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Mitch may use Nuclear Option in confirming Trump nominees

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Mitch may use Nuclear Option in confirming Trump nominees

Mitch may use Nuclear Option in confirming Trump nominees
April 06
10:30 2019

Whatever the reason, some Republicans unlike their political counterparts, seem always reluctant to follow through with a principled course of action, opting instead for a “politically correct process.”

A prime example of that was the recent vote within the Senate concerning the President’s video regarding his call for a national emergency at our southern border, in which 12-Republicans conflated the constitutional powers given to the executive branch, by using the pretense of separation of powers, in order to vote against the President. While stating at the same time, they believe “in principle” the Presidents desire to secure the border.

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That same mind-numbing logic by Republicans has prevailed since the day Donald Trump became President.

The issue (like many) is the Presidents ability to govern within a timely fashion and the willful obstruction by Democrats in denying this President the nominees he’s chosen to assist him in running the government.

On Tuesday the Senate failed to pass a procedural cloture vote that would have cut the time Democrats have to purposely filibuster the Presidents nominees on the Senate floor.

Making it possible for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to use the much talked about “nuclear option” to change Senate rules, however, the only sticking point to Mitch’s plan, may be those “fair-weather”

Republican’s that may once again conflate “political process” with a “principled course of action.”

The motion to invoke cloture on the motion to proceed was shut down by a 51 to 48 vote.

However, the cloture needed 60 “no” votes to fail. Leaving McConnell with an option to enter a motion to reconsider the failed cloture vote, this will likely be voted on later in the week.

If Republicans have the backbone and the will to vote in favor of the “nuclear option” thus cutting the time Democrats’ can purposely obstruct a nominee from a stunning 30-hours down to 2-hours, allowing the President to finally get his candidates working.

Republicans only need 51 votes to confirm a Trump nominee after the rules change.

McConnell usually reserved in his condemnation of Democrats, took a page out of the Commander in Chiefs playbook calling the actions of Democrats a “systematic obstruction” on the Senate floor.

Adding, “It is not targeted, thoughtful opposition to a few marquee nominations or rare circumstances. But a grinding, across-the-board effort to delay and obstruct the people this President puts up, even if they have unquestionable qualifications, even if the job is relatively low-profile.”

Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley also weighted in taking direct aim at the leadership within Democratic Party, “Over the past two years, some in this body have decided that they will oppose any nominee suggested by President Trump.

There isn’t a senator in this room who serves their state’s interest when qualified, no controversial nominees are prevented from being confirmed,” Grassley said on the Senate floor Tuesday. “However, some members continue to do just that by slow walking the President’s nominees for partisan purposes.”

The President also weighted in on Tuesday, taking twitter posting, “For FAR TOO LONG Senate Democrats have been obstructing more than 350 Nominations. These great Americans left their jobs to serve our Country, but can’t because Dems are blocking them, some for two years-historic record. Passed committees, but Schumer putting them on hold. Bad!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 2, 2019

There are roughly an additional 700 key executive branch nominations that still need to be confirmed, under the classification of “awaiting nomination.” The list includes Cabinet secretaries, deputy and assistant secretaries, chief financial officers, general counsel, heads of agencies, ambassadors and other critical leadership positions.

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  1. Lou J
    Lou J April 06, 19:20

    Mr. Mitch;
    Nuclear Option…..DO IT NOW!!!!
    Stop procrastinating and govern!

    Reply to this comment
  2. Captain McNasty
    Captain McNasty April 06, 19:47

    That’s why I correctly identified them as “Re-PUNK-licans; they have no balls and I compare them as the boy scouts with sling-shots taking on the Mafia (Democ-RATS) with machine guns! REVOLUTION will be the only SOLUTION – guaranteed!

    Reply to this comment
  3. toddy
    toddy April 06, 20:07

    Gonna be a sad day for these Republicans who don’t support their president; constituents will turn on them.

    Reply to this comment
  4. Gourdhead
    Gourdhead April 06, 22:34

    The Turtle doesn’t have the balls to wage war with these left-wing aholes. He should adopt the ‘Harry Reid’ style and fully support the President and our country.

    Reply to this comment
  5. Phil in TX
    Phil in TX April 07, 02:49

    Nuke ’em, Mitch! Get it done!

    Phil in TX

    Reply to this comment
  6. Callmar
    Callmar April 07, 03:29

    Someone get this writer a subscription to Grammarly, or at least a competent proofreader.

    Reply to this comment
  7. Shoshi
    Shoshi April 07, 16:53

    These are not good people. They need to grow up. This is the country we live in. Why are they creating fissures in our society that will only allow our enemies to infiltrate?

    Reply to this comment
  8. Don
    Don April 08, 11:09

    McConnell is nothing but one who implies things like this and never produces. Remember his promise of eliminating Obozocare to get elected and immediately reneging right after the election????

    Reply to this comment

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