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May Day Protests: Radical-left Antifa members rush Paris hospital threatening workers and patients

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May Day Protests: Radical-left Antifa members rush Paris hospital threatening workers and patients

May 03
18:09 2019

During the May Day riots in Paris this weekend, a mob of radical-left black bloc activists rushed the intensive care unit of the hospital, with employees claiming that the extremists threatened them with violence and put their sick patients in danger.

According to Pitie-Salpetriere hospital director Marie-Anne Ruder, between 15 and 30 black-clad far-left extremists made “violent and threatening gestures” to staff members who faced up to the mob’s attempted intrusion. Ruder said that she was ‘shocked’ to see anarchists targeting a hospital during the protests which descended into riots, Ouest France reports.

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Later the same day, France’s Interior Minister Christophe Castaner visited the hospital and described the event in severe terms, saying that extremists from the far-left had ‘attacked’ the medical center, and that members of French security forces had informed him that approximately 30 people were arrested as a result.

Agnès Buzyn, France’s Health Minister, also expressed shock and bewilderment, saying, “We would not like to believe it. We would like to think that violence cannot target everything. To go after a hospital is unspeakable.”

Martin Hirsh, Director-General of Public Assistance for Hospitals of Paris said that black bloc intruders tried to break into a surgical ward while staff were holding the door with all the force they could shouting ‘be careful, there are patients here.’ He added that computer equipment in another part of the hospital was damaged, and “the consequences could have been very serious,” according to a report by AP Paris.

Just before the attack and subsequent intrusion, a riot police officer was admitted to the hospital after being hit in the head with a slab of concrete. Although Mr. Hirsh refused to speculate as to whether Antifa members were looking for him or other fleeing officers, others have suggested that this was indeed the reason for the anarchists’ presence at the hospital in the first place.

An estimated 300 arrests of violent far-left extremists and others were made during this year’s May Day riots in Paris. This stands in stark contrast to the arrest of about 100 people last year, which the British Times reported was the worst on a May Day protest since 1968 itself.

Vast swaths of Paris were locked down as an unprecedented 7,400 police officers were called out on to the streets.

Black bloc Antifa members have been widely blamed for much of the street violence and vandalism that has gone on during the twenty consecutive weeks of Yellow Vest protests against French President Emmanuel Macron.



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  1. Defiant One
    Defiant One May 06, 19:27

    The pseudo-intellectual,sissified, PUNK-A$$ES are getting what they deserve for appeasing violence! They see it and still want to deny it – what A$$-HOLES!

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  2. Invisible menace
    Invisible menace May 06, 19:38

    Thank god we have a second amendment. I have NO qualms about sending people who endanger me and my family home in a bodybag. Then it’s time to go after their families for not raising them right.

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