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SHOWDOWN: President asserts executive privilege over Mueller Report

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SHOWDOWN: President asserts executive privilege over Mueller Report

SHOWDOWN: President asserts executive privilege over Mueller Report
May 10
19:20 2019

President Trump faced with a rabid House of partisan Democrats bent on holding Attorney General Bill Barr in contempt of Congress on Wednesday for defying a subpoena demanding that the Attorney General actually break federal statute by providing unredacted, grand jury testimony and underlying documents from the Mueller Report. Had no recourse but to assert “executive privilege” over special counsel Mueller’s report, after talks broke down late Tuesday evening between the White House and crazed House Democrats asking them to postpone their contempt vote against the AG.

However the contempt vote is merely a smokescreen for Democrats seeking revenge against the AG, for deciding in favor of the President, regarding the issue of obstruction, and perhaps, more importantly, to hurt and discredit Barr’s credibility for the future.

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Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd notified the House Judiciary Committee regarding the President invoking “executive privilege in a letter delivered Wednesday morning, as the committee was poised to vote on a contempt citation against the AG.

“We are disappointed that you have rejected the Department of Justice’s request to delay the vote of the Committee on the Judiciary on a contempt finding against the Attorney General this morning,” Boyd wrote, adding that the committee has “terminated our ongoing negotiations and abandoned the accommodation process” related to the subpoena.

The letter continued, “Unfortunately, rather than allowing negotiations to continue, you scheduled an unnecessary contempt vote, which you refused to postpone to allow additional time for compromise,” Boyd wrote Wednesday morning. “Accordingly, this is to advise you that the President has asserted executive privilege over the entirety of the subpoenaed materials. As I indicated in my letter to you last night, this protective assertion of executive privilege ensures the President’s ability to make a final decision whether to assert privilege following a full review of these materials.”

By invoking “executive privilege” the President protects the AG, while taking control over the Mueller Report and all of the documents associated with it.

Ironically the documents in question have always been available to select House members for review;  under current law those documents cannot be disclosed to the public, which brings into question why are Democrats attempting to hold the Attorney General in contempt of Congress, for faithfully following the law?

The answer should surprise no one, in that the Attorney General was given a slippery hand by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who refused to do his sworn duty as a special prosecutor to either indict or acquit an individual based on the evidence, Mueller did nether concerning the issue of obstruction.

Instead, he did what no other worthwhile and seasoned prosecutor would dare do, by purposely politicizing the issue by willfully conflating his intent in a series of ten “what if” obstruction charges neatly laid out, leaving it up to both the Attorney General, and the Deputy Attorney General to render a final decision.

However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg for disillusioned Democrats, in that their biggest fear is that the AG will make good on his promise to investigate the investigators concerning how this Russian collusion hoax started.

By smearing Barr now, at the outset of his investigation, Democrats preempt the probe by attempting to discredit him similar to how Democrats almost derailed the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

However this “smoking gun” as two barrels, both of which will coincide with Barr’s investigation, the first is the President’s promise to declassify all of the documents pertaining to the FISA warrants, the other is the IG report slated to be released within the next month or so.

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  1. William
    William May 12, 19:56

    I hope the U.S. Citizens see how corrupt the Democraps are and what they are trying to do to our country.

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  2. Phil in TX
    Phil in TX May 12, 21:13

    The Demsheviks will come to regret their actions in the not too distant future, mark my words.

    Phil in TX

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  3. toddy
    toddy May 12, 23:46

    Collusiion and Obstruction started with the DNC and the Clinton Campaign…. they affectively politicized the FBI and the DOJC’mon that should be obvious by now to even the lowest of information voters. Latest political slogan goes like this…..’HILLARY TO THE PILLORY’

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