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Turncoat RINO Calls for Trump’s Impeachment, Faces Fierce Firestorm

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Turncoat RINO Calls for Trump’s Impeachment, Faces Fierce Firestorm

Turncoat RINO Calls for Trump’s Impeachment, Faces Fierce Firestorm
May 21
15:27 2019

The backlash was quick and predictable after a little known Republican congressmen sided with rabid Democrats calling for the Impeachment of President Trump

Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) on Saturday took to Twitter and began to explain his convoluted logic almost mirroring the exact political talking points of those extremists within the Democratic Party.

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According to Amash, Attorney General William Barr “deliberately misrepresented Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report” into the alleged collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

The Congressman perhaps looking for a little publicity said he came to the conclusion after reading the entire redacted Mueller report and discussing the case with his staff.

He concludes that although the Constitution doesn’t actually define what constitutes “high crimes and misdemeanors” he nevertheless suggests that “the context implies conduct that violates the public trust.”

Amash then proceeds to lay out 4-instences for impeachment, drawing on some ill-founded and factually incorrect conclusions posting.

“Here are my principal conclusions:
1. Attorney General Barr has deliberately misrepresented Mueller’s report.
2. President Trump has engaged in impeachable conduct.
3. Partisanship has eroded our system of checks and balances.
4. Few members of Congress have read the report.”

— Justin Amash (@justinamash) May 18, 2019

Moments later Amash sends out another tweet, “I offer these conclusions only after having read Mueller’s redacted report carefully and completely, having read or watched pertinent statements and testimony, and having discussed this matter with my staff, who thoroughly reviewed materials and provided me with further analysis.”

— Justin Amash (@justinamash) May 18, 2019

The post quickly went viral, with President Trump tweeting out Sunday morning;

“Never a fan of @justinamash, a total lightweight who opposes me and some of our great Republican ideas and policies just for the sake of getting his name out there through controversy. If he actually read the biased Mueller Report, “composed” by 18 Angry Dems who hated Trump,….”

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 19, 2019

However Trump wasn’t the only Republican condemning Amash’s false premise concerning the Mueller Report.

Michigan GOP state Rep. Jim Lower told the Detroit Free Press on Monday that he’ll challenge Amash’s 3rd Congressional District seat, which he’s held since 2011.

Stating, “I am a pro-Trump, pro-life, pro-jobs, pro-second amendment, pro-family values Republican,” Lowe said in a statement Sunday. “Justin Amash’s tweets yesterday calling for President Trump’s impeachment show how out of touch he is with the truth and how out of touch he is with people he represents.”

Lower confided to reporters that he had already been planning to run for the seat and was going to make an announcement in July, but decided to jump in earlier after reading Amash’s outlandish remarks.

Republican National Committee Chairman Ronna McDaniel also weighted in after reading Amash’s tweets and released the following statement about the situation, condemning Amash’s calls that “parrot the Democrats’ talking points on Russia.”

“It’s sad to see Congressman Amash parroting the Democrats’ talking points on Russia. The only people still fixated on the Russia collusion hoax are political foes of President Trump hoping to defeat him in 2020 by any desperate means possible. Voters in Amash’s district strongly support this President, and would rather their Congressman work to support the President’s policies that have brought jobs, increased wages and made life better for Americans.”

Amash promotes himself as a Libertarian, and is often at odds with the Presidents immigration policies. The 36-year old Grand Rapids native is a first generation Muslim/American, his father was a Palestinian refugee and his mother emigrated from Syria.

Which might explain his opposition to the President’s first travel ban in January regarding certain countries the President felt should be temporarily denied access into America because of questionable or none existent documentation.

Amash conclusions regarding the travel ban, “President Trump’s executive order overreaches and undermines our constitutional system. It’s not lawful to ban immigrants on the basis of nationality. If the president wants to change immigration law, he must work with Congress.”

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  1. Billy Williams
    Billy Williams May 22, 18:28

    There is a simple solution to the problem. Turn over the documents, let everybody testify and let the Democrats lose the 2020 election since they will look so stupid. BUT,BUT,BUT does TRUMP have anything he don,t want the voters to know about? These things usually have endings and the truth will come roaring out or the Dem will look stupid.

