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Pelosi: President is goading us to impeach him

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Pelosi: President is goading us to impeach him

Pelosi: President is goading us to impeach him
May 10
19:37 2019

It was without a doubt one of the strangest news conferences to date, even for Nancy Pelosi.

The House Speaker appearing a bit (uncharacteristically), disheveled took to the mike accusing the President of “goading” Democrats to impeach him from office “because he thinks it will help him fire up his base.”

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The 78-year old lawmaker appearing at times disorientated attempted to weave another conspiracy theory, which seems to be the hallmark of House Democrats of late.

Nancy doing her best interpretation of a “used car salesmen” leaned over slightly, as if quietly offering a buyer a deal, expressively waving her arms for emphasis stating, “Don’t tell anybody I told you this: Trump is goading us to impeach him.”

Appearing at an event hosted by Cornell University in New York City Pelosi continued, “That’s what he’s doing. Every single day, he’s just like, taunting and taunting and taunting.”

Adding, “We can’t impeach him for political reasons, and we can’t not impeach him for political reasons. “We have to see where the facts take us.”

The “facts” of which Nancy speaks of has already been rendered by the “witch hunt” known as the Mueller Report concluding that there was “no collusion” and “no obstruction.”

However in the wacky wonderful world of delusional Democrats, collusion or obstruction need not be based on fact, but rather on feelings, thus Nancy and company need to keep “THEIR BASE” fired up concerning the possibility of impeachment.

Pelosi is walking a very narrow tightrope between freshman socialists and anti-Semite lawmakers and those few within her party that are a bit more moderate.

While Pelosi is correct that attempting to impeach the President based on “nothing” is without a doubt a dangerous recipe and indeed a “gift to Republicans.” The truth of the matter is that the President’s base regardless what Democrats cook up, is solid.

Moreover the President’s approval rating as of today stands around 53%, astoundingly 7% higher then Barack Obama, perhaps the most pampered President of all time, thanks to the mainstream media.

However, many of her Democratic colleagues have continued to push for impeaching Trump, such as Texas Democratic Rep. Al Green who is at odds with the Speaker, vowing to continue pushing for impeachment regardless.

And while House Democrats struggle to couple together enough votes to impeach, not one (thus far) Presidential candidate has uttered the “I” word on the campaign trail, which illustrates just how unusually divided Democrats are on this subject.

The Speaker at a previous press conference acknowledged that impeaching Trump was “not a priority” after the Presidents personal lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations.

Remarkably only days after the President was sworn in as the 45th Chief Executive of the nation, Democrats within the House began floating out impeachment, primarily instigated by once again Texas Rep. Al Green, who has called for impeaching of the President almost ever time he speaks on Senate floor.

Which no doubt has given Pelosi a few sleepless nights, and which she has also addressed in a recent interview with USA Today regarding how some House members have “wanted to impeach the President since the day he got elected.”

Adding, “You’re wasting your time, unless the evidence is so conclusive that the Republicans will understand. Otherwise, it’s a gift to the President. We take our eye off the ball.”

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  1. Fire21
    Fire21 May 23, 17:43

    Pelosi and Schumer are proof positive that there needs to be an upper age limit on elected legislators. Their minds are shot! But at the same time, President Trump’s is as sharp as a new knife. It must be the leftist influence on the brain that does it!

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