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U.S. Census Bureau – Immigration responsible for half of the country’s population growth

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U.S. Census Bureau – Immigration responsible for half of the country’s population growth

U.S. Census Bureau – Immigration responsible for half of the country’s population growth
May 03
17:23 2019

According to U.S. Census Bureau data, immigration to the country is now driving nearly half of all population growth instead of increased birth rates among the native population.

The most recent Census Bureau estimates on the U.S. population show that around 48.5 percent of all population growth has been propelled by the country’s mass illegal and legal immigration policy which admits over 1.5 million foreigners into the country every single year.

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Some have referred to this policy as ‘replacement migration’. However, the concept remains a source of controversy.

Even if the United States at one point was a nation of settlers like conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter purports, that’s quickly changing. The country is well on its way to truly becoming a nation of immigrants.

An Axios analysis by Stef Knight also details the growing percentage to which mass immigration is increasingly driving population growth around the United States. For example, since 2011, the degree to which immigration has accounted for total population growth has risen by over 13 percent.

The population of nine percent of U.S. counties is growing almost entirely due to immigration, according to an analysis carried out by the Wall Street Journal. This means that nine percent of counties in the country have birth rates that fail to outpace the yearly number of deaths in the same area.

Similarly, over half of all population growth in states like Ohio, Michigan, Virginia, Kansas, Florida, and others, can be can be attributed to immigration, according to the same analysis done by the Wall Street Journal.

Although globalist politicians and media figures constantly tout that the United States and other western nations must admit millions of immigrants each year in order to offset declining birth rates, researchers have revealed that growing the immigrant population have an inconsequential impact on birth rates.

This year, in his latest study, Director of Research for the Center for Immigration Studies Steven Camarota found that, “immigrant fertility has only a small impact on the nation’s overall birth rate,” indicating that immigrants in the U.S. only raise the country’s birth rate by a mere two births per 1,000 women.

In the study, Camarota notes, “Immigration has a minor impact because the difference between immigrant and native fertility is too small to significantly change the nation’s overall birth rate.

“Immigration has a minor impact because the difference between immigrant and native fertility is too small to significantly change the nation’s overall birth rate,” Camarota noted in the study.

If immigration levels continue to grow at their current trajectory, the population of the United States is expected to reach an unprecedented 404 million people by the year 2060. Of that 404 million, the foreign-born population would account for 69 million people – almost 1/5 of the entire population.

Although neoliberal globalist politicians and media pundits would have you believe otherwise, there’s absolutely nothing forcing the U.S. to rapidly increase its total resident population and foreign-born population. In the past, legal immigration moratoriums have been enacted so as to give new arrivals time to appropriately assimilate to the American way of life.

Pausing all immigration into the United States would work to stabilize the total population to around 329 million – right around where it’s at now – in the next 40 years. This way, the U.S. may be able to avoid some of the troubles that countries like Germany and Sweden have struggled with due taking in huge numbers of immigrants who remain unassimilated.



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  1. Frank
    Frank May 05, 19:37

    I am on the author’s side of this problem. However, paragraph 6 is a non-sequitur. The second sentence, which begins with “This means,” does not follow from the first sentence. Population growth statistics by themselves tell us nothing about birth and death rates.

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  2. olc
    olc May 05, 20:20

    This differs quite a bit from the projections of Pew Research, who show that almost all the US population growth from 2015 to 2065 is due to immigration.

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  3. Theresa Grieshaber
    Theresa Grieshaber May 06, 05:28

    The reason immigration has been “paused” as you say, has nothing to do with a benign interest in giving immigrants time to assimilate in previous eras like the 1920’s. It was good old fashioned fear of foreigners by native born Americans. Many arrivals were Jews, Italians, and other non-Protestants. The KKK and many Republican pols played on WASP fears that they were losing “their “ country. Congress passed restrictive immigration laws. You NEED to visit your public library. Go to the Dewey number 973.9 for American history.

    Reply to this comment
    • Mark
      Mark May 06, 09:36

      “The KKK and many Republican pols. . .”

      Excuse me, but it was always, ALWAYS the Democrats who were allied with the KKK, not the Republicans, which was founded as an abolitionist party. Maybe you should go to the library yourself.

      Reply to this comment

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