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Stunning: Nearly 70% of Democrats believe socialism is good for America

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Stunning: Nearly 70% of Democrats believe socialism is good for America

Stunning: Nearly 70% of Democrats believe socialism is good for America
May 22
18:50 2019

It would appear that Democrats haven’t been paying much attention to the video news clips coming out of Venezuela lately, or perhaps they’re responding to the Trump economy, by simply latching on to the concept of socialism as a counter to the Presidents booming economy or anything that makes the President look good.

One would imagine if the President suddenly exposed Bernie’s believe in socialism, deranged Democrats would suddenly switch and be for capitalism, that’s how demented Democrats have become lately.

Still regardless of their motives behind the Gallup poll, one thing is certain, as of this moment 70% of Democrats say “some form of socialism” would be a “good thing” for the U.S.

However a majority of 51% of Americans who apparently aren’t suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, say embracing socialism would be a bad thing for the country.

Compare that number with just 25% of Democrats agreeing with the majority stating that some form of socialism would be “a bad thing for the country as a whole.”

The poll which was released on Monday also surveyed Republicans and found that among that group over 84% said that embracing some form of socialism would be bad for the U.S., while a plurality of independents, roughly 48%, said the same.

The dilemma for leaders within the Democratic Party is to appear to be in control of those extremists within the party who’ve advocated everything from dismantling our entire economic infrastructure on a far-out adolescent proposal dubbed “The Green New Deal” to restructuring our entire healthcare system with something called “Medicare For All” which happens to the brainchild of Socialist and Presidential contender Bernie Sanders. His proposal would in effect displace over 150 million individuals currently benefiting from their private employer sponsored health insurance plans, to a government controlled healthcare system, with an estimated cost of over $33 trillion dollars, which by all accounting estimates would be virtually impossible to fund.

These insane proposals are now a part of Democratic talking points by a majority of Presidential candidates, regardless if they’re officially sanctioned or not.

Most critical thinking individuals assume that if a Democratic candidate should win in 2020, the Trump tax cuts would be rescinded, taxes across the board would rise dramatically; restrictive mandates would once again be imposed on businesses, and the immigration issue would continue to be ignored, and most assuredly our 2nd Amendment would be under siege.

Of course House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is attempting to spin the facts, regardless of what most Americans are actually witnessing in real time, stating “I do reject socialism as an economic system. If people have that view, that’s their view. That is not the view of the Democratic Party.”

The survey, which was conducted April 17-30 and had a margin of error of 6%, marked even more enthusiastic support for socialism among Democrats than in Gallup’s 2018 survey on the same subject.

Then Democrats favored socialism by 57% compared to the latest survey of 70% which also marks the first time Democrats have a more favorable view of socialism than capitalism.

However another poll, this one conducted by Fox in January found that 40% of Democrats thought that socialism was a “good thing” for “the United States, while 34% of Democrats thought it was a “bad thing.”

In yet another poll on the subject, this one conducted by a GOP firm called  Public Opinion Strategies found Democrats by a margin of 77 to 19% favored more socialism within the U.S.


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  1. jwDWP
    jwDWP May 24, 18:48

    Capitalism is going the way of the dinosaur! In the beginning of our Country, it worked fine,UNTIL corporations and the wealthy profited at the expense of the common people. Now, witness the result! Special interest groups and wall street buying our Politicians AND our elections, the rich getting richer while the poor are getting poorer! stagnant wages while the cost of living keeps rising higher, student debt across the Country at never before seen levels! This is only the tip of the iceberg here! Maybe the idea behind capitalism was that by keeping government SMALL, and allowing corporations and the wealthy to regulate themselves, this would be LIBERTY and FREEDOM? That is not the case circa 2019 AD! Through Socialism, America will not only TRULY be “Great Again” it will become EVEN GREATER!! than it has EVER been before!! Why? you ask,because with bigger government and tighter regulations on Wall Street and corporations, the American people will finally get ahead in life! Health care will be a right of EVERY citizen, rather than people who are already struggling to make ends meet, faced with growing medical debt! The same is true with college tuition! Education should not be a PRIVILEGE but a RIGHT. Let us either work across the aisle to make this truly a nation of “By the people for the people” rather than by the rich for the rich.

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    • The Truth
      The Truth July 20, 18:52

      WOW! I don’t know where to begin.The person who answers to jwDWP is so, so very misinformed.Thinking that a country, any country , will become even greater if they switch to socialism, is sheer nonsense and it not a fact according to history. Look at the failures of the socialist and Communist countries.The only reason that people today do not get ahead is primarily because they choose not to do so.Any one can go to college and get an education and not be saddled with tremendous debt if they choose to give something for the money they receive. Many do not want to do that.So with socialism they get it free, an abundance of money to go to college. Also enough to party long enough to fail your courses in some aspects. But when you get the money free, someone else is paying your way. eventually that load gets old to people they too become “takers” like you are and no one works The government does not make any money, so when you do not work and pay in your taxes they have no money. This eventually leads to third world countries and a corrupt and bankrupt country. And you have the ignorance to say this is a better way than capitalism? What a joke and a down right lie.

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  2. Attila the Hun
    Attila the Hun May 24, 19:25

    The problem is that most people don’t know the difference between socialism, fascism, nazism, communism and globalism. The USA became socialist about a 100 years ago when income tax was introduced, more so when social security became mandatory. We entered fascism when the government started telling us how to run our businesses via thousands of regulations and taxes. We are in the middle of nazism (see Democrat Party) questioning the Constitution,promoting Antisemitism, Globalism. We are on our way to Communism. Bernie Sanders is a Communist. Venezuela, Cuba, N.Korea are Communist. Woodrow Wilson was Socialist, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was Fascist. The current Democrat Party is a mixture of Fascists and Nazis. The extreme far left Socialist Democrats (AOC types) are Communists, going on Globalists.

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  3. JRC
    JRC May 24, 20:47

    I vote no to Socialism, we have seen what happened to other Countries as if they dont care about American Citizens, Veterans and Active Duty, and now requesting Sherrifs to Resign due to upholding the Constitution, and their Oaths of Office. Leave the Constitution alone. You will not get my vote and will stand up to oppression. As Retired Military and a Reired DoD Employee. What has happened to this Great Country, Home of the Brave and free our Costitutional Rights are being violated. I worked for both sides which was in benefit of All American’s Citizens. We need both Parties to come together on mutual grounds and get on with moving the Government along, its hurting the real American Citizens that do care about out Country. We will stand strong for what’s right when it comes down to it. The people real American citizens will not vote for people’s rights that go against everything we believe in. I swore and Oath more than multiple times to hold my Oath of Position or Office as a soldier and DoD/OSD and Stewart of Government funds protecting the Tax payers. I was part of a Great (AA) Team no matter what race or creed we were all brothers and stood strong together.

    v/r JRC

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