    Reply to this comment
    • Istillbelieve
      Istillbelieve May 22, 18:48

      Does Amash pointing out the things that the base refuses to acknowledge make him a turncoat or a true patriot? Possibly a turncoat to the party, but a true patriot to the country. As Billy Williams pointed out in the above comment, there is a simple solution to the problem.

      Reply to this comment
    • Not a Stupid American
      Not a Stupid American May 22, 18:59

      What are these elected officials (democrats doing?)
      $40 million for a probe which proved no wrong doing and now they want another investigation?
      How can we be sooo stupid and blind ?
      Wake up Americans kick out all these Democrats especially Schumer ,Nader and Ocasio Cortez.

      Reply to this comment
    • Joz
      Joz May 22, 19:09

      “I don’t do cover-ups” President said!

      Reply to this comment
      • booker
        booker May 22, 19:45

        Do cover-ups include the Stormy Daniels saga? It seems strange that out of all the women who have accused him of less than gentlemanly acts, he would feel compelled to pay this one off. You can’t help but be curious if there might not be more. Also, the info bought out by NATIONAL ENQUIRER could be interesting. Who knows?

        Reply to this comment
        • Doug Corrigan
          Doug Corrigan May 23, 08:30

          Stormy Daniels lost in court and must pay Trump hundreds of thousands.

          You lose again.

          Reply to this comment
          • booker
            booker May 23, 17:38

            I’m not sure I understand how I lose — I’m asking a question.

  2. radman414
    radman414 May 22, 19:56

    Amash is an uneducated idiot when it comes to the inherent powers of the president…who has the legal authority to block entry into this country by ANY person…or ANY group of persons if there is a national security interest.

    1. Attorney General Barr has deliberately misrepresented Mueller’s report.

    Not according to Mr. Mueller!

    2. President Trump has engaged in impeachable conduct.

    Specifically what?

    3. Partisanship has eroded our system of checks and balances.

    True, but that’s not Trump’s fault. Obama and his merry band of leftist sycophants were the most divisive (and corrupt) administration in history.

    4. Few members of Congress have read the report.”

    That was THEIR choice! Trump couldn’t stop the committee heads from reading the UNredacted report, but “Schiffless” and “No-Nads” Nadler chose not to read it.

    Reply to this comment
  3. Doug Corrigan
    Doug Corrigan May 23, 08:53

    This report on Amash is as warped as the site’s frequently anti-Semitic comments about Israel and Jews in general.
    Justin Amash, for example, is not a Muslim. In fact, Amash — whose parents are both Christian — attended Kelloggsville (Michigan) Christian School and was valedictorian of his graduating class at Grand Rapids (Michigan) Christian High School.
    He does NOT prattle constantly about libertarianism but that’s obviously his driving ideology.
    He posted the most conservative voting record of any Michigan congressman for years as rated by such sources as the American Conservative Union, the Heritage Foundation and Mark Levin’s Conservative Review. To my knowledge that hasn’t changed.
    Amash was one of two dozen U.S. reps to oppose John Boehner’s continued reign as House majority leader because Boehner was such a RINO. In reprisal Boehner relieved Amash of committee assignments and other congressional prerogatives.
    I’m opposed to Amash’s divisive tactics despite general agreement with his support of limited government.
    My own opinion is that Amash is hitting back at Trump for asking Republicans in Amash’s district to primary him out of office or let a Demn win the general election. Trump even threatened to campaign for any Republican who contested his seat in the GOP primary.
    At that time it was clear that the only GOPer who could unseat Amash would be a RINO, though Amash’s public statements since then have probably made him vulnerable to conservative challengers.
    And why did Trump make Amash his whipping boy two years ago? Because Amash, along with other diehard conservatives in the House, refused to accept Trump’s supposed “repeal” of Obamacare, which in actuality was only the stripping away of 10 or 15 percent of Obamacare.
    Amash and the House Conservative Caucus wanted FULL repeal, which Trump opposed. Had Trump not mucked up the situation, Obamacare would have been repealed at the outset.
    Trump singled out two House Republicans for bullying, with Amash being one of them. Now Amash sucker-punched Trump in the same way. Both should grow up.

    Reply to this comment
  4. Mike S
    Mike S May 28, 20:37

    If I could, I’d kick his ass with the toe of my boot.

    Reply to this comment

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