the city’s health commissioner.  Wen left her job in Baltimore to take over the reins of Planned Parenthood in November of 2018.

There are three elements of Wen’s life and career that make her as America’s number one promoter of abortions – her longstanding left-leaning political views, her frequent focus on women’s medical issues and her ethnic background.

Wen’s left-wing political views are a matter of history and record.  She has most frequently been used by Democrats as the voice of their political policies.  She has been given platforms by Congressman
Elijah Cummings and President Barack Obama.

Wen’s emphasis on women’s health issues was seen in her residency at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, adjacent to Harvard University.  She is a regular contributor to the gender-leaning Huffington Post. She frequently speaks and writes about women’s health.

Then there is the issue of her ethnic background.  Normally, that would be irrelevant – especially since she came to America as a young girl – although obviously and unusually mature in her knowledge and thinking to have graduated from college at an age when most were graduating from high school.

Wen was raised in a family and initially, in a society where abortion is not only legal, it is officially promoted and supported by the government.  In many cases, the abortions are the result of pressure or force – not much different than Planned Parenthood in Sanger’s day when southern Democrat administrations promoted abortion as a form of genocide.  In the case of China, it was justified as a method to control population.  Ironically, it was the unborn females that were the preferred abortees – leaving China today with a shortage of women.

For Wen and her family, abortion was not morally wrong, but a good public policy.  Wen’s continued devotion to Chinese culture – obviously including abortion – is seen in her decision to gain one of her master degrees in Chinese history and the fact that she currently serves on the China Medical Board, which provides health advocacy services to the Middle Kingdom and throughout Southeast Asia.

As with all abortion proponents, Wen creates a false equivalence between the number of currently legal abortions and the number of women who did – or would again – seek the proverbial “back alley abortions.”  The only real issue is whether the human fetus as right and protections as a member of a civilized society.  When it comes to fundamental moral issues enshrined in law, we do not make the errant behavior legal just because people break the law.  Even considering those who might break the law – and the even fewer who will suffer medical complications, including death, it is not morally sound to sacrifice tens of millions of healthy and viable fetus as a means of absolving those who would break the law at their own risk.

Wen proffers the argument that the abortion restriction laws are an attempt by some imaginary patriarchy attempting to subjugate women.  That may have political gravitas with the radical feminist, but it is simply a bogus and divisive argument.

But Wen goes even further in her pushback against the growing number of laws restricting and selectively outlawing abortions by claiming they are an assault on all of a woman’s.  She claims that it is an assault on women’s full range of health issues – the many other health services provided by Planned Parenthood.  That is the argument of a propagandist, not a medical practitioner.  It is designed to recruit pro-life women – or at least those uncertain of their position — to the cause.  She claims the laws are an assault on a woman’s “bodily economy” – whatever the hell that means.

With most Americans opposed to late-term abortion, Wen is quick to note that the vast majority of abortions occur within the first 21 weeks.  Of course, that still is not justification for the thousands of late -term abortions and even those out-of-the-womb “abortions – better known as infanticide.

Wen claims that there are no laws – other than abortion restrictions – that regulate healthcare.  Yep!  She actually said that.  For someone who has been in the medical field all her life, she must know that healthcare is among the MOST regulated facets of our daily life.  Geez!

Wen is the first medical doctor to head Planned Parenthood in more than 50 years – virtually from the time that Roe v. Wade was decided by the Supreme Court.  For many Americans, this puts her at odds with the Hippocratic Oath to never to do harm.  Ironically, she now heads an organization one of the main purposes of which is to terminate human life.  There is something very wrong about that.

So, there ‘tis.

About Author

Larry Horist

Larry Horist

Larry Horist is a conservative activist with an extensive background in economics, public policy and politics. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman, as well as the White House. He has testified as an expert witness before legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress, and lectured at major colleges and universities. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He can be reached at lph@thomasandjoyce.com.

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  1. mspidge
    mspidge May 26, 20:26


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  2. Defiant One
    Defiant One May 26, 23:48

    Oh yeah, she’s smart(ass)but she’s definitely not wise; she’ll have a lot of explaining to do come judgment day! She won’t be so smart then, I guarantee you that!

    Reply to this comment
    • Mike S
      Mike S May 28, 20:35

      I envision a lot of yelling and screaming on that day. Also, a lot of oh oh, we screwed up.

      Reply to this comment
  3. Anthony
    Anthony May 27, 02:49

    I don’t understand how she managed to come to America as an asylum seeker. From what you’ve told us about her political credentials she’d be perfectly at home back in China. Apart from that apparent contradiction, there’s something particularly odious about immigrants to western countries who seek to undermine and subvert our traditional liberties and respect for human life.

    Reply to this comment
    • Dedeye
      Dedeye May 27, 11:30

      Why was she brought here by her parents? The bottom line is…. It’s all about MONEY to be made in the great USA. Something that can’t be done easily in her homeland.

      Reply to this comment
      • Kurt
        Kurt May 27, 13:00

        Good background article on Dr. Wen. A strategic choice by PP as well. Be prepared for a lot of reference to “medical science “ and “health care”. A lot of doublespeak about the rarity of late term Abortion but absolute resistance to any regulations. Emphasis on rape and incest (< 2% of abortions) but more on access to health care.

        I anticipate she’ll get visibility at AMA and other medical groups because of their left leaning staff, and the culture in many organizations – many pro-life docs bailed on these groups, leaving the field open for the liberal extremists. But don’t disregard her power to be an articulate voice.

        She may not be here today if the pro-abortion culture her parents fled had its way, but she won’t admit this. Her minimal clinical experience needs to be emphasized. Her reliance on “political science” will need to be called out early and often, and countered with good research.

        I regularly see abortion and access to health care linked, as if the absence of the latter justifies the former.

        This also means that the Pro-Life community must advocate and make very evident its work with the underserved and disenfranchised, and the work that groups such as Catholic Charities and Thrive do.

        They have chosen a very articulate, educated, and well-credentialed spokesperson. We need to recognize this and prepare for how her leadership will be used.

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  4. Anthony
    Anthony May 27, 20:51

    “When it comes to fundamental moral issues enshrined in law, we do not make the errant behavior legal just because people break the law.”

    Exactly. We might as well make murder “safe and legal” by eliminating “back alley” murders and ensuring that all murders are conducted humanely and under proper supervision.

    Reply to this comment
    UNCLE VLADDI May 28, 03:15

    She’s not “smart” she’s indoctrinated. All Rhodes Scholars are globalist shills. She may be intelligent (have a good memory and speed of thought) but never “smart,” per se – especially as stupidity itself is a symptom of the “cognitively dissonant” divisive nature of one’s chosen hypocrisy.

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